The Fairy Jobmother

9:00pm Tuesday, July 27 on C4

In the final episode of the series, Hayley meets the Safirs, a family of British Muslims. Shakil hasn’t had a full-time job in three years and the fallout on the family’s finances has been traumatic. He insists he’s doing all he can to find a job, but Hayley explains that the search for work is in itself a full-time job, and soon discovers that Shakil isn’t quite as committed to finding a job as he’s been saying. In a heated scene, Hayley confronts him about this and delivers a short, sharp shock that wakes the family up to the reality of their situation. But will it be enough?

9:00pm Tuesday, July 13 on C4

Hayley Taylor – last seen in Channel 4’s 2009 documentary series Benefit Busters – is sorting out some of Britain’s unemployed. She makes them face up to realities of why they’re in the situation they are. She helps line up job interviews for them, coaches them on how to impress the interviewers and then nervously waits with them at the end of each episode as they discover whether they’ve succeeded in getting a job. In this first episode, Hayley travels to Middlesbrough to help young couple Maxine and Dean, and their 20-month-old baby girl.

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