Tuesday, 8 February 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

An unidentified dead body is discovered next to a motorway underpass. D.C.I Burke is immediately suspicious as it appears the man’s body has been dressed and moved from the initial crime scene. The hunt is on to find out who dumped the body… 

When Julie Cash arrives at the station to report her husband, Noel, missing, it becomes apparent that his is the body lying in the mortuary. With a heavily bruised and battered torso, Duncan Clark reveals from his examinations that Noel had clearly been involved in a bare knuckle fight prior to his death. 

As the investigation unfolds it appears that Noel was living a lie; indulging in the dark world of illegal gambling, lap dancing and fighting. D.S. Reid comes across internet footage revealing that Noel was competing in a cage fight the night before his death. Knowing that he walked away from the fight alive, the team track his final steps to uncover who killed him. 

D.I. Ross and Jackie go undercover on the case, but how far will they go to convince McGreevy, the fight club owner, that they’re a happy couple? 

Meanwhile, Ross has to face up to some home truths of his own, and make a decision affecting the rest of his career… 

D.C.I. Matt Burke is played by Alex Norton, D.S. Jackie Reid by Blythe Duff, D.I. Robbie Ross by John Michie, Duncan Clark by Davood Ghadmi, Julie Cash by Vivienne Harvey and McGreevy by Robert Cavanah. 

Sunday, 1 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

When Anne Hardie – a member of the Triune Family of God Evangelical Church – looks through her neighbour’s letter box and sees a body lying in a pool of blood, Burke and the team are bought into investigate.

When the team arrive at the macabre scene they find Edward Muir sitting in a chair with his throat slit, while his son Luke is lying dead on the floor nearby with stab wounds. Next to each body is an opened bible, both indicating the same passage. Was this a religious sacrifice or is someone trying to make a point?

When Ross tries to question Anne she refuses to speak to him, saying that members of the Triune don’t speak to “moderns”. Fraser informs the others that the Triune don’t mix with people outside their church because they believe the world is a wicked place. It seems Burke and the team have a challenge on their hands.

Meanwhile Eileen Mulray, an old friend of DS Reid, pays Reid a visit at the station with a personal concern: her 18-year old daughter, Karen, is missing. Eileen last spoke to Karen the previous night when she said she was going to The Calley Arms but didn’t return home last night. Reid is clearly concerned.

Also at the station Burke and Ross question Anne’s husband, James Hardie, who has the ‘authority’ from the Triune to speak on Anne’s behalf. James tells them that Anne has been a comfort to Edward since his wife died – they’re also members of the Triune. James explains to Ross that the passage in the bibles found by the bodies alludes to inadvertent power and redemption to be found in death. Was this a double suicide? Or does James know more than he’s letting on?

Meanwhile Reid visits The Calley Arms to see if anyone knows of Karen’s whereabouts. The barmaid, Donna, remembers Karen being drunk and flirtatious with a couple of men the night she went missing. Donna also mentioned Karen was taking photos on her phone.

Back to the case in hand, Ellis finds skin under Luke’s nails indicating a struggle with someone before he died. However, Edward hasn’t a scratch on his body; the team are now dealing with a double murder.

When Ross and Fraser go to the meeting hall to speak to the Triune congregation, James puts himself above the law and does not let the officers enter. Is James trying to hide the truth from the police, or is he attempting to cover his tracks?

That evening Burke gets an anonymous phone call reciting digits down the phone. Burke has a hunch they could be geographical co-ordinates and investigates. The co-ordinates lead him to a grave of a young girl… that of Karen Mulray. Are the victims connected? Is this now a triple murder?

As Reid looks around Karen’s room she finds that the last website the girl visited was the Triune Family of God’s webpage, and the article on Karen’s computer was written by James Hardie. As James is bought in for questioning, Fraser finds Karen’s phone with pictures of her and Luke Muir.

Fraser knows the pictures are trying to tell a story… but what was the victims’ connection to one another? Does James know what happened… and what or who is Anne keeping secret from her husband?

This episode of Taggart is written by David Kane.

Sunday, 25 July 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

When Kenneth Harvey is found hanging in a local park by Harry Wallace, Chairman of Community Watch, Burke and the team are called in to investigate the scene.

When Burke and Reid visit Kenneth Harvey’s wife, Elaine, they come to realise there might be more to this than meets the eye: she is bitter towards the Community Watch, suggesting they are to blame. To find out more, Burke and Reid talk to Tommy Bannerman, also on the Community Watch committee, who suggests certain locals are not happy with the changes Wallace and the council have implemented.

