The Bill

Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

While out on patrol in a local Polish community, PCs Millie Brown (Clare Foster) and Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) are forced to break up a rowdy gang of teenagers intimidating burger van owner Slawomir Zelany (Velibor Topic). The leader of the gang, Pawel Jankowski (Laurence Dobiesz), is taken in for questioning and the officers are frustrated when they realise he can only speak Polish.

At the station, Millie calls on DS Max Carter (Christopher Fox), who is half Polish, and the Sergeant proves in no uncertain terms that Pawel can speak perfect English. After further investigation, Max realises there is an extortion racket taking place within the frightened community and Pawel’s uncle, Marek Jankowski (Goran Kostic), is the ringleader. As the residents are reluctant to talk, Max visits a local Polish social club where he meets attractive Julie Nowak (Honeysuckle Weeks) and is shocked to learn that Pawel is her step-son. Back at the station, DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) delves into Marek’s past and learns that his brother Thomas, was shot and killed by a CO19 officer several years ago. She is stunned when she discovers who fired the fatal shot…

Meanwhile, Max plans a sting after learning that Marek has a truckload of stolen cigarettes and is pressurising Julie’s uncle, Cezar Sobieskinski (Robert Jezek), to store them in his yard. Max asks Julie to be involved with the sting and she reluctantly agrees, telling Max the only reason she will help is because Pawel hero worships the increasingly dangerous Marek. Julie explains that her husband Thomas was killed by a CO19 officer during a raid that went wrong and Max is completely stunned when he realises that it was him who killed Thomas when he worked for CO19. Overwhelmed with guilt, he promises to keep Pawel safe.

During the sting, the stolen cigarettes are recovered, along with bags of cocaine and several of Marek’s cronies, but Marek himself is nowhere to be seen. As arrests are made, Max responds to a report of a shooting at Cezar’s house. The DS races to the scene and is greeted with the sight of a distraught Julie cradling a badly bleeding Cezar in her arms.

Thursday, 19 February 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

With an extra spring in his step, PC Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) is delighted when nurse Maria Joseph (Rachel McDowell) visits him at work…to return the handcuffs he left at her’s the night before. PC Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) is forced to drag the smitten Nate away to a call-out in a park where Belinda Rodgers (Dolman) has been found unconscious.

What appears to be a mugging gone wrong turns into something more sinister when Belinda eventually comes to and tells Nate that she was walking through the park when a young girl, later identified as Aisha Khatri (Jasmin Walia) was covered in blood and barged into her whilst running away.

After further investigation, Nate and Ben realise that Aisha has been badly wounded by a knife, and head to the hospital in the hope of finding her. At St Hugh’s, Nate is furious to learn that Maria tended to Aisha’s wounds but let her leave without reporting the incident. During a huge argument, Maria tells Nate that Aisha begged her not to tell the police for reasons that she won’t reveal.

After a wild goose chase, Aisha is finally found but when Trainee DC Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) and DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) question her at home, she attempts to get rid of them as quickly as possible. As the case continues, the team establish that Aisha may be the victim of a stalker and when Nate and Ben arrest possible suspect, Gopal Gujarat (Danny Ashok), they find a threatening note to Aisha in his pocket. After Gopal is brought in for questioning, Aisha turns up at the station and Nate is stunned to see that Maria is her appropriate adult.

Aisha tells Nate that Gopal was simply helping her out. She admits that she’s been stalked by someone for several weeks, but is desperate that the case doesn’t go any further. Frustrated, Nate talks to Maria who finally admits that Aisha and her family are illegal immigrants: if the case goes any further, they will be found out.

Further evidence later reveals that Colin Brent (Maxi Moffat) is Aisha’s stalker and he has kidnapped her. After a frantic search, a terrified Aisha is found in an abandoned house with Colin desperately clinging to her. Can Nate save Aisha, as well as his relationship with Maria?

Thursday, 12 February 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

PC’s Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) and Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) respond to a call from Jill Bentley (Ingrid Lacey), who explains that her teenage daughter, Sarah (Charlie Grant), was home alone the night before when someone attempted to break in.

Sarah claims she was ill in bed at the time, but after checking the house, Ben finds evidence of a party. The officers leave and are called to a nearby street where they find an unconscious Wesley Fitzroy (Ricci McLeod). As they tend to the teenager, the paramedics arrive and Nate takes an instant shine to nurse Maria Joseph (Rachel McDowell), who recognises Wesley as a good friend of her brother, Emmanuel (Benedict Smith).

