The Adam Carolla Project

In this brand new fly on the wall comedy, US comedian and bona fide carpenter Adam Carolla (Crank Yankers) snaps up a house with his own money, attempts to renovate it with a crew of “unemployable idiots,” before trying to sell it on – for a million dollars!

But there’s a twist – this is no ordinary renovation. In a self-described ‘horribly ill-fated plan,’ the property in question is actually Adam’s childhood home in L.A and he is demolishing his own personal history. As the monstrous project progresses over 13 hilarious weeks, ITV4 viewers can watch the man dubbed by his friend Jimmy Kimmell (Entourage) “the busiest lazy man in history,” life at work and at play unfold.

The cameras follow Adam as he proceeds with the renovation from hell, launches a new television show and attempts to conceive a child with his wife Lynette. All the while, Adam dishes out his inimitable humour and advice on family, relationships, homes and anything else he can think of.

Adam is helped with the rebuilding by a motley crew of old friends who become renowned for their sheer idleness as the project takes shape. Oswaldo is a lovable Nicaraguan with a thick accent only Adam can understand. Ray is the group joker who carries out the construction work in his own original style: wearing flip flops while fetching tools on his bicycle. Gary lives in the backwoods of Los Angeles, miles from anywhere. Adam’s band of misfits have only 13 weeks to get the house ready so it can be sold to the highest bidder for a hefty million dollars.

Tonight, temperatures and tempers heat up at the Carolla household. Several mistakes cost Adam money and Ozzie gets sensitive about his barbeque. Adam and Lynette return to the fertitility clinic and Adam’s 16 year-old nephew joins the crew.

With a clueless team more interested in discussing their favourite DVD’s rather than do any real work, four failed building inspections, an incorrectly installed pool, stolen tools, sleeping on the job and high jinks to contend with, will the Adam Carolla Project ever be finished on time?

ITV4 Thursday 4 January 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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