The Bill

Tuesday, 22 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1


Successful businessman Ajay Kapur has been abducted by an armed gang, his family are reluctant to involve the police. Back at Sun Hill D.I Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) reveals to the team the reason behind his uncharacteristic behaviour of late ��” his son has been suffering with Leukaemia.

D.I. Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) finally tells the team about his son Jake’s Leukaemia and apologises for his recent absence and lack of concentration at work.

Reports come in of an abandoned car that has traces of blood leading from the scene, there’s no sign of any victims and the vehicle hasn’t been reported as stolen. The car is registered to Mr AJ Kapur (Alex King). P.C Benjamin Gayle (Micah Balfour) and P.C. Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) visit Mr Kapur’s home where they are told by his wife Nalira (Shelley King) and daughter Arshia (Meneca Das) that Mr Kapour boarded a flight to India earlier that day. The family seem unconcerned and don’t wish to pursue the case any further.

D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) is not convinced by the Kapur’s account of events and demands the team look into the case further. D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) discovers that Mr Kapur hasn’t boarded a plane that day and also discovers that the Kapur family business was featured in the press as one of the country’s top businesses six weeks ago.

D.S. Max Carter’s suspicions are confirmed when CCTV reveals that the vehicle following Mr Kapur’s car is on false plates. D.S. Max Carter and D.C. Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) visit the family home to re-question Nalira and Arshia. When they arrive, Mr Kapur’s accountant Roland Haines (Michael Webber) is there, he is also adamant that they should hand the money over to the kidnappers with no questions asked.

Mrs Kapur eventually breaks down and tells them that Mr Kapur has been abducted and is being held for ransom. Arshia is furious with her mother for involving the police and is insistent that they will deal with it on their own. D.S. Max Carter tells her they have to get involved and sets up traces on all of the family phones. A call comes through from the kidnappers demanding that the ransom money is dropped at a nearby shopping centre. The family want to play it straight and hand the money over but D.S. Max Carter is insistent that they put a tracker in the holdall with the money. The team surround the shopping centre but the cash drop goes wrong when Arshia panics. D.S. Max Carter suggests that Grace gets involved posing as Arshia’s sister Faiza, but will the gang call back and will they get a second opportunity to deliver the ransom money?

D.C. Terry Perkins forces D.S. Max Carter to speak to D.I. Manson about his cocaine habit, he requests some time off but has he told D.I. Manson the full story?

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Steve Bailie, directed by Paul Wroblewski and produced by Sylvie Boden.

The sun set Monday on THE BILL’s Sun Hill, as cast filmed their final ever scene.

After 27 years filming, ITV1’s award-winning cop show THE BILL called its last ever ‘wrap’ as the final scene was shot.  All 17 cast *see below including Simon Rouse, Alex Walkinshaw, Sam Callis, Sally Rogers and Lucy Speed were present to be part of the final day’s shoot at talkbackTHAMES Merton Studios, home of the ‘Sun Hill’ set.

The series will conclude with a gritty and poignant 2-parter and will transmit later this summer on ITV1.  The final episode’s storyline will showcase THE BILL’s special ability to tell hard hitting stories about the reality of policing modern day Britain and will centre on the life of a young female gang member.

The series originated from a pilot called WOODEN TOP, which was created by Geoff McQueen, and broadcast in August 1983 on ITV1.  A commission for a serial drama as a result of this called THE BILL followed, which launched on the channel in October 1984.

THE BILL’s Executive Producer Johnathan Young commented: ‘It’s been a highly emotional day for all cast and crew as we’ve completed filming of THE BILL’s last ever episode.  The series will conclude this summer with a compelling contemporary story that tests our cops on the streets of London both physically and emotionally for one final time.  It’s called ‘Respect’ and we hope it will respect the heritage of the show.’


Tuesday, 18 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) and D.I. Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) attend the funeral of eleven year old Matty Wallace along with Matty’s grandmother Ruth Pearce (Diana Kent) and step father Craig Gant (Jai Armstrong). Neil is unaware that D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) has ordered an ‘obbo’ on Craig Gant and his associates at the funeral. Whilst looking into the murder of Craig’s stepson Matty, Max discovers that Craig has a criminal record for handling stolen goods but believes there is more to it. Suspicious of Craig, he wants delve deeper into his background and along with D.C. Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) attends the funeral to observe Gant and fellow mourners.

D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) and D.I. Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) attend the funeral of eleven year old Matty Wallace along with Matty’s grandmother Ruth Pearce (Diana Kent) and step father Craig Gant (Jai Armstrong). Neil is unaware that D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) has ordered an ‘obbo’ on Craig Gant and his associates at the funeral.