Ross and Fraser question another Community Watch member, Jennifer Cameron, who is direct about wanting more stringent security on the estate…. the kind of action Kenneth would have taken. Jennifer suggests the team should talk to the Hamiltons, since it was Kenneth Harvey’s petition which got the family kicked off the estate. Could the Hamiltons be responsible for Harvey’s death?

When Reid and Burke question Frankie Hamilton he states he was home on the night of the murder, although no one can vouch for him. His confrontational son, Rab, doesn’t have an alibi either. Fraser finds out that Mrs Hamilton died of alcoholism but was being treated for depression before she died. Being kicked off the estate made her condition worse but was this motive enough for murder?

When Community Watch Chairman, Wallace, takes Reid on a personal tour of the estate, Reid is impressed by his ambition and dedication, and we can see she has a soft spot developing. Meanwhile Burke visits Elaine Harvey who says that her husband would have stopped at nothing in order to make the estate safer. She also explained his determination to become Chair and take Wallace’s place. Later, Bannerman tells Reid and Burke that Wallace was aware of Kenneth’s ambitions. Would Wallace have wanted Kenneth out of the way?

While Burke wants to keep an eye on Wallace as a suspect, Reid puts her personal feelings before her career and challenges Burke on his decision. Furthermore Reid goes that one step further and accepts a dinner invitation from Wallace.

The next morning Reid wakes up in Wallace’s apartment where he tells her he did 3 years in prison for accidentally killing a man. When Community Watch member Jennifer is found with a bullet in her head and Wallace is seen throwing a metal object into the river, it seems that Reid may be in over her head…

This episode of Taggart is written by Mike Cullen.

The director is Adrian McDowall. The producer is Graeme Gordon and the executive producer is Eric Coulter. It is an STV Production for ITV1.

Sunday, 18 July 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

When compulsive gambler Craig Williams is found dead at a greyhound track with his pockets full of betting receipts, Burke and the team are called into investigate.

While Reid and Ross break the news to Craig’s ex-wife, Diane, Fraser and Burke pay a visit to the betting shop where Craig’s winning receipts were from. Niall MacShane, the betting shop owner, and his streetwise son, Ged, claim they’re unaware of Craig’s mounting debts, although admit he owed them £700. Could this be motive enough for murder?

Meanwhile, Ross and Reid are suspicious of the race Craig recently won big on, since the ‘favourite’ dog to win didn’t come in first. They pay a visit to the greyhound trainer, Sandy Gorman, who is riddled with guilt for fixing the race and comes clean: it was Craig’s idea to drug the dog so it wouldn’t win and he’d be able to bet big bucks on the winner.

Burke and Fraser visit Craig’s ex Diane, who also admits to being in on the deal. Craig’s betting and debts were the driving force behind their divorce and this scam was going to provide the money Diane needed for child support. While there, Burke spots a key hanging around the neck of a teddy bear belonging to Diane’s daughter. The bear was a gift from Craig a few days before he was murdered. Would this key unlock the clues to Craig’s murder?

Ross and Reid visit the bank where Craig worked and find a safety deposit used by him. Craig’s boss Charlotte Campbell is not keen when Ross and Reid decide to open it ��” she complains that they need to go through proper procedures, but is there more to it than that?

When the team watches a DVD they find in the box, they learn why Charlotte is so against them finding it; a home-video of Charlotte and Craig having an affair. Is Charlotte hiding vital evidence from the investigation?

When delving into Craig’s finances, Fraser discovers he had set up an insurance policy with a direct debit going in each month. Did Diane know of this, and if so would she be hard-up enough to commit murder for the money? Diane reveals to Fraser that she needs that money to feel ‘safe’ again; since she has been raped by a creditor of Craig’s calling himself ‘Big G’. Could this ‘Big G’ be responsible for the murder?

As the clues unfold, more suspects are bought into the case. Although all are guilty, only one has blood on their hands…

This episode of Taggart is written by Rob Fraser.

The director is Mike Alexander. The producer is Graeme Gordon and the executive producer is Eric Coulter. It is an STV Production for ITV1.

