The Bill

Thursday 27 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

Paedophile Graham Rixton (Nick Waring) is questioned about an internet network he has been found on by DS Max Carter (Christopher Fox) and DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron), with Superintendents John Heaton (Daniel Flynn) and Tom Faraday (John Bowe) watching from a viewing room. The network has announced that a young boy, later identified as Simon Thomas, will be abused live on the internet that evening. Faraday explains that in order to save Simon, they need to find out who is running the network.

Back at the CEOP unit, DC Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) wonders how DI Phil Ashley (Paul Loughran) copes with the job after she is given the disturbing task of examining photographic evidence.

Back at the station, the officers discover where the network administrator is based and rush to the address only to find the house empty. Realising that the suspect is working on a wireless network, DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao), along with Terry and Faraday chase after a van that has suddenly driven away and are shocked to find known sex offender Peter Williams (David Schofield) in the driving seat with a laptop.

Back at the station, and aware that time is rapidly running out for Simon, Terry interviews Williams for the second time. After a frustrating interview they head to Williams’ house, where the DC is determined to find clues to the whereabouts of the missing boy. As Terry searches, Williams antagonises him to the point where Terry knees him in the groin. Williams is taken back to the station while Terry continues to search, knowing that he must be close. He finally finds the evidence he needs and after cracking the code, Grace and Phil are able to give Sun Hill officers the address where Simon is – but with minutes to spare. Have the officers left it too late?

The Bill is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Chris Ould, directed by Paul Wroblewski and produced by Sylvie Boden.

Wednesday 26 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

PCs Emma Keane (Melanie Gutteridge) and Roger Valentine (John Bowler) are shocked when they discover 13-year-old Jenny Waterson (Arati Menon) bleeding from an attempted suicide. At St Hughs, Jenny’s grandfather, Ken (Geoffrey Burton), and the officers are told there is evidence Jenny has been sexually assaulted.

At Jenny’s house, her room is examined and officers find a webcam and laptop, leading to concerns that it could be a case of online grooming. DC Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) takes the laptop to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) headquarters where she meets Superintendent Tom Faraday (John Bowe) and grumpy technical wizard, DI Phil Ashley (Paul Loughran).

Elsewhere, DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) visits Peter Williams (David Schofield), a known sexual offender with a fondness for teenage girls, who claims that he is a reformed character and has an alibi for the time of Jenny’s assault.

Back at the hospital, an emotional Jenny reveals to Terry and Emma that she struck up an internet friendship with a man called ‘Craig’ and met him in a nearby park. She says that he was much older then he had claimed and when she went back to his house, she was drugged and raped.

At CEOP, Phil works on Jenny’s PC and has discovered that ‘Craigs’ real name is Carl Newton (Sebastian Knapp). The officers are soon horrified when they discover Jenny’s best friend, Shareen Taylor (Poppy Good Burn) has been spotted on CCTV meeting Carl in the same park that Jenny previously met him in.

While officers desperately hunt for Shareen, events take a further disturbing turn when Ashley manages to access a paedophile network, discovering that there will be a live show the following night involving an eight year old boy…

Answering a call out to a nearby estate by concerned neighbour Suzy Plummer (Jan Graveson), Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) attends to pensioner Ivy Murray (Janet Whiteside), who has been attacked and burgled. DCs Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) and Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) talk to Suzy who claims not to have seen anything, but neighbours reveal that Ivy had recently been arguing with two hoodies, Lee Weaver (Daniel Edwards) and Vinny Chapman (Elijah Baker).

After further investigation, the officers discover that Suzy, Lee’s mother, is handling stolen goods from a recent spate of burglaries in the area and selling them on the internet. A sting is arranged and the officers are shocked when a local Housing Association officer, Ian Simpson (Jim Pyke), turns up to buy the goods from Suzy and tries to make a run for it. He is later questioned and admits to the burglaries, but insists that he didn’t break into Ivy’s house.

