The Bill

Wednesday, 7 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

PCs Roger Valentine (John Bowler), Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) and Leon Taylor (Dominic Power) are called out to meet a distressed nanny, Anna Georgiou (Anna-Marie Paraskeva) who says that the baby she has been looking after, Charlotte Wainwright, has gone missing from her bed. PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) is nominated as the Family Liaison Officer and heads to the house with DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell), who breaks the news to Charlotte’s parents, Clare (Susan Earl) and Tom (Simon Tcherniak) when they return home.

After the initial shock, Tony is forced to question the parents who tell him they stayed in a hotel the previous night, after attending a party. Tony gently asks if they can think of anyone that would want to take their baby and Clare recalls David Edmonds (Chris Garner), a plumber that worked for them who kept talking about IVF. David and his wife Joss (Karen Ascoe) are questioned and insist they have nothing to do with the missing baby, although officers are concerned about the amount of baby clothes and toys found in the house.

The investigation takes a further sinister turn when officers realise that Anna’s boyfriend, Simon Baxter (Matt Dineen) had been in the house the night before. When his car is found and stolen goods from the Wainwright’s house are found in the boot, he is arrested for the kidnap of Charlotte and burglary.

Back at the station, Anna finally admits that she left Charlotte alone for an hour while she went to a party to find Simon but swears that Charlotte was asleep when she left. Simon is questioned and continues to deny that he has anything to do with Charlotte’s disappearance. Frustrated, the officers analyse Simon’s mobile phone to track where he was the night before and are horrified by the outcome of the search.

Thursday, 1 January 2009, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

PCs Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) and Millie Brown (Clare Foster) have a startling beginning to the New Year when homeless man George (Paul Prescott) alerts them to the badly beaten body of Amanda Phelps. Once Amanda is in hospital, Tony interviews George who clearly knows Amanda and has a great affection for her.

DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) and DC Jacob Banks (Patrick Robinson) go to Amanda’s home where they find her husband, Jeff (Christopher Timothy), caring for their young daughter. Jeff is horrified by the news and tells the officers that he stayed at home the previous night while Amanda went out with her friend Annie Denniston (Elly Fairman). Annie reveals that she and Amanda were in a club together and Amanda ended up arguing with her ex-boyfriend, Dan Colman (Duncan James), before leaving the club.

DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) and Banksy head to the gym where Dan is recruiting for his kick boxing classes. Dan seems genuinely shocked when told about the attack, but tells the officers that he has a solid alibi for Amanda’s attack, as he spent the night with a married woman.

The case develops further when forensic evidence shows DNA under Amanda’s nails, belonging to creditor Con Walker. After digging deeper, Samantha and Banksy discover Amanda owes a huge amount of money to Con, which her husband knows nothing about. Con is interviewed and tells the officers that Amanda turned up at his house the night before, saying she would sleep with him in order to pay off the debt. Jeff is stunned when told about the turn of events but is adamant Amanda would do no such thing.

The investigation becomes more frustrating when three people end up in the frame for Amanda’s attack and officers are shocked when they discover what really happened.

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Wednesday, 31 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

Sun Hill officers prepare themselves for a busy night on New Year’s Eve as Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) pairs himself up with PC Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey). As they patrol the streets together, Mel explains that she’s worried about her younger brother, Jordan (David Judge) and his girlfriend Kelly Skipton (Mairi Hayes), who have come down to London to see in the New Year at Trafalgar Square.

Elsewhere, PCs Millie Brown (Clare Foster) and Roger Valentine (John Bowler) are outside a busy nightclub when security man, Alex Eagan (David Maybrick), rushes over and tells them a young boy has been stabbed inside. After tending to the victim, Josh, other Sun Hill officers join them and attempt to calm the situation. While Tony interviews party goers in fancy dress, Smithy and Mel arrive at the club to help. Mel takes a look around and is stunned to discover a distraught Kelly hiding in one of the toilets. After gently leading her outside, Mel is horrified to see Smithy arresting a young man for the stabbing – her brother, Jordan.

After an uncomfortable ride in the back of a patrol car together, Mel brings her brother into custody where the two begin to argue and Smithy is forced to tell Mel to remain impartial in order to help Jordan and discover what happened. When interviewed, Kelly admits that Josh had been flirting with her all night, infuriating Jordan. While Jordan went to the bar, Josh pulled her into the toilets and tried to kiss her, but Kelly insists that Jordan didn’t see what happened.

