British television viewers watched more than 26 hours of TV per person per week last year.

The increase is thought to be due to popular hit shows such as The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, and the poor weather the UK had during the summer months.

Consumers who are watching their finances during the hard economic times are spending more nights in rather than going out and spending money, too.

Such a high in viewing hours as this was last seen in 2003.

These viewing figures for 2008, up by 48 minutes a week compared to last year, also suggest the average viewer also saw around 42 television adverts per day in 2007. These findings are according to a report published by TV marketing body Thinkbox, based on the audience figures researcher, BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board).

Commercial channels accounted for 63 percent of TV viewing, and last year’s viewing figures show that the average person watched 26 hours and 18 minutes television a week.

Thinkbox, which represents ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, also reported people watching more programmes through digital recorders such as Freeview+ or Sky+. Online services such as as iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD were used mostly for catching up with missed shows.
“TV remains people’s favourite form of entertainment, whatever technology delivers it,” Thinkbox chief executive Tess Alps said.
“These figures show that people rely on channels and schedules to help them find the TV they want to watch.
“At a time when we are lucky to have more excellent TV to choose from than ever, trusted channels remain crucial to guide people through the choice.’”

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