The Big C

11:00pm Thursday, April 28 on M4

Brand New Series: Following Marlene’s unexpected suicide, Cathy and her family join Marlene’s daughters, Gina and Lorna, for a celebratory graveside party. The news that the bee therapy didn’t change anything prompts Paul to suggest that Cathy try a debilitating chemotherapy treatment. And Rebecca reveals that she’s pregnant with Sean’s baby. Last in series.

11:00pm Thursday, April 21 on

Brand New Series: Now that he knows the truth about his wife’s cancer, Paul eagerly takes over the household chores. Cathy interferes with Adam’s love life; Marlene puts Adam in danger and later makes a drastic decision; and Todd and Cathy go to Canada to meet a beekeeper who believes he has a new treatment for cancer. But does Todd have an ulterior motive?

11:00pm Thursday, April 14 on

Brand New Series: As a show of solidarity, Paul starts shaving his head so he and Cathy will be bald together throughout her chemotherapy. Meanwhile, as Paul struggles to keep Cathy’s cancer a secret from Adam, Rebecca tells Sean she has requested a transfer so she can settle down in Minneapolis. Later, Cathy tells Dr Todd about the alternative therapies Paul has been researching; and Marlene tells Cathy that she has Alzeimer’s disease.

11:00pm Thursday, April 7 on

Brand New Series: Facing divorce and the loss of her best friend, Cathy looks to make amends with those around her. But it proves difficult when Paul is unwilling to hear her side of the story and Marlene criticises her for violating her marriage vows. Meanwhile, Andrea threatens to drop out of school and Paul runs into his ex-girlfriend, Tina.

11:00pm Thursday, March 31 on M4

Brand New Series: Following her weekend in the Bahamas with Lenny, Cathy experiments with the drug ecstasy. Elsewhere, Paul’s excitement over his promotion at work is dimmed after catching his wife with her new boyfriend; Adam gets permission to attend a party at a friend’s house; and Sean sets up Marlene on a date with his elderly friend, Earl.

11:00pm Thursday, March 24 on M4

A surprise party for her 43rd birthday leaves Cathy in a quandary over her plans to join Lenny for a weekend getaway in the Bahamas. Especially when Rebecca, her old friend from college, turns up. Later, Cathy is horrified to discover that Adam and a friend have been spreading a filthy joke while serving as waiters at the party; and Aunt Allison tries to bluff when Marlene confronts her about her age.

11:00pm Thursday, March 3 on M4

Brand New Series: Cathy walks in on Adam looking at porn on the internet. Her attempts to discuss sex and relationships don’t go particularly well, but that’s nothing compared to sex-related trouble she gets herself into at school.

11:00pm Thursday, February 24 on M4

Brand New Series: As Paul starts his life as a single dad by returning to rugby, Cathy cashes in on her retirement account to buy a new sports car. Meanwhile, after criticising a car he considers a sin against the environment, Sean refuses Cathy’s plea to see a dentist about an infected tooth. And Adam gets in trouble with the law. Can Marlene help him?

11:00pm Thursday, February 17 on M4

Brand New Series: Cathy goes to a cancer support group. Though she makes it clear that she has little or no interest in participating, group members Sheila and Leon track her down at home, bringing some food with them.

11:10pm Tuesday, February 15 on C4

The new US comedy drama series starring Laura Linney continues. Cathy tries to reform her son Adam by burning all of his dirty clothes ahead of his month away at a football camp. Later, Cathy goes back on her decision to allow Adam to attend the camp and pleads with him to stay with her for the month, resorting to an eye-catching way of getting him to change his mind. Sean confides in Cathy, and Paul presses Cathy to see a marriage therapist with him. Later, Cathy begins to appreciate her body with Dr Todd’s help.

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