The Fixer

8:00pm Tuesday 31 January on BBC TWO

In a brand new series for BBC Two, entrepreneur Alex Polizzi turns her attention to family firms that have reached breaking point. She tackles both their financial failures and domestic dramas and tries to guide them back on to the path to success.

From siblings struggling to find common ground to mothers incapable of handing over the reins, Alex must take on the toughest family trials and get them back into the black.

As a third generation hotelier of the internationally-renowned Forte family, Alex worked with her mother in the family firm whilst also managing a successful, multi-million pound bakery with her husband. More than most she’s aware of the challenges that running a family business brings and understands exactly whats at stake when a family firm starts to struggle.

Each week, she’ll invest her time, knowledge and expertise in a different family-run firm, identifying their most pressing business shortcomings and forcing them to work as a team to get their house in order.

Over six weeks, she’ll confront a pair of brothers working at their parents’ MOT garage in Manchester; a Northamptonshire bridal-wear shop run by a squabbling mother and daughters team; a family furniture store stick in the past in Leeds; a bakery shop in Padstow run by a domineering mother and her warring children; a part-teashop, part-windmill in Norfolk; and a fancy dress shop in Essex.

A proven talent when it comes to turning businesses around, can Alex use her personal experiences to transform family failure into financial success?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

In the final episode, Mercer faces international hitman Supari.

Supari (Ace Bhatti) an Indian hitman arrives in Britain direct from Paris on a mission to kill a ten month baby boy, named Shakespeare, heir to a huge fortune. The child’s death would ignite a turf war between two major players in the Indian crime underworld and the team must take him out to stop the bloodshed. Ironically, the hit on Supari has been ordered by his own brother, Chavan (Paul Bhattacharjee). Chavan is one of the two underworld chiefs and is keen to prevent bloodshed, despite it requiring the death of his own brother.

Mercer (Andrew Buchan) and Calum (Jody Latham) make for St Pancras to intercept the Supari, while Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) posing as a nanny, heads to protect the mother and baby boy.

At the station Supari evades Mercer and Calum who then have to race to the house to save not only mother and child, but also Rose. Lenny (Peter Mullan) warns Rose to get out of the house but as she attempts to make an escape with mother and child, they discover the family bodyguard with a bullet between his eyes. The killer is in the house.

Supari easily overcomes Rose and guns down the mother who sacrifices herself in an attempt to protect her baby. As Supari readies himself for the final shot, Mercer arrives on the scene and wounds him. Supari escapes, leaving a shocked team with the ten month old baby to contend with.

Back at the flat Lenny is sure that Supari will want to fulfil his assignment and pursue Chavan to get to the child. Calum and Mercer head to Chavan’s wedding shop to lie in wait for Supari whilst the baby is entrusted to Manuela (Elisa terren) who, despite Calum’s reluctance that she should be involved in the team’s activities, is showing great maternal instincts and is keen to help.

A man called Ashby has been hired by Symmonds (Elliot Cowan) to gather evidence on Lenny giving Mercer a kill order. Ashby can’t get into the flat to place cameras and microphones unless it is empty so Symmonds phones Rose saying that he needs to talk to her.

Rose is reluctant to leave Manuela on her own, but Manuela assures her that she will be fine alone. With the baby in her arms, Manuela phones Calum saying that she wants to make a real go of their relationship together.

Back at the wedding palace Mercer and Calum lie in wait for Supari. When he arrives, Mercer is drawn into a vicious battle with the lethally effective hitman. As Mercer fights for his life, Rose is on a wild goose chase to meet with Symmonds, whose diversion has left the flat empty for Ashby to gain safe access. Or so he believes. As he breaks in, he is confronted by a terrified Manuela, who, upon hearing the noise has hidden the baby and retrieved one of the team’s hidden pistols. Ashby knows he has been made, and needs to cover his tracks.

With Mercer in the fight of his life, and Manuela pleading for hers, the explosive, brutally shocking finale to The Fixer blows apart the team’s fragile defences, leaving those left behind, reeling and baying for blood. But whose death must be avenged? And at what cost?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Mercer (Andrew Buchan) threatens Symmonds (Elliot Cowan) with a gun saying that if he plays another trick like the trumped up rape charge, he has a bullet ready with Symmond’s name on it.

Meanwhile, the team are plunged headlong into the violent underworld of cage-fighting in order to deal with elusive criminal and gang leader, Sean O’ Driscoll (David Schofield). A major heist is planned and the team must eliminate Sean before the crime is committed and lives are lost. The problem is finding him. Sean always travels under assumed names and uses surgery to change his appearance.

Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) and Mercer are sent undercover into the gang’s cage fighting club. Rose plays a PR consultant and her boyfriend Mercer plays the disgruntled ex soldier. Rose befriends Sean’s beautiful girlfriend Gemma Price (Sadie Pickering) whilst Mercer has his eyes on Connor Sean’s son (Sam Spurell); the manager of the club. Mercer belittles cage fighting as being an exhibition of dancing bears and gets involved in a bout with Marty (Dave Legeno), Connor’s enormous trainer. Mercer acquits himself well and shows enthusiasm to be trained as a cage fighter.

Sean is back in the club though initially only Connor recognises him. The criminal gang are crewing up and the annoying Woody (Rupert Farley) has been brought in to handle logistics. Connor has recruited Woody on purpose as he would rather his volatile father turn on Woody than on him. The whole team are scared of Sean but this is particularly true for Connor and Gemma who are engaged in a surreptitious relationship under Sean’s very nose.

As the team seem incapable of finding Sean, Lenny (Peter Mullan) takes a short cut and threatens Woody into revealing that Sean is holed up in a flat above the club. Calum (Jody Latham) breaks into the club and Mercer enters the flat ready to execute Sean. Once there all he finds are plates of spilt baked beans and the body of Woody dead with a fork in his eye.

Our team are sure that Woody’s death was an internal squabble rather than as a result of Lenny’s intervention, but when Mercer breaks back into the flat, Woody’s body has been removed and also sees Sean and Gemma making love. Lenny immediately identifies another short cut; now that they have something on Gemma, they can use her to find Sean. Mercer objects to these short cuts which threaten innocent people. Mercer and Lenny disagree about the definition of innocence.

Mercer has another plan. He believes that if he can get Connor to trust him he will be asked to take part in the heist and consequently will have to be introduced to Sean. Calum stages an incident in the club and draws a gun. Mercer bravely disarms Calum saves the day and stashes the gun under the cage fighting ring.

Impressed by his bravery Connor and Marty take Mercer under their wing and start training him in the ring. Very quickly he earns their confidence and trust and is introduced to someone new, Sean O Driscoll. He grills Mercer about his Belmont Prison past but Mercer remains cool under fire and acquits himself well and is admitted into the gang.

Gemma’s drug taking is getting out of hand and she is desperate to escape her life with Sean. Her erratic behaviour scares Connor, who invites her to the club under the pretence that he is going to take her away from it all. Instead he strangles her admitting that he never loved her and that he only slept with her because she was his father’s girl. Connor then goes to his father admitting to the murder saying that he couldn’t help killing the girl after she had revealed her passionate love for Mercer to him. Sean calls for Mercer to be taken to the office.

As the three men savagely set about an outnumbered Mercer in front of a terrified Rose, John must draw on every ounce of strength both mentally and physically in a bare knuckle fight to the death.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) is stalked by Richard Miller (David Harewood), the man who caused her to be thrown out of the police force. Miller was accused of raping and murdering several of his students but the case was thrown out as a result of Rose’s honey trapping of Miller being judged as entrapment. Miller is back and it’s a case of unfinished business for Rose who wants to find the bodies of the lost girls and convict Miller. Lenny (Peter Mullan) is more than happy to go after the man who has been awarded a huge compensation for his supposed wrongful arrest. Rose will meet with Miller but armed, wired and with the team, including an extremely overprotective John Mercer (Andrew Buchan) watching over her.

The cat and mouse game of the former love affair begins once more with both parties skirting round the other. Miller invites Rose up to his hotel room and offers her £10,000 from his compensation as, having lost her job in the police; she is as much the victim of the case as he is. Now that he has claimed his compensation Miller announces that he is to return to Malaysia the very next day. Rose is desperate not to let Miller escape once again and decides to sleep with him to get him to stay on. Much to the fury of Mercer she disconnects her wire and puts herself at Miller’s mercy.

Mercer and Rose have a flaming row. Mercer clearly doesn’t enjoy the thought of Rose sleeping with other men whilst Rose can’t see the moral difference between what she has been doing and Mercer’s killings stating that they do what is necessary. As Mercer consoles his bruised ego in the hotel bar he allows himself to be seduced by a stunning young woman called Hannah (Patricia Potter), also drinking alone at the bar. Later that evening takes him she takes him out into the car park to have sex and then promptly walks away.

