The Drop

Davina McCall will be at the helm of a new gameshow coming to Channel 4.

The Big Brother presenter is set to host new show The Drop, which is premiering later this month.

In The Drop, contestants who are chosen from social networking sites, will receive £1m but have to answer a series of questions in order to keep the cash.

If they fail to answer correctly, a portion the cash will slip through a trapdoor, lowering their total prizemoney.

The Drop is set to screen live across six nights on C4 later in the month.

Source: Digital Spy

Channel 4 have nearly made an announcement. Nearly.

You see, they’ve told me about a new show but chosen to be rather vague with the details. Of course, being a nosey git, I’m rather interested to find out more about it and, as such, I’m perfectly aware that this initial contact has complete worked on me and my current advertising of their venture.

Basically, there’s a new show about to hit our screens. It’s got the working title of The Drop.

What is it? Well, what I can tell you is that this mysterious show will be broadcast live from a secure secret location and is a brand new game show.

The week long television event, set to launch in 2010, is a big money game show with extraordinary jeopardy.

Contestants are given their prize – £1 million in cash – at the top of the show. For the first time contestants will be winning big – or losing it all – live on TV.

On each question our contestants face four trapdoors.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing our contestants hurtling through a hole in the floor like we’ve always daydreamed about, but rather, one wrong move could see their money drop through the ground.

So far, so new show.

However, the twist is this: The series will have a casting process that will reinvent how TV game shows are cast.

Using social networks, the internet and even other Channel 4 programmes, viewers could be watching the show one day and live in the secret location playing the game the next.

Justin Gorman (Head of something or other at Channel 4) said: “We are really excited to have big entertainment game show on the channel; the interactive nature, and the stripping across the schedule, will make it feel like real event television”.

Managing Director for Remarkable Television (producing the show) David Flynn adds; “We’re very excited to be working with Channel 4 on this innovative and ambitious idea. Because it’s live you just don’t know what will happen, so it turns the game show into a must see event.”


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