The Bill

PCs Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) assist a shocked driver who admits that she accidentally hit a pedestrian who then ran off. After searching the area, the officers find injured Jimmy Chadwick (Jefferson Hall) covered in someone else’s blood but no sign of the injury.

After further investigation, Will and Sally discover that Jimmy is homeless and has recently befriended teenage runaway, Adam Villiers (Zac Fox). They are shocked when the case leads them to a deserted warehouse where they find Adam bleeding from a gun shot wound.

Elsewhere, DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) and DS Max Carter (Christopher Fox) search Jimmy’s hostel room where they find details of an arranged hit on a man called Simon Lingford (Robert Styles) and the name of a bar. They quickly head to the address where they find Simon and Jimmy having a punch up. Both are arrested and when questioned, Simon admits that he had no idea that someone was out to kill him and only found out when Jimmy tried to blackmail him.

Stevie eventually discovers that Derek Clarke (Martin Brody) is the hit man and a sting is soon set up using Simon as bait. However, back at the hospital where Will and Sally are looking after Adam, a shocked Sally sees Derek racing towards the hospital and with horror, realises that Adam is the intended target.

Wednesday 27 February 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

PCs Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) and Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) tend to a homeless man who claims he was hit on the head by a bag of bricks. The officers are shocked to discover that the ‘bricks’ are huge bags of cocaine.

Back at the station, PC Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) listens to a voice message from Liam Harvey (Joseph Ashworth), a young boy he has recently formed a bond with. Convinced something is wrong, Ben races to Liam’s house with Sergeant Stone (Sam Callis). They are horrified to find Liam’s badly beaten body and question his father, Bob (Rob Spendlove), who claims not have seen anything.

Stone and Ben discover from CCTV that it was Liam who dumped the drugs and they soon head to the hospital to question Liam. Thinking that that he is covering for his father, Stone talks to Liam alone while Ben escorts Bob to the station for questioning. Ben becomes angry towards Bob when he goads Ben about Liam’s beating. The PC soon explodes and he head butts Bob. Stone is furious when he exits the hospital to find Bob bleeding and claiming Ben has attacked him.

Back at the station, as DS Max Carter (Christopher Fox) and DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) investigate the case further, Stone attempts to save Ben’s career when DPS enter the station to interrogate him.

Thursday 21 February 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

At the beginning of their shift, PCs Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) are shocked when they stop the car of known violent offender, Dylan Morrison (Darren Tighe) and find twelve year old Liam Harvey (Joseph Ashworth) in the driving seat instead.

Liam later tells Ben that he stole the car to get back at Dylan for threatening his dad, Bob (Rob Spendlove). At Liam’s house his mother, Helen (Eve Matheson) silently watches as a drunk Bob screams at his son for taking the car and mentioning Dylan. Ben begins to form a bond with Liam and finds himself becoming angrier with Bob for treating Liam badly. Later, Ben and Sally are stunned when they are called to the scene of a car crash only to discover Bob in the driving seat, bleeding from a vicious stab wound.

Back at the station, the officers open the briefcase which was found in Dylan’s car and find explicit pictures and a DVD of minor celebrity Abigail Frampton. Officers talk to her father, Douglas (Paul Copley) who says that she has gone overseas and refuses to believe that his daughter could be caught up in anything sordid.

DCs Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) and Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) track Dylan at his home where they are horrified to find him tied up with ‘scum’ tattooed on his forehead. He later tells the officers that whoever branded him was after the DVD and officers are shocked when they discover who the suspect is.

Thursday 14 February 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

Sergeant Stone (Sam Callis) and PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) are furious when they respond to a hoax call and are pelted with eggs by some passing teenagers. Back at the station, Inspector Gina Gold (Roberta Taylor) tells Sergeant Nikki Wright (Gillian Taylforth) about the recent surge in hoax calls and is determined to stop them.

Tony, Stone and PC Ben Gayle (Micah Balfour) are called to a river where a body has been found. The officers are shocked when it turns out to be a dummy and are irate when water balloons are thrown at them by the same teenagers as before. Tony manages to arrest Tom Gardener (Billy Seymour) who was filming the incident and is unnerved by his strange behaviour. Tom’s mother arrives at the station where Stone and Tony discover that Tom has Aspergers Syndrome and turns out to be more helpful then they first imagined.

Elsewhere, PC Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) is assigned to screening the phone calls and he soon receives one from Jacob Carmichael (Patrick Harper) who says that he and his brother have been kidnapped by their dad, Robert (Ralph Ineson). Nikki is convinced that it’s a genuine call and gets Jacob to stay on the phone so they can be traced.