Nate later meets Emmanuel, who says that he and Wesley were at their football team’s party the night before, but Wesley left when Aubrey Haynes (Toby Wharton), a local thug and drug dealer, turned up. However, evidence later proves that Wesley and Emmanuel had a huge fight later that night. Emmanuel is arrested and Maria is horrified but Nate is determined to do all he can to help the pretty nurse and her brother.

Later that day, Jill calls the station in a panic to tell them Sarah has gone missing. Officers find blood on her bed covers and the race is on to find her. Nate and Ben eventually locate her, cold and frightened by a bridge and after coaxing her away from the edge, they take her back to the station. Sarah finally confesses that the previous night, a few people were at her house, including Wesley, her boyfriend, and Aubrey.

Not a man to be messed with, Aubrey persuaded her to take drugs and while Wesley was sleeping, attempted to rape her. When Wesley awoke and realised what was happening, he fought with Aubrey and the two eventually ran out of the house. Soon after Sarah’s confession, a distraught Maria visits Nate and tells him that Emmanuel, best friends with Sarah and Wesley, has gone after Aubrey.

Nate and Ben quickly find the pair at the local football club, where Emmanuel is holding a knife to Aubrey. Nate gently persuades him to put the knife down, but amid the confusion, Aubrey lashes out at Emmanuel, and Emmanuel stabs Aubrey.

Thursday, 5 February 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

Out on patrol, Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) finds cab driver Barry Holworth badly beaten, with his takings missing. An Oyster card registered to Ellie Gladstone (Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty) is found nearby and Smithy, along with DC Kezia Walker (Cat Simmons) questions her at home. Ellie’s sister Carmel Daly (Nicole Lecky) opens the door and is dismayed to see the police, turning her back to them to see to her daughter.

The officers speak to a cagey Ellie, who tells them she lost her Oyster card a couple of weeks ago and that she stayed in the flat the night before, with Carmel. Back at the station, Kezia discovers Ellie lied to them and suggests that she and Smithy head to a support centre on the Jasmine Allen estate where Ellie volunteers, to question her further. Smithy is nervous when heading to the centre, as Leanne Samuels (Lorna Brown), the mother of Carly, who was caught in the crossfire of a gangland drive-by a year ago, helps to run it.

Although anxious about meeting her for the first time since Carly’s murder trial, Leanne is delighted to see Smithy, but frustrated when he tells her he needs to speak to Ellie. When Ellie sees Smithy and Kezia, she makes a run for it and as the officers catch up with her outside, a huge stash of money falls from her pockets.

Back at Sun Hill, Ellie is questioned and tells Smithy she didn’t steal the money from the cab driver and doesn’t know anything about his attack. Leanne accompanies Ellie to the station and is furious about the way Ellie is being treated. She tells Smithy that Ellie has recently tried to turn her life around and helps Carmel look after her daughter. Leanne is adamant that Ellie has nothing to do with Barry’s attack and seems to be losing her faith in Smithy, leaving him despondent.

Later that day, Smithy and Kezia go back to the girl’s house where they find Leanne with them. Ellie finally confesses to attacking Barry but tells the officers she hit him over the head with a bottle when Barry attempted to sexually assault her in the back of his cab. She swears that she didn’t steal his money, but in shock, ran off and left him unconscious. Still confused by the events, the case takes another twist when the set of prints found on the bottle belong to Carmel, not Ellie.


Thursday, 29 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

While Superintendent Heaton (Daniel Flynn) attempts to come to terms with Ian Ellis’s (James Gaddas) suicide attempt, DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse) shocks him with the news that Ian has a solid alibi for the murder of Elaine Putnam. As all three murders are linked, it means that he may not have murdered Susan Clark or Rebecca Clayton, the crime that he was imprisoned for 20 years ago. Faced with this atrocious news, Heaton goes to St Hugh’s hospital where he admits to Ian he was wrong to accuse him of all three murders. As the enormity of the situation hits Ian, he becomes emotional and angry, accusing Heaton of robbing him of 20 years of his life and is furious when Heaton asks for his help to catch the real killer.

Heaton heads back the station and tells Jack it is vital they find out who murdered all three young women and Ian finally decides to help, in order to clear his name. Heaton explains that all three women went to a rave the night they went missing. Ian, having worked at the events, gives Heaton the names of all his former colleagues before breaking down and begging Heaton to release him from prison. The team visit Phillip Dowson’s (Simon Gregor) workshop, an electrician who worked at all the raves and are stunned when they find the same electrical wire that the women’s bodies were tied up with – and their missing shoes.