Elsewhere, Jordan is questioned and admits that although the knife belongs to him, he didn’t stab Josh. Later, Smithy and Mel visit Jordan in his cell and the young PC begs her brother to tell the truth as he begins to break down. As the New Year bells ring out at midnight, the alarms go off on Josh’s life support machine in St Hugh’s and a distraught Mel realises that her brother’s freedom is slipping away.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) is shocked when he opens his door on Christmas Day and DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) pushes past him to explain her actions over the last 24 hours.

The next part of the episode is shown as a flashback: After realising that the head of the notorious Tameside Crew, Malkie (Trevor Dwyer-Lynch) was out to kill Rob Towler (Bill Ward), she disobeyed her orders and saved him from the shoot out at the drugs raid. After escaping from the police, Stevie and Rob stop down an alleyway where Rob heads off to plan their escape and Stevie receives a call from DS Jim Rutherford (Michael Hodgson). She realises with horror that he has been behind everything and he makes it clear he is in partnership with the Tameside Crew. He tells Stevie in no uncertain terms that if Rob is brought in, he’ll be killed and if Stevie starts talking, she’ll be putting Stuart’s life in danger. Stunned, Stevie realises that she has no choice but to stay on the run.

After making arrangements to collect some passports from forger Trevor Sinclair (Simon Lawson), Stevie and Rob head to his house where they find him badly beaten in a bath. As Stevie calls an ambulance, Malkie appears and Stevie and Rob are forced to hide behind a door while Malkie receives a coded call from Rutherford, telling him to get out of the house. The pair leave and head to a storage unit so Stevie can collect her passport in an attempt to escape the country. However, Stevie is stunned when Stuart turns up and she is forced to pistol whip Stuart in an attempt to keep him from further harm.

Rob tells Stevie to drive to his adoptive father, Alan Puttnam’s (Eamon Boland) house where Alan encourages Stevie to expose Rutherford’s corruption and Stevie sends an email to DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) explaining everything. As Stevie and Rob go to leave, a gun shot is fired from outside and hits Alan. Screaming at his son to escape, Rob and Stevie race to their car while Malkie and his henchman continue to fire at them. They manage to get away and Rob drops Stevie off outside Stuart’s house, telling her where they should meet later, if she decides she wants to be with him.

After revealing her account of events to Stuart, he is shocked to learn that Stevie has tried to protect him all along. The two officers finally begin to work together to try and stop Rutherford and the Tameside Crew from any more murder and violence. Beyond this, Stevie is forced to make the ultimate decision – her career or Rob.

Monday, 22 December 2008, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

After the failed drugs bust, ending with DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) riding away with Rob Towler (Bill Ward) on the back of a motorbike, DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) and DS Jim Rutherford (Michael Hodgson) both express fears for Stevie’s safety. Whilst talking to Rutherford, Stuart is shocked when he is told Stevie fell for Rob in a big way romantically when she was previously undercover.

On Christmas morning, after working through the night, Stuart and Rutherford are given the name of a passport forger, Trevor Sinclair (Simon Lawson), who is known to Rob. Bursting into his flat, they find an incomplete passport for Stevie and a badly beaten Trevor in a bath. When he eventually regains consciousness, Trevor confesses to being beaten by the notorious Manchester Tameside Crew, led by a thug called Malkie (Trevor Dwyer-Lynch), who won’t stop until Rob is dead.

Later, Stuart heads to a storage unit, armed with evidence that Stevie and Rob will be there. Rob, confused by the turn of events, points a gun at Stuart and demands to know who he is. Stevie blows Rob’s world apart when she finally admits that she’s a police officer but says she loves him. Slowly taking the gun from a stunned Rob, she points it at Stuart and tells him to get out of the way – she’s sticking with Rob.

The disbelieving sergeant attempts to call the station, but is pistol whipped to the floor by Stevie. After recovering, Stuart heads back to the station and is greeted by a furious DI Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) who tells Stuart he’s too close to the case and Rutherford is put in charge. However, when Stuart later discovers Rob’s adoptive father, Alan Puttnam (Eamon Boland) lives in the area, he heads out again on his own. As he reaches the address, he hears gunshots ring out and watches Malkie and his henchmen shoot at Stevie and Rob who screech off at top speed in a car while Alan collapses from a gun shot wound. After the incident, Stuart is suspended from his duties and completely demoralised, heads home. Just as he is about to settle in for the night, the doorbell rings. It’s Stevie and she desperately needs his help.

Thursday, 18 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed), anxious to get DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse) onside to investigate Rob Towler (Bill Ward), tells him and DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) that she previously spent eight months undercover with Rob, trying to crack his big time heroin deals. When Rob was eventually sent to prison for ten years, most of his sentence was for slashing sixteen-year-old Sophie Randall (Aisling Loftus) across the face.