After further investigation, the sergeant discovers that Robert has become unstable since splitting up with his wife and is determined to hurt her by ending his own life and those of his children. Robert is eventually traced to the docks where Nikki sees him in his car with the children, ready to drive into the river. After persuading him to let the children go, brave Nikki takes their place in the car and a distressed Robert reves the engine.

Wednesday 13 February 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

The Bill: Witness – Hit and Run
Thursday 31 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) chases after the speeding car that has just hit Alisha Danniels (Amandla Crichlow), while PC Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) tends to the unconscious teenager. Later at the hospital, Smithy is devastated when Alisha comes to and says that she is now too scared to testify against key suspects Tito Morientes (Christian Reyno) and Dwayne Fox (Syrus Lowe). Elsewhere, PC Emma Keane (Melanie Gutteridge) and Nate visit the owner of the hit and run car, Amolak Tahir (Guy Rhys). He tells the officers that he was car jacked by a teenager, but they are suspicious. After further investigation, they discover that Amolak sells bullets on the Jasmine Allen estate. Shocked that his secret has been uncovered, he provides the names of everyone who is dealing firearms.

Elsewhere, the car jacker, Danny Pearce (Xavier Bernardin) is tracked down but Smithy refuses to believe that he is responsible for the hit and run. Danny’s older brother Joel (Richard James Harris) accompanies him to the station where Danny admits to the hit and run but says it was an accident. However, the officers aren’t convinced that he’s telling the truth and when Joel later disappears from the station, Danny admits that his brother was in the car with him and made Danny drive. At the hospital, Smithy is stunned when he shows a picture of Joel to Alisha, who recognises him as the third man she saw in the car the night Carly was murdered.

The Bill: Witness – Protection
Wednesday 30 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

After Alisha Danniels (Amandla Crichlow) confesses that Tito Morientes (Christian Reyno) and Dwayne Fox (Syrus Lowe) shot Carly Samuels (Marsha Leanne Crosby), Sun Hill leads midnight raids on their flats. Tito is arrested, but Dwayne is nowhere to be seen.

A terrified Alisha is questioned further at the station and reveals that she was at Tito’s house when he and Dwayne burst in. They told her that they accidentally shot Carly while trying to frighten rival gang leader, Marlon Reed (Jude Owusu Achiaw).

Later an undercover sting is arranged when Dwayne’s manager, Marco Oliver (Winston Ellis), stunned that his employee could be involved in Carly’s murder, agrees to help the team catch their second suspect. After a lengthy chase, Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) catches up with Dwayne and finally arrests him.

Back at the station, Alisha breaks down and reveals that she was in the car with Tito and Dwayne when they shot Carly and that she didn’t know the man who was driving. As Alisha is the key witness to Carly’s murder, she and her father Oscar (Danny Sapani) are placed under police protection. Later they are dropped off at the estate by Smithy where she meets Carly’s mother, Leanne (Lorna Brown). As Alisha apologises to her, a speeding car comes out of nowhere, knocking Alisha into the air. Has the only witness in the murder case been killed?

The Bill: Witness – Deadly Secret
Thursday 24 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

CID and uniform officers are briefed before murdered teenager Carly Samuels (Marsha Leanne Crosby) funeral takes place. They are told that a gun has been found in a canal, which is linked to her murder. As the hearse drives slowly through the crowds on the Jasmine Allen estate, main suspect Tito Morientes (Christian Reyno) arrives to the chants of ‘murderer’. Suddenly a gunshot rings out and the glass on the hearse explodes.

Chaos erupts while the officers desperately try to control the crowds. After restoring calm, the funeral goes ahead and Leanne’s (Lorna Brown) words about her daughter appear to have an effect on Alisha Danniels (Amandla Crichlow), Carly’s friend and Tito’s alibi. Later, the team are shocked when Alisha’s prints are found on the gun used at the memorial.

After further investigation, Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) tells Leanne that a footprint found by the canal where the gun was hidden belongs to Carly’s ex-boyfriend and father of their daughter, Dwayne (Syrus Lowe). Leanne is horrified to think he was involved in Carly’s murder and can barely stand to look at him. Back at the station, Alisha is questioned again and she finally breaks down to reveal who was behind her best friend’s murder.

The Bill: Witness: Breaking Point
Wednesday 23 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

PCs Diane Noble (Kaye Wragg), Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) and other officers attend a break in at the Jasmine Allen estate health centre where they find Dr Adam Tyler (Robin Pearce) beaten up.

