The Biggest Loser

Tuesday, 7 February 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

It’s week six of The Biggest Loser and our seven remaining contestants are about to experience a dramatic change of scenery. They are flown out to sunny Florida for a week of sun, sand and…. gruelling workouts. 

In just three weeks their experience in The Biggest Loser house will come to an end and it will be up to them to remain motivated in the real world. Will this surprise trip to Florida be a stumbling block for the contestants or will it help re-acclimatise them to living outside the house and the structure of the trainers? 

There’s a change of dynamic too with the blue and black teams down to two members each. Tactics are playing a huge part in who potentially stays and who goes and as the whites are the only team with all three original contestants remaining, it seems a common focus for the blues and blacks to ‘take them down’. 

There’s an All-American football challenge this week and our contestants must take part in unfamiliar circumstances: a stadium and extreme heat. On the pitch are 100 American footballs and in their teams each contestant must race to grab a ball and deposit it in an opponent’s goal. The idea being that when their goal is completely full, they are eliminated from the game. Naturally the last player standing will win the challenge and be rewarded with a two pound weight advantage at the all-important weekly weigh-in. 

In contrast, the first one to be eliminated will be penalised with a two pound weight disadvantage. 

As our Biggest Losers are in the land of ultimate distraction it would only be fitting to test their will and determination by facing a second challenge which is more mentally than physically focused. The contestants are taken to an old school diner full of the food that has been killing them slowly – a food dilemma, American style. In front of the contestants is the food they consumed on a daily basis before their Biggest Loser journey’s begun. The team who match the right calorie flag to the right food will win the challenge. 

As the competition continues to heat up, it becomes a test of patience for certain contestants with the strain of being in unknown territory adding to the pressure. 

And there’s a shock reveal at the weigh-in that could cause a family rift. 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

So we’re passed the halfway mark, it’s week five on the Biggest Loser and the competition is growing as their weight is diminishing. 

The growing divide in the house throwing pressure on both the contestants and the trainers after Rob Edmonds’ Black Team made a controversial elimination decision last week. Rob, unhappy with their choice, ensures that his team are given their just deserts for making such a contentious choice and losing the weekly challenge. 

He wakes the contestants up at the crack of dawn and sets them off on a hike in the pitch black. Whilst the other contestants are waking up, the Black Team is already in the middle of the woods attempting to erect a tent under the watchful eye of taskmaster Rob. One of his team members is worried that the great outdoors will not bring the same weight loss results as the gym and is desperate to return to ‘normality’. But is Rob’s punishment a mere disguise for wanting to toughen his team up and strengthen their bond? 

Back at the house, the contestants notice the Black Teams’ absence but carry on with their gruelling daily training schedule as usual. Trainer Richard Callender reminds his Blue team ‘no matter how tired you are, remember, Rob is doing far worse.’ The White team begin to recognise one another’s qualities creating an air of confidence and unity amongst themselves. Eventually, the Black Team returns back from Rob’s camping trip to a frosty reception from their fellow contestants.

This weeks’ challenge forces the competitors to throw themselves headfirst towards the ultimate prize of immunity. The Challenge ‘Sprint and Slide’ involves a waterslide, a buzzer and a very steep hill! The Teams take part in time limited rounds, with one team member participating per round but as the challenge goes on the rounds get shorter. The first person that can’t press the button in the allotted time means that their team will face a two pound weight disadvantage at the Weigh- in. In contrast to this, the team who are last standing at the end of ‘Sprint and Slide’ will receive a two pound advantage. 

However this isn’t the end of the contestants’ worries as this week there’s an unexpected twist at the elimination; as always the highest percentage weight loss team is safe, but what will happen to the remaining teams? 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Week two sees the contestants take part in a sand challenge. The team that wins the challenge is granted immunity at the all-important weekly weigh-in. The team eliminated from the challenge first, face a disadvantage at the weigh in, affecting their overall percentage weight loss. 

At the beginning of the week the contestants visit The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, a faculty within The University of Birmingham. Here, they go through a series of health tests and are informed, as a result of their past habits, of their biological ages. ‘These contestants need some cold hard facts about their health’ warns trainer Richard Callender. This is a difficult moment for all of the contestants, particularly as one of them is told – as the situation currently stands – they may have only 15 years left to live. 

In this episode we see presenter Davina McCall take part in ‘Last Chance Training’ which lifts the contestants’ spirits. She finds the training session intense and realises the extent to which the contestants are pushing their previously untrained bodies. Davina refers to Biggest Loser exercise experience with trainer Charlotte Ord as ‘she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, my body is just trashed’! 

This episode’s main challenge is ‘Digging to Victory’ which involves five huge piles of sand. Inside each pile are a number of large tokens and each team must collect one blue token from the heap of sand in order to qualify for the next round. The team unable to retrieve a token in the first round are not automatically up for elimination at the weekly weigh-in, facing a two pound weight disadvantage. The two teams who make it to the final round battle it out to find the golden token; the victors escape the risk of elimination and win the ultimate prize.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

The Biggest Loser returns tonight with Davina McCall, welcoming 14 overweight contestants who are desperate to change their lives, to a beautiful house in Leicestershire. In a bid to shed as much weight as they can –through rigorous exercise, healthy eating and sheer determination – the contestants will battle it out in the hope of becomingThe Biggest Loser 2012. 

