Survivors – BBC One


Back with a bang after an incredibly successful first series, this sleeper hit comes back with wheels rolling and balls to the grindstone, continuing where the infuriating cliffhanger left us: a kidnapping, a shooting and the Survivors facing their most dire of straits yet.


Although it’s coming hot off the heels of an action packed series finale, we do have some more character driven moments; the swansong of a Survivor mainstay, the Secret Origin of one of the more central characters and the descent into the seedier side of apocalypse for one of the Survivors you wouldn’t have expected to.


All the while, we have more information being drizzled on the enigmatic government parties behind the kidnapping of the main protagonist, with their suitably diabolical plan to save the Human Race and bring ‘them’ back.


This episode set the tone in a distinctly dark area, with issues that certainly aren’t suitable for children, and the chance of redemption slipping further and further out of the reach of our flawed heroes, with the journey being no less exciting or gripping than the series before.


Both claustrophobic and at the same time, with palatial grandiose, this series takes the plot threads of the first series, crochets them all together, knots them a few times and then weaves them into something darker, more sinister, but as equally brilliant.


Definitely one of the best series openers, for one of the best dramas the Beeb has to offer; calling this a Dark Horse would be nothing short of insulting.

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