At the hospital, Ivy tells her son, Robin (Martin Herdman) and trainee Kezia Walker (Cat Simmons) that she remembers arguing with Lee and Vinny at a bus stop before heading home where she was attacked. Lee and Vinny are brought in for questioning and Vinny says Lee threatened her and he went to Ivy’s house afterwards to make sure she was okay. Vinny tells Stevie that he didn’t think anyone would believe him as he’s used to being seen as a teenage trouble maker. The real culprit is soon uncovered and the officers are shocked at how deceptive appearances can be.

Wednesday 19 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1

PC Beth Green (Louisa Lytton) is excited when an opportunity arises to go undercover much to DS Max Carter’s (Christopher Fox) concern. Katy Taylor (Gemma Stone), arrested for possession of skunk, gives Beth the name of her supplier, Craig McKee (Richard Simons), and says that he will be at a party that night. Beth, undercover, attends the party as Katy’s friend and when Katy disappears, pirate radio DJ Lenny Jones (David Ajala) takes a shine to Beth.

Lenny, unaware she is a cop, helps her to look for Katy and the young officer is stunned when she sees Katy in a backroom with Earl Clarke (Chris Jarman) holding a gun. Beth claims she wants to buy drugs but Earl is suspicious. Max finally gets through to Beth on her mobile and tells her to get out as quickly as she can. After the pair leave, uniform raid the party and PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) arrests Craig. Outside, Lenny gives Beth his number and kisses her passionately.

Back at the station, Craig admits that he works for Earl but Lenny is the one they should be talking to about the way Earl operates. Beth is called into a meeting with DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse), Sergeant Nikki Wright (Gillian Taylforth) and Max where she is forced to stand up for herself, much to Nikki’s admiration. She is adamant Lenny isn’t a drug dealer, but Max insists she call him to arrange a date.

Later, while Beth and Lenny have a drink together, Earl unexpectedly turns up to tell Lenny to fix the rig for the pirate radio station and suggests that Beth goes with him. Later that night, Beth is terrified when she and Lenny open the door and find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun.

Thursday 20 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1


28 February 2008

One in four 11-16 year olds have met up with someone in the real world who they originally met online. Now The Bill is to tackle the difficult and emotive subject of online child abuse in a two-part storyline to air at the end of March 2008, on ITV1.

Focusing on the specialist and important work of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, the episodes start with an investigation of suspected sexual abuse involving a 13 year old girl and soon explore the horrifying world of online grooming, leading to child abuse.

John Bowe plays Superintendent Tom Faraday, the investigating officer at CEOP, whose job it is to assist Sun Hill officers – led by Superintendent John Heaton (Daniel Flynn) – in locating a missing school-girl when it is suspected that she has been abducted by an online paedophile network. Horrified officers soon uncover notification of a planned live show of child abuse due to be aired in real-time online, forcing D.C. Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) to pose as a member of the network in a bid to track down one of the ring leaders.

“It’s not an easy or comfortable subject matter to cover, but we wanted to find a way of raising awareness of the work of CEOP, and to show the kind of crimes today’s cops have to face on a regular basis,” said executive producer, Johnathan Young. “Our objective, as a programme, is to represent modern-day policing and to demonstrate the reality of a police officers’ job, no matter how disturbing or horrific the crime.”

The CEOP Centre hopes that by driving awareness of how such abuse can be reported and investigated (and to draw attention to the resources they provide for children and their parents via the website more and more young people will become aware of the potential threat online and take the right precautions.

“Although the online child abuse storyline in The Bill is drama, it has been vital throughout to work closely with the programme-makers, talkbackTHAMES, in order to ensure the full complexity of this crime is portrayed,” added Clive Michel, head of corporate communications at the CEOP Centre. “I think that this has been achieved. So, as this programme is broadcast, we would say this to all parents worried about their children online: register for monthly updates, which, over time, will build up your knowledge of the online possibilities; sit down and ask your child to show you the kind of sites they are using. Try to bridge the gap between what they do and what you know and together go through our thinkuknow programme ( to understand the full risks. If the terminology gets you down – or if you are worried by what they are showing you – then you will find help at”

“We have hugely enjoyed working with the cast and crew of The Bill and thank them for raising awareness of this important and horrific crime.”