Cast: DS Jackie Reid Blythe Duff
DI Robbie Ross John Michie
DCI Matt Burke Alex Norton
DC Stuart Fraser Colin McCredie

Ellis Katrina Bryan
Charlotte Campbell Vanya Eadie
Ged MacShane Richard Rankin
Niall MacShane Billy McColl
Diane Williams Michelle Edwards
Beth Williams Kelsey O’Keefe
Sandy Gorman Simon Tait
Craig Williams Tav MacDougall

Sunday, 19 July 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

When DI Ross clocks off work the night before his holiday, he finds an abandoned baby gurgling on a doorstep as he walks home. When he gets no response after ringing the doorbell to the house, Ross checks round the back only to discover a French window wide open and a dead man lying in a pool of blood. Are the baby and the victim connected? Ross calls in the team to help with the investigation.

The body is that of retired businessman Jack Revie. A neighbour informs Fraser there was a small green car parked outside the house earlier, while Burke talks to Cassidy, the victim’s brother-in-law, to see if anything has been stolen.

Burke and Ross attempt to get answers from the victim’s son, Jamie, who was upstairs getting stoned while the murder appears to have taken place. He tells them his mum, Joan, is on a shopping trip in London and is returning on the sleeper train. While Reid goes to meet Joan at the station, Burke finds out Davy, Jamie’s friend, was at the house watching a video earlier that night and may have seen something… or even be involved.

What is the relationship between Davy and Cassidy? And does Davy know something he’s not telling the team? Cassidy sheds some light on Jack Revie’s philandering and the team try and unravel the connection between the baby and the murder.

While Reid and Ross discover Jack Revie’s mistress is pregnant and that Joan had been to see her, Fraser learns half a million pounds are missing from the victim’s account. But the plot thickens when Lisa Corrie turns up at Joan’s door claiming her baby – the one left on her doorstep – was Jack Revie’s.

Meanwhile the team catch Davy trying to jet off somewhere with his passport – what is he running from and why? Is Joan a wife scorned, or is she simply a victim of her husbands philandering? The team attempt to solve the puzzle as they piece together the fast emerging clues.

This episode of Taggart is written & directed by Morag Fullarton.

The producer is Graeme Gordon and the executive producer is Eric Coulter. It is an STV Production for ITV1.

Thursday, 30 April 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

DI Ross meets with a shadowy individual in a city graveyard.

The man is Thomas Duffy, a petty criminal and a ‘grass’ who is an informant for Ross. Duffy reveals he has some information and Ross arranges to meet him the next day with money.

That night, Ross and Fraser go drinking at a bar in town. When Fraser decides he’s had enough and leaves, Ross gets chatting with a woman called Manda. The two leave together and go back to his house.

When morning comes, Ross wakes to find Manda gone – along with his book of ‘contacts’.

Meanwhile, a body has been found in the woods. The rest of the team is already there when Ross arrives hungover. To his horror, the dead man is Duffy. Sprayed in red paint next to him is the word ‘GRASS’.

When Reid sees Ross’ reaction, she guesses something is up. When she confronts him, he confesses about his informants and his missing book.

The two of them return to search Ross’ flat, but the book is not there. When they scan the CCTV footage from outside the bar, they see Manda handing the book to someone in a car.

Ross decides that he has to tell DCI Burke, who doesn’t take it well. This could ruin both of their careers.

Ross is more concerned about his other contacts – are they in danger too? He rushes off with Reid to see gangland kingpin and drug-dealer William Drydon, who is one of Ross’ informants and Duffy’s boss.

At Drydon’s mansion, Ross tells the gangster and his wife Carla about Duffy and his missing book. The two are angry, with Carla especially harsh on Ross for letting them down.

Back at the station, Burke is growing increasingly frustrated and takes it out on Fraser. Things get worse when Reid and Ross arrive and Burke finds out about Drydon being a ‘grass’ for Ross. Burke can’t risk war on the streets – he goes to see Drydon himself, to convince him to sit tight and not to do anything foolish.

Meanwhile, Reid and Fraser look into other leads. Martin Hayne owns a property business that used to have investment from Drydon and it turns out that Duffy was the grass who turned his son Danny in to the police. Fraser suspects the father, who clearly has a motive. Reid, however, has her suspicions about Danny sister, Meg.

Ross decides to see Gavin Duffy to find out whether he knows what information his brother was about to reveal. Gavin denies knowing and makes it clear that he blames Ross for his brother’s death.

At a pool hall that night, Drydon calls his thugs together to warn them of what happens to those who ‘grass’. As he steps outside to smoke he is shot dead in the street.