Whilst looking into the murder of Craig’s stepson Matty, Max discovers that Craig has a criminal record for handling stolen goods but believes there is more to it. Suspicious of Craig, he wants delve deeper into his background and along with D.C. Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) attends the funeral to observe Gant and fellow mourners. Neil is furious when he realises what Max is doing and, out of respect to the grieving family, orders him to stop immediately. But Max is insistent that they continue to investigate Craig’s background, convinced that he is involved in a recent lorry hijacking in which the driver was badly beaten. Terry recognises one of the mourners as Alan Ferguson who is known to the team for GBH and robbery.

Grace is offended when Neil summons her to his office ��” he’s angry that she didn’t inform him about the ‘obbo’ and warns her not to jeopardise her position as the Family Liaison Officer. Max later puts Grace in an awkward position when he tells her to find out from the dead boy’s grandmother, Ruth Pearce, if she knows what Craig’s been up to.

The team soon discover that a Peter Hampton (Chris Corrigan) who attended the funeral with Alan Ferguson has recently been released from prison and is currently working at Stanbeck International Containers under his brother’s name. Max is convinced that Peter Hampton is informing Alan Ferguson and Craig Gant of the contents and locations of the lorries in order for them to be hijacked. Along with D.C. Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons), Max confronts Peter Hampton and threatens to inform the company of his real identity unless he calls Crime Stoppers with information on the next planned hijacking. As they leave Mickey tells Max that he was too harsh on Peter Hampton and that he’s had enough with his threatening tactics. Mickey later discusses Max’s attitude with Banksy and Terry. Max’s behaviour is explained when he snorts cocaine at work.

Neil continues to be distant from the team as his son Jake (Lloyd Howells) continues his chemotherapy for leukaemia. Banksy tries to persuade him to tell the team what is going on with Jake but Neil refuses insisting that he will deal with it alone.

Mickey isn’t surprised when information comes in from Crime Stoppers regarding a lorry hijack scheduled for later that day, Max briefs the team and surveillance operation is planned. Will Max’s suspicions about Craig be confirmed?

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Steve Trafford, directed by Robbie Del Maestro and produced by Ciara McIlvenny.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Deadly Consequences

When eleven year old boy, Matty Wallace, is reported missing from home the team are disturbed when they are called to local woodland where a body, they believe to be Matty’s, has been found. D.I. Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) and D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) visit Matty’s home where they speak to his mother Jane Wallace (Emily Joyce) and step father Craig Gant (Jai Armstrong) to confirm that the body is Matty. Whilst they are there they discover that the family have recently been under a lot of pressure as their youngest child, Poppy, has been waiting for a kidney transplant and a donor has just been found. Jane Wallace claims that she only realised Matty was missing when she took his homework diary to school earlier that day (Monday) and realised he hadn’t turned up. During the conversation Grace sees Jane taking medication which she later discovers are tranquilisers belonging to Jane’s mother Ruth Pearce (Diana Kent). Ruth claims she has given them to her daughter because she has had trouble sleeping recently.
Back at the Wallace family home Matty’s stepdad Craig tells Neil and Grace that he has been working on a building site in Reading for the past four days and knows nothing of Matty’s disappearance. The team look at files on Matty’s computer and realise that he had planned to meet up with another boy, Alistair Gilmore (Alfie Browne-Sykes), on the morning he went missing. They speak to Alistair and he confirms that they had planned to run away together on Monday morning but that Matty didn’t turn up and he hasn’t answered his phone since Saturday. Alistair also tells the team that Matty felt his mum was only concerned with Poppy’s transplant and Jane confirms that Matty had been upset that they had to cancel a family day out on Saturday when Poppy’s transplant came up.
Meanwhile, Neil Manson continues to be distant from the team as he is beside himself with worry over his son Jake’s chemotherapy. He is still refusing to discuss things with the whole team only confiding in Jacob ‘Banksy’ Banks (Patrick Robinson).
As the investigation progresses, the team’s suspicions turn to Matty’s mum, Jane when the post mortem reveals that Matty died on either Saturday or Sunday and she didn’t report him missing until Monday. She also changes her story as to when she last saw Matty – does Jane Wallace hold the key to her son’s death? Or does Matty’s step father, Craig, know more than he’s letting on?

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Emma Goodwin, directed by Reza Moradi and produced by Sylvie Boden.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

That Kind of Cop

When a teenage girl is found confused and traumatised wandering the streets the team leap into action to identify her and discover why she is there. The girl is fifteen year old Helen Harris (Lisa Greenwood) who has been missing from home for two years. D.C. Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) and D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) visit Helen in hospital and are shocked to see she is covered in bruises and cigarette burns, she is terrified and refuses to speak to them apart from to request that they get her ‘boyfriend’ Hassan to the hospital.