Stevie soon discovers Rob has been released seven years early as Sophie’s mother, Nancy (Mandana Jones) – an eye-witness to the attack – has retracted her statement and Trainee D.C. Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) is tasked with finding out more. After much persuading from Stuart, Stevie finally agrees to go undercover but is annoyed when her old DS Jim Rutherford (Michael Hodgson), turns up. After changing into protective leathers, Stevie jumps onto a motorbike and practically runs Rob down in order to get his attention, but he is clearly delighted to see her again.

Later that day, Stevie and Rob meet in a pub to talk about old times, while Stuart and Jim wait outside. When Rob’s violent associate, Gordon McCardle (Michael Nardone) joins Rob at the table, disturbing the growing intimacy between Rob and Stevie, a worried Stuart follows and is shocked to see McCardle threaten Stevie. Rob warns him off and tells Stevie to meet him later so they can talk properly.

At Rob’s flat, Stevie tries to get Rob to discuss a drug deal happening later that day while Rob attempts to get her into the bedroom. Stevie begs Rob not to meet McCardle or go through with the deal but Rob assures her everything will be fine and seals the promise with a passionate kiss, which a stunned Stuart witnesses.

Elsewhere, Will tracks Sophie down to the garden centre she works at and finally gets her to open up about the attack. However, he is confused when he shows her a picture of Rob and McCardle and she identifies McCardle as her attacker. She explains she doesn’t know anything about drugs or drug dealers – McCardle attacked her simply because he could. Her mother didn’t witness the attack but McCardle forced her into retracting her statement to get Rob out of prison.

A conflicted Stevie heads back to the station and is angry when she is told she won’t be present when Rob and McCardle meet for the drug deal. Later, Sun Hill officers become restless when waiting for the drugs bust and certain that something has happened to Rob, Stevie heads to his flat where she finds McCardle, who lets slip that the deal has moved places. Guessing that McCardle, now suspicious that Stevie is a cop, is planning a hit, she is forced to take action and knocks him out before tying him up. Stevie calls Stuart, giving him the change of location and tells him she’s worried for Rob’s safety.

As the officers lie in wait at the new location, Stevie jumps onto her bike and tries to call Rob, wanting to warn him of the danger ahead. The team arrive at the new location where they find Rob on his knees, with a gun to his head and surrounded by drug dealers. CO19 move in and as bullets start to fly in all directions, Stevie screeches to a halt on her bike in front of Rob and pulls him on before driving away, leaving a stunned Stuart behind.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

As Christmas draws closer, DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) is delighted when DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse) grumpily agrees to act as Santa by handing out presents to his officers. The laughter is cut short when Stevie and DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) are asked to work together to investigate a spate of burglaries where the victims gave their addresses when entering a competition at a Santa’s grotto in a local market. A sting is set up and, much to Stuart’s annoyance, Stevie suggests they use his young niece to help them. All three head to the grotto where Peter Garret (Steve Gibbs), dressed as Santa, has his picture taken with Stevie and Doug’s niece and, as they leave, Ricky (Jordan Clarke), dressed as an elf, takes down Stuart’s address for the fake competition. At Stuart’s flat, Sun Hill officers lie in wait and are surprised when Lisa Garret (Abigail Hood), Peter’s daughter, breaks in. Back at the market, Stevie is told about Lisa’s arrest and, convinced that her father has put her up to it, has PCs Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) and Arun Ghir (Abhin Galeya) arrest him.

At the station, passing officers are amused to see Santa being brought into custody. When questioned, Peter swears he doesn’t know anything about the scam and that Ricky must have led Lisa astray. However, Lisa confesses that she and Ricky came up with the scam between them to pay off violent loan shark, David Crossley (Francis Magee). Peter, having just come out of prison and attempting to keep on the straight and narrow, took out a loan which Lisa secretly took on, fearing that her dad would attempt to pay him off through illegal means and end up back in prison. Officers eventually find Ricky, who has been badly beaten by Crossley and the hunt is on to discover the loan shark’s whereabouts.

After further investigation, Crossley’s lock-up is found and among a pile of stolen goods, a couple of fake passports are uncovered. Crossley is taken in for questioning and eventually tells Stevie and Stuart that he was selling the passports to an ex-con planning on skipping the country. The two officers plan on arresting the buyers of the passports, but Stevie is stunned when she sees one of the men is Rob Towler (Bill Ward), someone who she was undercover with for eight months and who was sent to prison for ten years. Alarmed that Rob is out of prison early, Stevie tells Stuart that if Rob is planning something, it’s going to be big and they should hold off to find out more.