The next morning, Reid goes to Ross’ flat and finds him half-asleep and stinking of alcohol. When she tells him of Drydon’s murder, he is adamant that he needs to see Carla. When Ross tells her, Reid notices how he goes to hold Carla’s hand. Are they more than just acquaintances?

With all the team back at the station, tension is running high and Burke and Ross flare up at each other after Burke takes one dig at him too far. Despite their tempers, the two of them settle down – they know they will all have to work together to solve this case before things get worse.

As they set off to follow various leads, Ross calls on Reid to cover for him one last time as he sets off alone. Can he solve the case before his career becomes the next casualty?

With no back-up, he follows his instincts to a deadly confrontation with the killer – can the others find him in time or could this be the end for DI Robbie Ross?

Friday, 20 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

When university student Elaine Donohoe goes missing after a hockey game, DCI Burke and the team are brought in to find the missing girl.

Burke and Reid begin investigating – firstly meeting her parents before joining the others in the area where she was last seen. Tire tracks and drag marks suggest abduction. Who would have taken her, and why?

Mrs Donohoe surprises the team by bring Clare Vorland, a psychic, along to help with the investigation. Claire insists that she saw a white van in a vision and that this would be the key to finding Elaine. Burke is immediately scathing and skeptical, dismissing her as nothing more than a fraud. Fraser, on the other hand, thinks it is worth a shot – and CCTV does show a white van in the area at the time of the disappearance.

The van is registered to Moira Shearer, Elaine’s team captain.

Burke, still refusing to believe that Claire really has any psychic power, goes to the university campus to confront Moira. After he questions her about the van, which Moira insists was stolen from her brother’s garage, Moira immediately accuses Elaine’s father of suggesting she was involved as he hated that her and Elaine were so close.

When Reid and Burke confront Mr Donohoe about this, it turns out that he didn’t like Moira hanging around with his daughter because of her sexuality. Was Elaine seeing Moira? Could the religious Mr. Donohoe have murdered his own daughter?

Moira’s brother has a past record for dealing and handling firearms – if Moira was involved, could he have helped her out?

Burke and Reid confront Clare after Reid guesses from clues in Elaine’s diary that she met with Elaine before she went missing. Clare denies this at first, but eventually confirms this although refuses to discuss what they talked about.

Fraser, meanwhile, is interviewing Moira’s girlfriend Veronica. It seems that Elaine had led Moira on to get on the squad. Could Moira have lashed out in revenge? Could Veronica have been the jealous lover?

When she comes to the station to talk to Reid and Burke about her sessions with Elaine, Clare is seemingly possessed by Elaine’s spirit. Clare claims to know where the body is – and leads the team to the river where Elaine’s body lies in the water.

Could there be more to Clare than meets the eye?

Burke, suddenly unsure, goes to one of her live shows. Clare picks him out in the audience and tells him things about his father that no-one else would know. Personal and disturbing memories…

After pathology uncovers fragments of a hockey stick in the body, and a bloody hockey stick is found in Moira’s locker, it seems the killer has been found.

However, as all the pieces start falling into place, Burke’s life hangs in the balance when he fails to forsee the coming danger.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008, 9:00PM – 10:30PM on ITV1

Locked in his car with the engine running and the garage door shut tight, wealthy bookseller Derek McGrath is found slumped against the wheel by his devastated wife Diane.

After finding a leaflet for Lifeline Central, a local helpline for those considering suicide, the Taggart team jump to the obvious conclusion about McGrath’s death – until Diane sets them straight. McGrath wasn’t interested in Lifeline Central because he needed help, he was a volunteer.

DS Reid gets out her mobile to update the boss but is faced with a recorded message: “Your account has been disconnected”. Could Reid be in some kind of money trouble?

Meanwhile, with suicide now an unlikely option, DCI Burke and DI Ross take a trip to the victim’s bookshop in search of their first lead. A packet of condoms and an empty champagne bottle suggest an affair. If Diane knew, this could be motive enough for murder.

With this in mind, the team travels to Lifeline Central in the hope they might identify McGrath’s secret lover. His fellow volunteers are stunned by the news of his death. All deny knowledge of an affair, but Ross is suspicious when one colleague, Rachel, seems more upset than the others – what is she hiding?

Reid is increasingly concerned after she is presented with a mysterious final demand for payment. If Reid’s not spending her own money who is?

