The Diet Doctors

the diet doctors: inside & out(4/8)

The health and lifestyle show continues its third series with a brand new team of expert presenters. Dr Samina Showghi, nutritionist Pam Stepney and chiropractor Dr Ben King will take on some truly shocking dietary habits. In 12 short weeks, the team performs some amazing medical makeovers as they show what can be achieved by ditching the bad diet and taking on a healthy lifestyle. Tonight’s subject is Kath Foggan, who desperately needs to lose weight to help combat an array of health problems, including a dodgy knee, bad posture and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Account supervisor Kath Foggan is in dire need of an appointment with the Diet Doctors. The 37year-old suffers from a range of health problems that are exacerbated by her weight of 21 stone and seven pounds. She desperately needs to shed the pounds in order to ease the pressure on her misshapen knee, which she injured in a road accident. In addition to this, Kath has a hunched posture, rounded shoulders, shooting pain in her legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis in her hands and wrists, and stomach pains. To cap it all off, she has been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition which can cause acne, unwanted hair growth and even infertility.

Kath describes herself as a ‘yo-yo dieter’, fluctuating between good days of healthy food and bad days of binge eating, when she indulges in her typical weaknesses of sweets, chocolate and cheese. She drinks four cans of diet soft drink and up to two litres of squash every day, and confesses to bouts of binge drinking at weekends. Kath has also endured a series of tragedies, as her mother, sister and uncle all died within eight months. Only now has she overcome her depression to the point at which she can begin to get her life under control and try to make herself happy.

The Diet Doctors recognise that Kath must make big changes to her lifestyle and immediately order an end to her alcohol binges and late-night eating. Pam wants to counteract the effects of Kath’s excessive cheese consumption by introducing cholesterol-lowering foods such as oats into her diet. Because of her high insulin levels associated with her PCOS, Kath must avoid sugary drinks like squash and switch to ‘low-GI’ foods which will release glucose more slowly, such as bean salad, wholegrain pita and humus.

After looking at her X-rays, Ben diagnoses Kath with an onset of osteo-arthritis and recommends that she has regular chiropractic sessions with him in addition to an exercise programme focusing on core stability.

Kath embraces these recommendations wholeheartedly, and at the end of her course, the Diet Doctors reconvene to reassess her health and measure her vital statistics. It transpires that Kath has transcended their expectations by losing a massive four stone and five pounds. She has shed a whopping 22 inches from her body, including eight inches from her waist alone. Her pain has reduced considerably and the spots caused by her PCOS have cleared up. For Kath, it is truly the beginning to a new life of fitness and happiness.

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