Max orders Terry to go and pick up Hassan but he is unhappy as they’re not clear of the nature of Helen and Hassan’s relationship. When the team arrive at Hassan Kaymaz’s (Cesare Taurasi) home they find him kissing another teenage girl Abi Cole (Abby Rakic-Platt) When asked about Helen Harris he refuses to go and visit Helen in hospital claiming that he was seeing her a long time ago but she is insane and that he hasn’t seen her for two years.

D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) and D.S. Carter gently interview Helen who tells them that she ‘went away’ for Hassan and eventually reveals that it was Hassan’s uncle who forced her into prostitution and that he is also behind her injuries. The team are extremely worried for Abi’s safety when they realise that Hassan is grooming the young girls who are domestically trafficked and forced into prostitution by his uncle Alican Aygun. They need Helen to identify Hassan’s uncle as the man who has been abusing and exploiting her so they can quickly move in and arrest him before Abi comes to any harm.

Max’s behaviour continues to be erratic and after a long day on the case he snorts cocaine in a pub toilet alone.

Max and Terry set up an observation unit opposite Hassan’s house and are surprised when his uncle turns up almost immediately, they call D.I. Manson and tell him they need to act quickly if they are going to save Abi. Will Helen confirm Alican Aygun’s identity? Will the team get Abi out in time?

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Julie Dixon, directed by Richard Signy and produced by James Hall.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Suffer in Silence

P.C. Benjamin Gayle (Micah Balfour) and P.C. Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) are called to a disturbance at the home of John Morris. They arrest Paul Rayner (Lee Ross) who has assaulted Morris.

When questioned back at the station Paul Rayner claims that he was abused by John Morris when he was a child at the local boxing club. John Morris claims never to have met Paul and the team soon realise there has been a case of mistaken identity. After further investigation the John Morris (Jimmy Flint) that allegedly abused Paul Rayner is tracked down, however they cannot charge him just on Paul’s allegation alone. Paul reveals that he was not the only boy abused by Morris at the boxing club and tells them about Martin Wendell (Robbie Gee) another victim. D.C Jacob ‘Banksy’ Banks (Patrick Robinson) goes to Martin Wendell’s home to discuss the abuse but is disappointed when Wendell admits he was a victim of Morris’ abuse but refuses to testify as he is worried about the effect of the case would have on his young family.

D.I Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) continues to be distracted and distant from the team as his son Jake (Lloyd Howells) is diagnosed with Leukaemia. He is unwilling to talk and instead puts on his professional face but eventually confides in Banksy.

Paul Rayner is distraught when he learns that Martin Wendell won’t give evidence against John Morris but D.I. Manson doesn’t give up and speaks to Wendell telling him that Morris is still working with children. He seems to have got through to him when Wendell turns up at Sun Hill wanting to speak to the team. Paul Rayner is not coping well with the investigation, will Martin’s change of heart be too late?

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by David Lawrence, directed by Gary Love and produced by Ciara McIlvenny.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010, 9:00PM on ITV1

Sergeant Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) and P.C. Benjamin Gayle (Micah Balfour) are called to a hotel where Mark Pierce (Alec Newman) is causing a commotion in the reception claiming that his wife Julia Pierce (Emily Bruni) has booked a room at the hotel and he is demanding to be let in. Sergeant Masters gains access to the room and discovers the badly injured body of Alan Marsh (Charlie De’ath).

Julia Pierce has since disappeared. D.C. Jacob Banks (Patrick Robinson) speaks to Mark Pierce who doesn’t believe his wife would have an affair and believes there is more to the case.

The team trace a phone call from Julia Pierce’s phone to the home of Yin Chan (Vee Vimolmal) a teaching colleague of Julias. D.C. Banks and D.S. Stevie Moss pay a visit to Yin’s home and discover Julia hiding out there. When questioned Julia claims that she has been having an affair with Alan Marsh and that they had wanted to meet somewhere private but denies any involvement in the attack on Marsh insisting he was fine when she left.

Meanwhile back at the station D.I. Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) is distracted and distant from the team causing concern amongst his colleagues.

Julia Pierce is quickly cleared of the attack on Alan Marsh when forensic results show that the fingerprints on the vodka bottle used to attack him belong to a Craig Chapman (Ryan Pope) who has been arrested overnight for drink driving. After further investigation it is discovered that Chapman is a known associate of Alan Marsh, during questioning Craig Chapman admits to the attack on Alan Marsh revealing that he just meant to scare Marsh who owes him money. He says he has never met Julia Pierce and has no idea who she is or why she was there.
D.C. Banks and D.S. Moss are not convinced by Chapman’s account of the attack and are convinced there is more to the story, Stevie Moss checks the last dialled number from Julia Pierce’s phone it dials straight through to Craig Chapman. The team need to know how Craig Chapman and Julia Pierce know each other? And why did she lure Alan Marsh to the hotel room?