The episodes broadcast end of March 2008. Join The Bill, every Wednesday and Thursday, ITV1

1. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is a law enforcement agency and works in both online and offline environments.
2. CEOP receives on average more than 400 reports a month to its specialist intelligence officers through the Report Abuse button embedded on a number of websites.
3. CEOP consult a Youth Advisory Panel of 70 young people aged 11 to 18 years to help create the educational materials and to seek advice on how best to inform people about online dangers.

After a drunken night out together, PCs Beth Green (Louisa Lytton) and Emma Keane (Melanie Gutteridge) are horrified when Superintendent John Heaton (Daniel Flynn) volunteers to go out on the beat with them for the day. Inspector Gina Gold (Roberta Taylor) is equally displeased, and instructs the two PCs not to put a foot wrong. As a precaution, Gina and Sergeant Nikki Wright (Gillian Taylforth) trail after them as they head out to patrol Canley Market. After a nervous start, Beth manages to impress Heaton with her photographic memory and attention to detail even though it is Nikki who has to step in to make an arrest when both Beth and Emma are incapable due to their hangovers.

Meanwhile, PCs Roger Valentine (John Bowler) and Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) find Wayne (Nick Moss) beaten and robbed of electrical goods that were in his delivery truck. The investigation leads them to Wayne’s manager and wholesale owner, Jaz Desai (Quill Roberts), who is more upset about the whereabouts of the missing stock, than of Wayne’s injuries.

The officers later discover that the unsuspecting truck-jacker James (Cary Crankson), and his young girlfriend Rachel (Billie North) have stolen the stock of toy robots with heroin concealed inside them. Back at the market, Beth is made aware that her young friend Lee (Jonathan Weldon), who works on a stall there, is selling the robots unknowingly. Beth makes a deal with Lee who reveals that the robots were taken away by a man fitting the description of Jaz Desai. After further investigation, the officers discover that Jaz and Wayne are holding Rachel for ransom in return for the missing drugs and time is running out.

Wednesday 12 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

PC Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Sergeant Stone (Sam Callis) assist PCs Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) and Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) with a disturbance at a local nightclub and find themselves in the middle of a brawl. Sally is helped out by undercover police officer, PC Andrew Tipping (Gus Gallagher) from another local station.

Just as Sally is about to let him go, club security site Tipping as the instigator of the brawl and Sally has no choice but to arrest him on suspicion of assault. As she goes to arrest him she spies Tipping trying to quickly dispose of two cocaine wraps. Appealing to her as a fellow copper, Tipping asks Sally to let it go and forced into making a quick decision, Sally agrees to hide the drugs for him.

However, Stone becomes increasingly suspicious of Tipping and wants to track down Harriet McGuire (Sian Breckin), the woman that Tipping was talking to before the nightclub brawl broke out. As the investigation continues, Stone is made aware of Sally’s actions and is initially furious with her, though eventually he agrees to protect her secret.

Elsewhere DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers) talks to one of the brawl victims, David Bartlett (Andrew Frame). Jo is surprised to see him after working on the case of his daughter’s accidental death some time ago.

Bartlett tells Jo that if the police are incapable of finding the man who sold the drugs to his daughter that killed her, then he is going to find the man himself. Jo initially worries that Bartlett is becoming obsessed with his daughter’s death, but when some new information comes to light, Jo realises that there might be more to the case than what she first thought.

Thursday 13 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

After nicking Anthony Howell (Chris Brazier), committing armed robbery with a sawn-off shot gun, DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse) volunteers to go undercover to nail the dealer selling the bent gear. After interviewing Howell, Jack and DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) are eventually given the name of the shop where the stolen goods came from.

DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) and PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) are tasked to find out more about shop owner, Phil Agombar (David Barnaby) who reluctantly admits to being forced to sell the goods out of his shop for a couple of men higher up the chain. Jack is particularly keen to arrest one of the men, Roy Summers (Michael N Harbour) who killed a colleague of his some years ago but walked away from court on a technicality.