While Mercer is distracted, Paula (Charlene McKenna), a chambermaid who Calum has befriended has gone missing from the hotel. There is a possibility she might be in Ibiza with friends but the real fear is that Miller has taken her. Mercer has clearly not been doing his job properly at the hotel and has no idea of the whereabouts of Miller. Later that night Mercer is arrested and thrown into prison, accused of raping a woman in the car park. He is presented with doctored photographs which show the woman he met earlier in the hotel bar with severe bruising to her face and body. It’s clearly a stitch up.

Rose goes to see the profiler who worked on the original Miller case Bob Winters. Bob is surprised that Rose is still working with Lenny Douglas. Lenny had known that the evidence that Rose got from honey trapping Miller in the original case was always going to be inadmissible. He did not tell Rose this and she now feels badly let down by Lenny. She decides to go it alone and phones Miller to arrange for a meeting at the house that Miller has bought and is renovating in Streatham. Rather enigmatically Miller announces that he has something there to show her.

Rose is not answering her phone and a frustrated Lenny goes to the police station to try to release Mercer. Lenny assumes that Mercer is guilty of the rape but Mercer protests and says that this must be a set up arranged by Matt Symmonds (Elliott Cowan). Lenny confronts Symmonds who wastes no time in gleefully telling him this is indeed the case forcing a furious Lenny to plead for Mercer’s release. Mercer’s dalliance as cost the team dear as Lenny is now in debt to Symmonds who has clearly demonstrated how easy it will be to destroy the unit.

Lenny, Calum and Mercer race to Rose’s flat where the details of Miller’s address are on her computer.

At the house Miller has prepared a champagne reception for Rose but her cover is blown when he discovers a pistol in her coat pocket. Who is Rose? What is she up too?

Miller forces Rose upstairs at gunpoint where he reveals Paula the chambermaid tied and gagged. He proceeds to torture Paula in Rose’s presence and threatens to rape and then murder the girl as a punishment. Miller is distracted by the surprise arrival of the team and in the ensuing confusion Rose grabs the gun. Miller still will not admit where the bodies of the original dead girls are or admit his guilt. A stand off ensues, but can Rose pull the trigger and leave so many questions unanswered?

Aaah, it’s good to have The Fixer (ITV1) back on our screens. In a period of human history which sees ITV being regarded as the runt of the pack, continually missing the teat and being all impoverished and transparent in its need for attention, it’s nice to see them making a show that is both slick and preposterous.

You see, ITV have been having an identity crisis. They have been gunning for ’70s style gameshows and variety which, in the case of X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent it’s hit the mark… elsewhere, with Beat The Star, it’s been woefully off the mark.

It seems that someone has realised what made ITV so much fun in years gone by. To balance the day-glo shimmer of the gameshows you need something bleak, full of gunfire and frankly ludicrous criminal activity and a quest for justice.

So, to replace The Sweeney and The Professionals, in came The Fixer with its frowning, cocked triggers and rum buggers to lighten the mood.

Last night’s episode was no exception to the rule laid out by the first series.

John Mercer (Andrew Buchan) was faced with a baddie as good as he is, which of course, meant tense scraps and lots of sneaking up on each other. Political tussles ensued in the shadows with the ever excellent Lenny and people broke into houses and generally lived like wriggling worms under the soil.

It was marvellous fun.

You see, trying to wax lyrical about The Fixer would be like trying to talk about the musical aptitude of The Ramones. It’s moot. The fact is, you tune in to get your kicks. It’s fast, brooding and bloody.

The scene in which Mercer ripped a bullet out of his shoulder may have leaned heavily on Rambo flicks, but you shouldn’t be worrying about that. What we have here is an old-school cop show with a twist.

It’s well executed and makes you hold your breath with anxiety. That’s something we’ve been missing on the box and, better yet, this doesn’t have some spurious time-travel guff like Life on Mars.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Symmonds is furious that Mercer has disobeyed him and informs Lenny in no uncertain terms what it will cost the team if they don’t do him a favour. A drug dealer, Gideon Stone (Daniel Caltagirone), whose Afghan drugs operation has cost the lives of British soldiers is in the UK and needs taking out. Stone has made a video of three British soldiers being executed to warn the British army away from his poppy fields. Mercer, a former soldier, is outraged which is further compounded as he realises that he knew one of the victims.

Stone’s right hand man and distributor is a Turk called Hakan Celil (Lewis Alsamari). Calum knows him and volunteers to entice Hakan to lead them to Stone. Hakan takes the bait and the team tail him to the docks where he meets up with Stone.

