The Bill

It’s DS Phil Hunter’s last day at Sun Hill.

Sergeant Stone (Sam Callis) and PC Diane Noble (Kaye Wragg) attempt to control crowds that have formed outside a crack den that has caught fire. Diane is shocked to learn that one of the junkies, Billy McLoughlin (Jonjo O’Neill) served time with her in the army. Billy’s girlfriend Amy Hardcastle (Emma Noakes) is taken to hospital where she later admits that she and Billy were squatting in the flat, but were asleep when the fire started and didn’t see anything. Sergeant Smithy (Alex Walkinshaw) is amused when watching new recruit and cheeky ladies man, PC Nathaniel Roberts (Ben Richards) flirt with two girls in the crowd, Carly (Marsha Leanne Crosby) and Alisha (Amandla Crichlow). Smithy is interested to hear Carly say that she saw Tam McGuiness (Frank Gilhooley) threaten Billy with a knife the night before.

Later, desperate for some action, Nate is delighted when Tam is spotted running away from the police. Responding immediately, he is frustrated when PC Emma Keane (Melanie Gutteridge) gets to him first. When questioned, Tam insists he spent the night with his brother Ross. Convinced that Tam is lying, Amy and Billy are re-interviewed. The couple finally admit that Tam had suggested Amy could clear her debts if she worked as a prostitute for him. Billy was furious and threatened him with a knife. Events take a dramatic turn when Ross is found stabbed in the boot of his car. Diane receives the call from Stone when she is dropping Billy off at a squat who suddenly grabs her radio and threatens her with the knife…

Elsewhere, DS Phil Hunter (Scott Maslen) is disappointed when his colleagues appear to be too busy to notice it’s his last day at Sun Hill. Packing up his possessions, he feels dejected when CID half heartedly wave him off. However, he is pleased when he and DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) have a heart to heart and admit they will miss each other. As the pair head off to the pub, Phil is thrilled when he turns to look at Sun Hill one last time to see a nice surprise from his colleagues…

This episode was written by Si Spencer, directed by Robert Knights and produced by Tim Key.

DC Grace Dasari is called into work early on her last day at Sun Hill when three teenagers collapse at a bar after taking uncut cocaine.

DC Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) is called into work early on her last day at Sun Hill when three teenagers collapse at a bar after taking uncut cocaine. PCs Diane Noble (Kaye Wragg) and Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) head to the local school that the victims attend and are soon forced to break up a fight between Mandy Ward (Katie Angelou) and Kelly Burgess (Kacey Barnfield). Mandy suddenly starts fitting and the officers notice a wrap of cocaine fall out of her pocket. Later when questioned, Kelly tells Grace that Mandy was jealous of the time Kelly spent with her boyfriend Rory Tyler (Beau Baptist) and that she had no idea Mandy took drugs.

After further investigation, DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) takes Carl Franklyn (Adam Allfrey), who was seen on the bar’s CCTV, in for questioning. He insists he had nothing to do with the cocaine and when the officers have no further evidence, they are forced to release him.

DS Phil Hunter (Scott Maslen) and Grace decide to search Mandy’s bedroom while she is recovering in hospital and they discover a huge stash of cocaine. They are soon interrupted with the news that one of the victims has named Kelly as their supplier. Heading back to the school, they are shocked to learn that Kelly was seen being punched and dragged into a car by a man carrying a knife.

Later that day the team are pleased when Grace announces she’s staying at Sun Hill but are stunned when they hear Phil’s news…

This episode was written by Richard Ommanney, directed by Robert Knights and produced by Tim Key.

Following yesterday’s revelation, Inspector Gina Gold questions Vince Murray.

Following yesterday’s revelation, Inspector Gina Gold (Roberta Taylor) questions why Vince Murray (Nicky Henson), responsible for the bank robbery which left her and her Sergeant Tom Ryan (John Rogan) buried under rubble, risked everything by coming back to England. She visits Vince’s wife Marcie (Chrissie Cotterill) who faints at the news that Vince is alive and son, Darren (Owen Brazendale) threatens to kill his father if he ever sees him. Marcie worries how Ian Forrest’s son Kieran (Ben McKay) will react as he believes his father is in prison, when in fact he was the one killed in the robbery. As his best friend and business partner, Darren promises to let Kieran know.

DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) and PC Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) are teamed up to observe Vince and they witness him meeting with his old accomplices who have been released from prison. Whilst watching the gang, Sally is surprised when Mickey kisses her – but he insists it’s so they don’t look suspicious. When a call is made to the police about an armed robbery in the storage depot that Vince and the others are seen heading into, CO19 burst in, only to discover cheeky Vince and his cronies playing pool. At the same time, a call comes in over the radio that a robbery is taking place miles away. Further investigation soon confirms that the robbers are Darren and Kieran and the hunt is on to find them.

Sally and Mickey later find themselves at a warehouse that the suspects were seen driving to. Separating, Sally sees Darren and Kieran in their car, and chases after them alone. Terrified when Kieran traps her and points a gun to her head, she lets it slip that she knows Vince was their decoy for the robbery. Totally confused, Kieran demands to be told what she means – he still believes that Vince is dead. When the truth is revealed, he handcuffs Sally to her car and drives off with Darren, in pursuit of Vince…

This episode was written by Tom Higgins, directed by Diana Patrick and produced by Matt Strevens.

A storyline that began over a year ago on The Bill about missing child Amy Tennant, has lead to a large public response that in turn has lead to Andrew Lancell (actor) becoming deeply moved.

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