Later, after a briefing from DI Sam Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) and a lesson in antiquities from DS Mayhew (Rufus Wright), Jack prepares to meet the dealers under the pretence of wanting to buy some antiques. Sam, Stuart and Mayhew watch from a safe distance as Jack meets Arran Palmer (Alex Palmer). Impressed and convinced that Jack is above board, Palmer escorts Jack to a warehouse to meet Sun Hill’s main target: Summers. But while following them in an unmarked car, the CID officers are frustrated when they lose Jack at the lights.

Nervous, all alone and without back up, Jack is thrown when Summers interrogates him at gun-point about the antiques in the room – can Jack pass the test?

Wednesday 5 March 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

6 February 2008

Patrick Robinson and Rhea Bailey join the boys in blue.

Patrick Robinson, best known for playing Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford in BBC1 drama Casualty has joined The Bill as DC Jacob Banks – a commanding cop on a mission. A distinguished stage actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Patrick’s more recent work includes his role as Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing and playing freed slave Thomas Peters in Caryl Phillips’ adaptation of Rough Crossings, set during the American War of Independence. Patrick’s character, DC Banks is thrown in at the deep end on his first day when he is tasked to solve the murder of a successful private investigator alongside DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons). The officers are shocked when the case leads them into an even murkier world. Was the PI onto something big?

“I’m totally thrilled to join The Bill which is such a successful drama,” Patrick enthused. “The team are all great and after spending the last nine years performing in theatre, it’s wonderful to be back on the box and get stuck into an interesting long-term character, with a story to tell.”

Also joining Patrick in CID is Rhea Bailey, sister of acclaimed singer Corinne Bailey-Rae. After roles in Cold Feet, Torchwood and her portrayal as a police officer in Blue Murder, Leeds-born actress Rhea joins the ranks as DC Mel Ryder. What you see is what you get with Mel and her no-nonsense approach means you’ll always get honest answers. Mel gets stuck in on her first shift at Sun Hill when she is paired with PC Roger Valentine (John Bowler) to investigate a domestic situation with a twist.

Series roducer Tim Key said: “Patrick and Rhea are a great addition to our talented cast. 2007 was a fantastic year for The Bill and 2008 promises to be even better. By introducing a number of exciting new characters, we’ll be able to keep our stories fresh and energetic as we continue to explore life as a police officer in modern Britain. We’re confident that our viewers will be glued to the screen as Patrick and Rhea make their presence felt.”

Patrick’s first appearance as DC Banks will transmit at the beginning of April and Rhea Bailey as DC Mel Ryder in June 2008.

Spilt Blood

Sergeant Stone (Sam Callis), along with PCs Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) are called to a club where worried Mandy Glover (Laura Pyper) claims her younger sister, Kate (Fiona Ryan) has gone missing. CCTV footage shows Kate leaving the club with the manager, Iain Andain (Daniel Brocklebank) and walking towards an alley way where Stone and Sally later find her badly beaten.

Iain is brought in for questioning where he confidently tells the officers that he had sex with Kate that she consented to. At the hospital, Sally is surprised when Kate’s statement matches Iain’s and claims she received her injuries from a mugging. Back at the station, Stone learns that Iain had two previous allegations of rape against him but both cases were dropped. Sensing that Kate is covering, Stone gets his officers to interview a previous victim who admits that she dropped the charges after Iain threatened her with a knife.

Elsewhere, DS Max Carter (Christopher Fox) and DCs Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) and Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) are on a sting with drug dealer, Kieran Sudbury (Philip McGinley) who has agreed to help them with a drugs raid. While waiting for the suspects to arrive, Stevie soon realises that Kieran has been taking them for a ride and is furious when he manages to escape.

After further investigation, DI Samantha Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) discovers that Iain knows the big time drug dealer they’re after and Iain tells her he’s willing to help if Stone backs off about the rape allegation. Sally and PCs Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) and Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) are furious that the rape charges have been dropped against Iain but Stone assures them that Iain won’t get away with it. He later encourages the young PCs to dish up their own brand of justice but they are shocked by the decision they have made.

Thursday 28 February 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

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