The Fear

10:00pm Thursday, December 6 on C4

The concluding episode of Richard Cottan’s powerful drama. With Richie now in a state of full-blown dementia, his legacy collapses around him. Pursued by the police and Marin’s gang, the Becketts are holed up in a fetid hideaway when Richie has a rare moment of clarity. In a gripping climax, the stories of the past and present come together as Richie finally uncovers the truth about the girl from his past.

10:00pm Monday, December 3 on C4

Peter Mullan stars as crime boss turned entrepreneur Richie Beckett in Richard Cottan’s powerful new four-part drama that chronicles the disintegration of a criminal mind. Airing over four consecutive nights, the drama centres on crime boss Richie (Mullan); a feared member of the Brighton business community. But recently something’s been unsettling him: he’s forgetful, irritable, unable to sleep. And to make matters worse, the less legit side of his enterprise is under threat from a newcomer and his Albanian family. As Richie’s dark past bleeds into the present, unresolved traumas that echo the chaos threaten to engulf him.


In fighting the War on Terror is torture ever justified? David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Red Tail, The Help) stars in a tense and compelling new single drama from acclaimed writer Guy Hibbert (Blood and Oil, Five Minutes of Heaven, Omagh) that explores the murky moral compromises that underpin the hidden intelligence war.

Complicit (1 x 120″) follows the story of Edward (Oyelowo) an MI5 officer who, desperate to foil another 7/7 style atrocity, wrestles with his own conscience and moral code when he finally comes face to face with British terror suspect Waleed (Arsher Ali – Four Lions, Beaver Falls). Convinced that Waleed is plotting an attack, Edward tears up the rule book and makes an irrevocable decision. Continue reading »

Peter Mullan, Gabriel Byrne, Damian Lewis, John Simm and Olivia Colman head up the Channel 4 Autumn/ Winter line-up, ably supported by a cast packed full of future stars.

From established names such as, Gabriel Byrne, Gina McKee, Peter Mullan Olivia Colman, Shirley Henderson, David Oyelowo and Rupert Friend to brand new and emerging talent such as Monica Dolan, Joseph Gilgun, Katie Leung, Arsher Ali, Karla Crome, Matt Stokoe and newcomer Sharon Rooney, Drama on C4 is in extremely rude health. Continue reading »

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