His colleague Dr Rachel Cartwright (Josette Simon) shows them CCTV footage of local addict Brendan Connor (Aidan J David) breaking into the drugs cabinet. Brendan is tracked down and although he admits to stealing drugs, swears he had nothing to do with Adam’s attack. After further investigation, Nate and Diane are shocked when they discover that the attack is linked to the fact that Rachel has been performing operations illegally on the estate.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) and PC Beth Green (Louisa Lytton) attend Tito Morientes’ (Christian Reyno) home where Leanne Samuels (Lorna Brown), the mother of murdered teenager Carly (Marsha Leanne Crosby) is causing a disturbance. She later tells Smithy, that she has been seeing a psychic, Dawn Stanley (Cath Whitfield) who told her she ‘saw’ Tito getting into the drive by vehicle on the night of the shooting.

Believing that Dawn has been passed this information, PCs Reg Hollis (Jeff Stewart) and Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) question Dawn and find out she has a boyfriend, Pete Oldman (Andy Gathergood), who knows Tito. A furious Pete eventually admits that he saw Tito getting into the car with a gun, but is too scared of Tito and his gang, the Creekside Crew, to go on record. Leanne is devastated when she is told that no one has yet being charged with her daughter’s murder and in desperation, tries to kill herself. Smithy, Tony and Beth find her, but is it too late?

The Bill
Witness: Wall of Silence
Thursday 17 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw), along with PCs Beth Green (Louisa Lytton) and Diane Noble (Kaye Wragg) desperately try to keep Carly Samuels (Marsha Leanne Crosby) alive after she is shot, while PCs Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) discover that the car used in the shooting has been set on fire. In the ambulance, Smithy begs Carly to stay awake but at the hospital, despite the doctor’s best efforts, Carly dies and the Sergeant struggles to deal with his emotions.

Back at the station, the officers are briefed on Carly’s murder and Smithy is tasked as the family liaison officer. On the estate, a mobile police unit is set up, sparking different reactions from the officers. Beth decides that Harry the dog, who has helped them with previous investigations, should be brought in to assist them with community liaison. PC Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) laughs at the idea, but changes his mind when Harry attracts the females on the estate.

An interested member of the public, Maurice Thompson (Cleveland Campbell), gives the officers valuable information, but they are furious when they later realise he has been lying in order to be involved in the high profile case. Later, Carly’s best friend Alisha Danniels (Amandla Crichlow) runs terrified to Smithy telling him that Marlon Reed (Jude Owusu Achiaw) has gone after her boyfriend, Tito Morientes (Christian Reyno). Officers rush to the scene where they find Marlon with a gun to Tito’s

The Bill
Witness: Innocent Blood
Wednesday 16 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

Sergeant Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) helps Tito Morientes (Christian Reyno), who has been slashed with a knife outside girlfriend Alisha Danniels’ (Amandla Crichlow) house party on the notorious Jasmine Allen estate. Smithy spots Carly Samuels (Marsha Leanne Crosby), a young girl he has recently been helping and she gives a description of the suspect to PC Diane Noble (Kaye Wragg). Diane and Smithy later spot the suspect, Eric Benton (Michael Sewell) who gets away but drops a bag containing his fluorescent work vest.

Later, PCs Nate Roberts (Ben Richards) and Emma Keane (Melanie Gutteridge) find Eric, who has been beaten up by Carly’s boyfriend, Marlon Reed (Jude Owusu Achiaw). Eric uses his free running skills to get away but when he is finally questioned, admits he stole Tito’s money but didn’t knife him. Further investigation shows the slash on Tito’s back is identical to a tag that Marlon uses and when questioned by Smithy he smugly says that the police have nothing on him. Later, Smithy visits Carly and Leanne Samuels (Lorna Brown) at home where Carly confides that she’s scared of Marlon and the estate and has decided to make a new life for herself outside London.

PC Beth Green (Louisa Lytton) and Nate are forced to rescue young boy Dennis Andrews (Joe Siffleet) from a car he has set alight and while in hospital, he confesses that he has been looking after his grandmother by himself and that he sets fire to things as a release. After his shift, Nate visits Dennis at home and is pleased to see that a relative is now helping them out. Afterwards, he bumps into Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) and Beth who are on patrol but they are soon disturbed by a screeching car, gunshots and screaming. Diane and Smithy, also on the estate hear the commotion, run to the scene and are stunned to discover that Carly has been shot

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