Swords: Life On The Line


This brand new series of Swords: Life On The Line returns to the high-risk world of New England’s long line fishermen, as they brave some of the most storm-filled seas on the planet. But unfortunately the swordfish season is off to a bad start for all the captains.

On the Eagle Eye 2, Captain Scotty Drabinowicz is crowded out of his favourite fishing spot. While crew injuries and delays have stuck Captain “Chomps” Hansen with a $50,000 debt before he’s even left the dock. So he heads to the Grand Banks in the fleet’s smallest boat, with three crewmembers he’s never worked with, and with one greenhorn – who’s never even been swordfishing. Will his gamble pay off? And Captain Linda Greenlaw returns with a new boat, the Bjorn 2. After a poor performance last season, she has vowed to retire from swordfishing if she can’t bring in the fish this year. But before she’s even left the harbour, disaster strikes when the boat runs aground. Then Captain Chris “Slick” Kleme arrives to the fishing grounds. 

But after a hurried set out, the crew on the Frances Anne experiences an exhausting first haul back and the Captain is less than happy with his young crew and doesn’t mince his words when expressing his displeasure. Can the captains turn the season around after such a disastrous start? 



Tuesdays From 2nd February, 9.00pm

Enter the high risk world of New England’s long line fishermen who ply their trade in some of the most dangerous waters on the planet. They hunt swordfish; magnificent giants of the deep that can weigh over a thousand pounds; and the best place to catch these migratory fish is the seas around Newfoundland and the Gulf of Maine. But these waters are also home to some of the wildest storms on earth. We follow four boats (The Eagle Eye II, Big Eye, Seahawk & Frances Ann) as they head into these stormy waters hoping to hit the jackpot. The skippers of the boats use every ounce of experience and knowledge they have to try and find the fish. The risks are incredible. It costs around $60,000 to make the month long journey and they need to catch thousands of pounds of fish just to break even. One big fish can be worth as much as $20,000 so a trip can turn from disaster to success in seconds. The rewards are great but the risks are even greater. It’s a gamble where lives are on the line.

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