Thursday, 11 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

Jen Kilshaw (Chloe Hesar) is surprised to see that DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) has spent the night outside her residential unit in an attempt to keep Andy Donnelly (Jack McMullen) away from her. Jo gives her a lift to school and explains that she has Jen’s best interests at heart and that Andy is bad news.

The investigation into trafficking underage girls continues and officers learn that Andy’s cousin, Jake Clegg (Warren Brown) owns a property where underage girls are subjected to abuse. A sting is arranged and DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) enters the house undercover and is taken to a room where Dawn Banford (Angela Terence) is waiting. While quietly explaining who he is, Dawn is terrified that she will be blamed for his appearance and raises the alarm. Mickey and the officers waiting outside the house chase after Jake’s second-in-command Kenton Farmer (Johnny Farmer), who manages to escape.

Elsewhere, PCs Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) and Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) arrest Jake who refuses to cooperate when interviewed by Jo, whose emotions start to take over. With not enough evidence against him, Jo is forced to release Jake and is horrified when she later receives a call from Jen, who has been abducted by Kenton. Discovering that a group of young girls are to be taken to Glasgow later that day, the race is on to find Jen and the others.

Desperate, Jo and Mickey eventually break through Andy’s tough exterior to find out where Jake and Kenton have taken the girls. Jo and Mickey finally trace Jake and are horrified to see two van loads of distressed and drugged girls. Mickey insists that they wait to for back up, but Jo is worried that it will be too late for the victims. Both officers jump out of their car and while Mickey trains Kenton, Jake sees red and overpowers Jo.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

DCs Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) and Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) are called to investigate the death of a teenage girl, from a suspected heroin overdose. Jo recognises her as Kelly Porterfield, a girl she previously arrested for soliciting, and has the daunting task of telling Kelly’s distraught mother Helen (Helen Sheals).

Helen tells Jo that Kelly had run away from home a year before, with her boyfriend Andy Donnelly (Jack McMullen). When Jo discovers that the fingerprints on the needle found in Kelly did not belong her, she realises that this is now a murder investigation. Jo and Mickey question Andy at his flat and find him living with fourteen-year-old Jen Kilshaw (Chloe Hesar), who claims she’s older. Andy tells the officers that Jen is just a friend and that he and Kelly broke up several months ago. As the case develops, Jo discovers that Andy got Kelly hooked on drugs so he could control her and worries that he could be doing the same to Jen.

Jo visits Jen again and finding her alone, tries to make her see that Andy is bad news. Jen tells Jo that she lives in a residential unit that she doesn’t want to go back to and tells the officer how much she and Andy love one another. Back at the station, Jo is told that the fingerprints found on the needle that ultimately killed Kelly belong to Jake Clegg (Warren Brown), a name that has cropped up throughout the investigation.

Jo and Mickey realise that Kelly’s death is part of a much bigger operation and they are looking at a national network of trafficking underage girls, somehow involving Andy and Jake. Jo later takes Jen back to her residential unit and chases away Andy, who has been waiting outside for her. Deciding not to take any chances, Jo gets into her car, preparing to sit it out for the night to keep Andy away from yet another vulnerable young girl.

Thursday 22 May 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm

DI Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) returns from his sabbatical and quickly makes it clear to his team that he is determined to get them back on track. His grumpiness is seen as a challenge to DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed), who is paired up with him to work on a case involving Mark Griffin (Nick Court), who has gone missing on his wedding day after an apparent burglary.

As the case progresses, Neil and Stevie begin to think that Mark may have been cheating on his fiancée, Jenna Murray (Nicky Ladanowski), with her best friend and bridesmaid, Kelly Harper (Joanna Bobin). Jenna soon reaches the same conclusion and makes best man, Adam Sharkey (Jack Pierce) drive her to Sun Hill. Fuelled by anger, Jenna sees Kelly leaving the station after being interviewed and Neil gets caught in the crossfire when she throws a punch.

Later, Neil and Stevie discover that Mark beat up and dumped Darren Blake outside St Hugh’s the night before. PCs Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) and Roger Valentine (John Bowler) head to the hospital with a sniffer dog, where they find Darren, bloodied and unconscious. After further investigation, Neil decides to bring in Darren’s partner, Brett Edwards (Carl Mullaney) for questioning.

Stevie and Neil head to the gay bar where he works and interrupt his cabaret performance as Kylie Minogue. Waiting patiently for the show to finish, the DI quickly realises that Brett has made a run for it. Rushing out of the bar, Neil chases the Kylie impersonator, much to the surprise of passers by and to Stevie’s amusement, but will the officers get to the bottom of the case?

The Bill is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Chris Dunn, directed by David Innes Edwards and produced by Matt Strevens.

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