In this first episode, viewers meet the UK’s heaviest ever Biggest Loser contestant, as well as seeing oneteam member making a devastating discovery which leaves them alone to face the trials ahead. 

Tonight’s series premiere is full of surprises for our seven brave pairs of contestants; they experience a major shock, facing their families and their fears in a hometown weigh-in; and there’s an even more shocking start to the competition as Davina sets them an opening challenge before they even get chance to unpack their bags – to run 5K to the Biggest Loser house. 

This is the contestants’ first experience of the Biggest Loser trainers. Veteran Biggest Loser Trainer Richard Callender is this year joined by 2010 Personal Trainer of the Year, Charlotte Ord, and ex-Special Forces, Rob Edmond. 

Each trainer brings their special motivational techniques and physical expertise to change the contestants’ lives for the better and help them achieve their short term aim, to stay in The Biggest Loser house for as long as possible. 

But first things first, the contestants must make it to the house. The couple who arrive over the finish line first have immunity at this week’s while the couple who arrive last are automatically up for eliminationand will face the couple who have lost the least amount of weight at the end of the week. 

It’s a rude awakening for the contestants and this is just the beginning – over the next eight weeks they must lose as much weight as possible to avoid falling below the yellow line and facing elimination in order to stand a chance of winning the £25,000 prize money and be crowned The Biggest Loser 2012.

Monday, 28 February 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

For the past seven weeks the series has followed the progress of 14 seriously overweight contestants as they’ve competed to change their lives forever with just sheer sweat and hard work. 

Now one will be crowned The Biggest Loser 2011 and win the £25,000 prize money. 

Over the past seven weeks as well as overall weight loss, the contestants endured tough challenges which saw them race up the Spinnaker tower, take on the RAF’s ultimate challenge, push scrum sledges at Twickenham, roll 800lb hay bales across the fields and, finally, complete a Triathlon. 

Since filming at the Biggest Loser finished, the contestants have been back at home to maintain their fitness and weight loss in preparation for the final Weigh-In with Davina. 

It will be a nail-biting and emotional Weigh-In as they reveal their new selves to each other and their trainers for the first time.

Monday, 7 February 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

It’s week 5 on The Biggest Loser and only seven contestants remain to fight it out for the weight-loss title and the £25,000 prize. 

The divided teams: Team Angie (Black) and Team Richard (Blue) are back for intense training sessions to attempt to be the team who loses the most weight and therefore be spared elimination. After a disappointing Weigh-In last week, Angie hits the fridge and confiscates cheese and other items that she suspects may be responsible for tempting the team. 

During training, Rob from the Blue Team breaks down and admits perhaps he has been hiding behind his tough rugby image rather than just someone who just gained weight. These confessions bring the team closer together and they are more determined than ever to make a difference at the Weigh-In. Meanwhile after losing one member of the team last week, Angie is determined to get the Black team moving again. In true Angie style, she drives her team, shouting encouragement at them until she gets the motivation she wants. 

The Challenge Day arrives and the team travel to Portsmouth to the Spinnaker Tower. The challenge is to climb 570 stairs to the top. Almost twice the size of Big Ben, Angie explains how difficult a task this is: “Climbing steps are just brutal. Legs will stop working and heart rates will go through the roof, I wouldn’t want to climb up there”. Winners of this week’s challenge get a phone call home, something all the contestants want. The contestants will put themselves through hell to get the chance to speak to their loved ones but which team will keep up the pace and be the fastest up the stairs and who will burn out? 

Later in the week it’s Temptation Time again and it’s “The Golden Eggs”. Forty chocolate eggs lay out on the table, four contain 1 lb off the Weigh-In, one egg holds £1,000 cash and the remainder nothing – probability dictates that more will lose than win but who will it be and who will be going home this week? 

Monday, 31 January 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Week four and eight contestants remain. 

There’s no let up for our home sick contestants. They’re now split into teams by the trainers, Angie Dowds and Richard Callender and now have to work as teams. They have to face their toughest challenge yet at Twickenham, the home of British rugby. 

But who will stay and who will go? The scales will decide.

Monday, 24 January 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Week 3 in the Biggest Loser and nine people remain. This week the contestants are working together as a team and have an overall weight loss target to achieve. They have to work together in the challenge and temptation. If they make the target no one is up for elimination. If they fail another couple has to go home. Only the scales will decide.

Wil & Paddy


Close friends, Wil is from Ayrshire but now lives in Reading and Paddy is from Co Sligo and also now lives in Reading.


Wil is 29 and Paddy is 28.


Wil weighs 24st 7lbs and Paddy weighs 21st 1lbs

Their motivation:

Paddy feels that his weight holds him back, while Wil wants a career change and uses his weight as an excuse to prevent him from pursuing what he wants to do.

Claire & Sara


Sisters-in-law, they’re both from Basingstoke.Age: Sara is 40 and Claire is 35.


Claire weighs 22st 5lbs, Sara weighs 17st 2lbs.

Their motivation:

Sara wants to be around to watch her children grow up and is worried her weight will start to affect her health. Claire is newly-single and wants to feel good about herself and change her career. She doesn’t want life to pass her by from pursuing what he wants to do.

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