As a second victim is discovered, Reid’s suspicions lead her to believe there’s a link between her situation and the case, but Burke clearly doesn’t agree. Forced to stand down from the case and the department Reid takes solace at home with a bottle of wine, but she’s not alone….

Can an unexpected houseguest confirm her suspicions? Is she in danger?

Monday, 15 December 2008, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

When excavations of an old mine near the ex-mining community of Garsden uncover two skeletons, the team are called in to investigate.

The skeletons are identified as two adults. The bodies are entwined and they are wearing wedding rings – were they a couple? How did they end up buried in a mine? Were they buried alive?

As Burke and the others start to investigate the mine, land-owner William Wheelan arrives and tells them of his plan to turn the area into a new mining museum to attract tourist to revitalize the dying economy of Garsden. Reid knows all too well about the area – she reveals to the others that this was where she grew up. When they ask her more about it, she is visibly discomforted by the memories.

When Burke and Ross don miners gear and go into the unstable shaft they discover more than just the bodies – a whole selection of furniture and household goods. Could it be that they were living in the mine?

Looking through the local records, the Buckleys were a couple from Garsden who disappeared without a trace around the bodies’ estimated time of death. Burke and Reid go to a local bar to find Davy Hogan, who was the investigating officer at the time, only to find him a bitter drunk and dismissive of the case. As far as he is concerned, the couple ran away to escape their debts. What he does remember though, is that the Buckleys had a baby.

The team divides into two to interview the Buckleys’ neighbours. Ross and Fraser talk to Chas Hadden, who denies knowing the Buckleys well and anything about there being a baby. Meanwhile, Burke and Reid meet the Davidsons, who say the same. Theresa, the mother, swears she recognises Reid but the DCI cagily denies this.

Frustrated at the lack of information from the locals, Burke and the others turn their attention back to Hogan to find out more about the situation at the time. Hogan tells them of the miners’ strike and of families at war with one another, and the brutality on the streets between police, striking miners and the ‘scabs’ that went back to work.

Further investigating reveals that Theresa’s husband, Kenny, was in a gang with Chas Hadden and a local ex-miner called Donnie Hood, who used to intimidate miners during the strike to stop them returning to work.

When Hadden goes missing, the team is drawn into the endgame of a local war fueled by long-buried resentments. As the members of the two families face their own troubled pasts, Reid also finds that she must face hers.

Monday, 8 December 2008, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

When Polish security guard Zbigniew ‘Ziggy’ Lisowski is shot at the building site where he works, DCI Burke and the team are called in to investigate the murder.

Ziggy worked for Livingston Construction, a building company who use Polish immigrant workers on site. Mr Fisher, who is in charge of overseeing the workers, immediately dismisses the idea that the shooting was something to do with either the workers or the company. Burke, however, takes an instant dislike to the man – is he covering up what happened?

Ross and Reid go to Ziggy’s flat to try and find some clues as to who would want to murder him, and they follow a lead to the Kaczynski Polish club. At the club they meet Paula, a Polish immigrant who was helping Ziggy with his English. When they take her to the station for questioning, she reveals she is trying to build a case against Fisher for his treatment of the workers.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city a woman is found dead….

The body belongs to receptionist Kate Booth. When Ross and Reid visit Kate’s husband, Donald, they discover than she was a Polish immigrant. Could the two murders be connected?

The team re-group at the station and while Burke has suspicions that Ziggy and Kate might have known each other, possibly having an affair, Ross is sure that a racially motivated killer is at large.

While Reid and Fraser investigate the local Polish deli to see what they can find out about Ziggy and Kate, Burke and Ross escort Paula back to the Kaczynski club. On the way, she mentions that she will be on shock-jock Harry Shaw’s radio show that night and plans to confront him about his anti-immigrant stance. Burke and Ross sense trouble so they go along with her.

While on air, a mystery caller rings in and say’s they’ve killed two Polish immigrants and they will kill again.

While Ross and Burke do their best to try and trace the call and calm Paula, Reid and Fraser are back at Ziggy’s flat where they catch someone searching through his things. The interloper, Kristof, is brought in for questioning and it soon becomes clear that he isn’t behind the murders – and he reveals that Ziggy was in fact gay.

So if Ziggy was gay, and he wasn’t having an affair with Kate, what was the connection between them?

In the meantime, when Ross drives Paula back to her house, the two talk for a while and he ends up staying the night with her – an action that risks his career and his life.

This episode of Taggart is written by Rob Fraser.

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