Phillips’ wife, Emma (Cathy Murphy), is brought in for questioning and is completely overwhelmed when Heaton suggests that Phillip was involved in the murders of Susan, Rebecca and Elaine. She admits that her husband has been acting strangely for the past few months but fails to believe that he’s a murderer. Heaton is faced with the huge task of getting Emma to reveal where Phillip is, before he strikes again.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

After the body of Susan Clark is uncovered, Superintendent Heaton (Daniel Flynn) visits Ian Ellis (James Gaddas) in prison. Ian was found guilty of murdering Rebecca Clayton 20 years ago and Susan’s murder mirrors the case. Ian is furious when he is accused of Susan’s murder and claims that he didn’t kill anyone but was bullied by Heaton into admitting Rebecca’s murder. With media interest growing, Chrissie MacLeish (Marian McLoughlin), an ex-prostitute, goes to the station and tells the officers that her friend Elaine Putnam went missing a few weeks before Rebecca was murdered, and worries that the cases may be linked.

After evidence proves that Susan and Rebecca’s murder are related to Elaine’s disappearance, Ian is re-arrested inside the prison where he warns Heaton that he has made a huge mistake. Back at the station, Heaton arranges a press conference and is humiliated when Ian’s brother, David (Tony Pritchard) causes a huge scene by shouting that Ian’s arrest was, and is a miscarriage of justice: his brother isn’t a murderer.

As the investigation develops, Heaton is concerned that certain evidence regarding Elaine’s disappearance was kept hidden by officers at the time. Seeking further advice, Heaton talks to his former DCI Ted Ackroyd (Ken Bones) who dismisses Elaine’s case and admits that there was a cover-up. Heaton is horrified by Ackroyd’s confession and begins to doubt Ian’s murder conviction. His fears continue to grow when Ian goes on hunger strike and clearly depressed, offers to sign anything Heaton wants him to.

Later, Elaine’s body is uncovered at an old rave site and forensics confirm she was murdered in the same way Rebecca and Susan were. Further evidence suggests that Rebecca knew Ian’s brother David, and when he is brought in for questioning, he reacts with fury when accused of being involved with all three murders. Heaton is accused by David of making things up as he goes along, while an emotional Ian tells the Superintendent he has been robbed of his freedom. Later, while Heaton questions his guilt more and more, the custody alarm rings and Heaton rushes to the cells to discover Ian has attempted to kill himself.

Thursday, 22 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

PCs Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) and Roger Valentine (John Bowler) are called to a park where two children have found buried human remains. CSE Eddie Olosunje (Jason Barnett) is quickly on the scene and finds a student card belonging to Susan Clark, who went missing in 1988. Eddie’s forensic tests prove that Susan was brutally murdered and DCs Jacob Banks (Patrick Robinson) and Kezia Walker (Cat Simmons) are tasked with telling Susan’s father, Brian (David Peart) and step-mother Heather (Lynn Farleigh), who are horrified to learn that she has been dead for 20 years. Brian explains that he never reported Susan missing as he always thought that she would return home, after storming out of the house after an argument. While Brian and Heather attempt to come to terms with the horrific news, Heather’s son and Susan’s step-brother, Andy Hodges (James Macartney), arrives home and is stunned.

Elsewhere, Banksy meets Susan’s old friend, Liz Flint (Andree Bernard) who admits she accused Susan of sleeping with her boyfriend, Rob Summers (John White). She tells Banksy that the last time she saw Susan, Rob had Susan by her throat. Rob is quickly traced and questioned alongside his friend, Philip Dowson (Simon Gregor). Rob denies threatening Susan so violently and explains that he was angry she lied about them having an affair, while Philip gives Rob an alibi for his whereabouts the night Susan went missing. Back at the station, Heather is interviewed and breaks down when confessing that she caught Susan and Andy in bed together the night Susan went missing. Andy, now the main suspect, is eventually found in the park where Susan’s remains were buried. Drunk and emotional, Andy is questioned but swears he couldn’t have murdered Susan as he was in love with her.

When evidence proves that Andy wasn’t in the country when Susan was murdered, Superintendant Heaton (Daniel Flynn) calls together a briefing and explains to his officers that the case appears to mirror one he worked on 20 years ago, when he had Ian Ellis (James Gaddas) sent to prison for murdering a young woman, Rebecca Clayton. Promising to visit Longmarsh Prison to speak to Ian, the other officers are concerned that Heaton may not be aware of other victims that Ian could have killed and buried.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

After the body of seventeen-year-old athlete Alistair Ransome is found, beaten to death, in a park, Superintendent Heaton (Daniel Flynn) and DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse) hold an urgent briefing. They explain that Simon Thorn (Daniel West) and his girlfriend, Katie Fielding (Jennie Jacques) are the prime suspects, but concrete evidence is desperately needed.