The case takes an even more confusing twist when D.C. Banks shows Julia Pierce’s husband Mark a photo of Craig Chapman and he claims that the man in the photo is Julia’s brother who died in a car accident fifteen years ago. Who is Craig Chapman? Why did he attack Alan Marsh and why was Julia Pierce there?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010, 9:00PM

Jimmy Ferrier (Steve Nicolson) a known drug dealer approaches D.C. Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) about the death of his brother Mitch Ferrier. Mickey was an old friend of Mitch’s and Jimmy hopes he will be able to investigate the case.

Mickey and D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) meet Jimmy (Steve Nicolson) in a local pub where he reveals that Mitch had been being followed by a car for several weeks leading up to his death. He plays them a voicemail from Mitch who sounds panicked and distressed claiming that he was being followed again. Several minutes after the message was left Mitch was knocked off his bike and killed. Mickey and Max attend Mitch’s funeral to dig deeper into Mitch’s life and his associates and they become suspicious of Ryan Lacey (Michael McKell) – a known drug dealer who has turned up.

Whilst Mitch’s family are at the funeral Mitch’s home and his café are broken into and turned over. Mickey speaks to Jimmy Ferrier about the possibility that Ryan Lacey is involved in Mitch’s death when the investigation reveals that Mitch and Ryan have previously had a fight. Jimmy is adamant that Ryan and Mitch didn’t know each other and that Ryan has nothing to do with his brother’s death. But when the team later discover a gun in Mitch’s café that is forensically linked to Ryan Lacey they persuade Jimmy to meet with Ryan and confront him about Mitch. Intent on nailing Ryan, Max convinces D.I. Manson (Andrew Lancel) that they can at least charge Ryan with drug offences even if he had nothing to do with Mitch’s death. Mickey is unhappy but agrees to go along with it.

Whilst waiting outside Ryan Lacey’s club for Jimmy Ferrier, Mickey and Max are summoned into the club to join the conversation under the guise of being Jimmy’s friends. Mickey is shocked and angered when Max joins Jimmy and Ryan in snorting cocaine – Max later insists he had to go along with it so they wouldn’t get rumbled. Ryan denies any involvement in Mitch’s death but admits he gave him with the gun for protection when he was being followed. Does Ryan know more than he’s letting on or will further investigations uncover another suspect?..

Thursday, 8 April 2010, 9:00PM

Great Responsibility (part 2) (continues from part 1 Great Power)

It is the aftermath of the football riot and the team are under fire from the media for containing fans on match day. The press claim this ‘kettling’ contributed to the death of a man, Yusef Hanoush (Emanuele Interlici), whose body was discovered during the riot clean up. The press are speculating that this was a race related murder.

Just as Superintendent Meadows (Simon Rouse) and Commander Lisa Kennedy (Julie Graham) are about to hold a press conference regarding the murder, the team pull Superintendent Meadows aside to inform him that they have spotted Commander Kennedy’s son Mark (Finn Jones) on CCTV running from the alley where Yusef Hanoush’s body was found. Superintendent Meadows shows the footage to Commander Kennedy who cannot hide her shock and concern. Mark Kennedy is taken in for questioning.

In the meantime the team discover that Yusef Hanoush had been having an affair with Karen Mills (Michelle Abrahams) the owner of the laundry where he worked. Yusef’s wife believed that he had been going to all away matches, but data from his Oyster card reveals he had been visiting Karen at home.

Back at the station Mark Kennedy is questioned about the stabbing of Mr Hanoush. He is shown the CCTV evidence of him fleeing the scene and questioned over the phone calls made to his mother (Commander Kennedy) after the estimated time of Yusef Hanoush’s death. Mark finally admits to being in the alley but denies any involvement in the stabbing.

Two further suspects are arrested but will their version of events match up with Mark Kennedy’s and how will Commander Kennedy deal with the inevitable fall out of the situation?

ITV’s police drama The Bill has been axed after 27 years despite last year’s revamp and new time slot, a change which failed to affect the long term ratings decline.

In 2002, The Bill was averaging more than 7 million viewers.  More recently this figure has been closer to half that.

The Bill has a production staff of 90 who will be consulting with the producer of the show, Talkback Thames, about redundancies.

The cost cutting by ITV will free up millions of pounds for new, shorter run dramas including a new medical series from writer Peter Bowker and a new series from Collision and Foyle’s War writer Anthony Horowitz.

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