Teen Mom

10:00pm Tuesday, August 31 on LIVING

The follow-up to engaging US documentary series 16 and Pregnant uncovers what life is really like for teenaged mothers after they bring their babies home when Teen Mom continues on LIVING this week. The show chronicles how the girls handle all the usual challenges of motherhood – from late night feedings to fussy infants – combined with the added stress of barely being older than children themselves. These mums are at a stage of life when they should be finishing their studies and getting established in the working world, but how will these girls juggle their goals with the demands of having a young child? The show also looks at the stress babies put on the young mums’ relationships with their partners and families and gives viewers an unblinking look at the realities of being a teen mother. This week the mums’ romantic lives are the focus as Tennessee teen Maci contemplates breaking up with the father of her child, her layabout fianc� Ryan. “I really just wanted to show girls how hard it was to be a teen parent,” says Maci of her decision to share this painful period with the show’s cameras. Meanwhile, former cheerleader Farrah, from Iowa, starts dating a new guy even though her family disapproves, and party girl Amber is determined to get her life back on track by studying to finally get her high school diploma. Viewers can watch these girls start their interrupted lives again as teen moms this week only on LIVING.

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