Heaton decides to hold a press conference, headed up by Simon and Katie, in order to put pressure on them to confess. The teenagers agree to the conference and Simon acts confidentially next to a clearly terrified Katie. However, when it is revealed during the course of the journalist’s questions that the previous suspect Michael Fleming has been released, Simon and Katie are clearly stunned.

As the case continues, CSE Eddie Olosunje (Jason Barnett) explains that Alistair died from a puncture wound to the top of his spine. He has the piece of wood which he believes is the murder weapon but the crucial nail is missing. Fibres from Katie’s jacket were found in Alistair’s wound, but so far there is nothing to connect Simon to the murder and Heaton is determined to find the missing part of the murder weapon.

The bloodied nail is eventually uncovered and Simon and Katie are brought back into Sun Hill where they finally give their versions of what happened the night Alistair was murdered. As Heaton listens in on both interviews, he is stunned when the truth is revealed.

Thursday, 15 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

PCs Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) and Millie Brown (Clare Foster) are called to Graham Ransome’s (Kevin Pallister) house, who has reported his seventeen-year-old son, Alistair, missing. Graham claims his absence is uncharacteristic and that Alistair isn’t an average teenager, but a highly gifted athlete. He tells the officers that the last place Alistair was seen was a house party that PCs Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) have made their way to, after receiving complaints from neighbours.

Arriving at the party, Tony is greeted by arrogant Simon Thorn (Daniel West) and his girlfriend Katie Fielding (Jennie Jacques) while Sally runs upstairs and finds Stephanie Weeks (Nikita Mitchell), unconscious after taking drugs. Once Stephanie is loaded onto an ambulance, Tony and Sally question Simon and Katie who tells them that Alistair was at the party but left hours ago. They also claim that the drugs were brought in by gatecrashers, leading Tony and Sally to worry that Alistair may have taken the same drugs. Shortly after, the discovery of an injured teenage male in a park is reported and Mel and Millie instantly respond. They run to the scene where they find Alistair, but the officers are too late.

Later, Mel and Millie are told that Alistair died from severe head injuries and are tasked with telling a disbelieving Graham who continues to deny that his son would have anything to do with drugs or anything untoward. Simon is brought in for questioning and says that a schoolmate, Michael Fleming (Stefan Davis), gate crashed the party and brought drugs with him – when Alistair asked him to leave, he got angry and the two fought.

Michael is interviewed and tells DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) that Simon is lying about the drugs and swears he had nothing to do with Alistair’s death. Things start to look worse for Michael when his alibi breaks down and officers discover that the two were athletic rivals. However, as the case develops and more evidence comes to light, officers realise that Alistair’s murderers are Simon and Katie – but they don’t have a single piece of concrete evidence to prove it.

Thursday, 8 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

After the gruesome discovery of baby Charlotte’s body, nanny Anna Georgiou (Anna-Marie Paraskeva) and her boyfriend Simon Baxter (Matt Dineen) are questioned further. Anna claims that she left the house for an hour to find Simon and when they returned, Charlotte was dead. Completely panicked, Anna begged Simon to bury the baby and make it look like a burglary gone wrong.

Back at the Wainwright’s house, PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) continues to lend support to Clare (Susan Earl) and Tom (Simon Tcherniak) when they are gently questioned by DC Jacob Banks (Patrick Robinson). The investigation uncovers that Clare drove back to the house the night Charlotte died and Banksy is tasked with finding out why. Tom is shocked when Clare reveals she drove back during the party as she was anxious about Charlotte and although she waited outside for an hour, she didn’t go in.

As the investigation continues, DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) and Banksy discover that after suffering two miscarriages, Clare constantly worried about Charlotte and was diagnosed with depression soon after her mother died. After consulting with a doctor, they worry that Clare is suffering from severe post natal depression. Later, Tom shares his grief with Tony and is horrified that he didn’t notice how Clare was suffering.

After going through Clare’s bag, he is horrified to discover Charlotte’s blanket that went missing the same night she did and Clare’s diary expresses her constant worrying. Armed with this new information, Sun Hill officers are alerted and start the search for Clare, who has gone missing. Banksy eventually finds her in a memorial garden in a local park and the distraught mother reveals what happened the night Charlotte died.

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