Mercer’s orders are to watch and wait but he is so blinded by rage at the murder of his former brothers in arms, that he disobeys Lenny and goes in all guns blazing. However, Mercer has taken on more than he bargained for. In a high octane chase through the docks, it becomes abundantly clear that Stone is far more than a just another mercenary for hire and is clearly a highly trained soldier. As the two men trade shots, Stone gets the better of Mercer and deliberately wounds him by shooting him three times in his right shoulder. Calum makes a frantic call to Lenny as John lies bleeding in the back of the car, but is told not to take his seriously wounded flatmate to the hospital. The unit must remain secret and gun shots are not deniable. And so the bullets are removed, back at the flat, by a doctor on Lenny’s payroll. However one bullet is lodged in too deep and without proper equipment the surgeon refuses to remove if for fear of killing him. The prognosis; it will either work it’s way out, or it will turn septic and John will lose his arm.

The team realise they’ve been duped, that Stone is no ordinary drug dealer, and that Symmonds has his own reasons for wanting rid of him. For ex-soldier Mercer, the battle with Stone becomes personal, and he must overcome his own serious injury if he is ever to take the man down. Mercer removes the lingering bullet from his own shoulder and decides to booby trap Stone’s laptop which has been stolen by Rose from Stone’s house. Once again Stone anticipates Mercer and is not fooled by the bomb. However Stone assumes that Mercer is incapable of shooting accurately with his left hand. In a tense stand off with Stone holding Calum hostage Mercer shoots Stone right between the eyes, using his left hand.

The emails on Stone’s laptop heavily implicate Symmonds who was running Stone and his drug operation to finance the fight against the Taliban. The fact that Stone has gone off the rails and turned against his masters would not go down well were it made public. The laptop is given safely back to Symmonds and Stone is dead but Lenny now has the upper hand in his power struggle with Symmonds. For now.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Jamie (Jamie Glover) is handed over to the paedophile Hyde (Rob Jarvis) but the team has traced Jamie through his mobile phone. As Calum (Jody Latham) retrieves the terrified young boy, Mercer (Andrew Buchan) rounds on Hyde and beats him to within an inch of his life. But the misery for Hyde does not end there, Rather than hand him over to the police, the team pressure him to give Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) access to Clinton (Johan Myres). Rose is to pose as a woman desperate to buy a baby. Having retrieved the gun used in B’s murder via the man who can, Calum, she is to plant the evidence in order to secure Clinton’s conviction.

Meanwhile, the death of B (Ashley Chin) has brought about much unwanted publicity which threatens the business plans of Westbrook (Mark Benton) and his Bulgarian partners. In prison, Westbrook and his Bulgarian contact Gabor Antonov (Peter Sullivan) plot to assassinate Clinton. As Rose meets up with Clinton at his barber’s shop the assassin Ivano Popov (Jason Croot), hired by Antonov’s paymasters to silence the unreliable gangster, shoots the place up. Having already planted the B murder weapon in the cistern of the upstairs toilet, the Rose scrambles for the gun. As Clinton lies dieing, Popov moves through the shop ensuring he has left no-one alive. As she frantically unwraps the pistol from its waterproof packaging, she frees the weapon just in time to shoot the assassin through the locked toilet door.

Bowland introduces Lenny to Matt Symmonds (Elliot Cowan) a young M16 officer who has been fast tracked through the organisation. Ferociously ambitious and arrogant he appears to have more than a passing interest in the breaking of the paedophile ring. Symmonds is the operative from MI6 has helped the team acquire the B murder weapon and now holds Lenny in favour.

With Clinton dead, there is no hope of using him to entrap Westbrook and as the latter is up for parole the race is on to break the child trafficking ring from the inside. So for Mercer and Calum, it’s back to prison where they are tasked with taking out Westbrook and severing the link to his international trafficking contacts. Mercer tries to befriend Westbrook but is frustrated by the Bulgarian protectors that accompany him everywhere. Westbrook becomes suspicious of Mercer’s attentions and decides to test his integrity by ordering the beating up of Calum. Meanwhile Mercer has other problems. He is visited in prison by Symmonds. Like Lenny, Mercer’s dislike of the young operative is instant and intense as he makes a clumsy attempt at turning Mercer against Lenny, instructing him to assassinate Antonov rather than Westbrook. For Symmonds, the destruction of the paedophile ring is not as important as making a powerful friend in the Balkans. Having completely underestimated Mercer’s loyalty, Symmonds is surprised and infuriated by his refusal to obey. But the approach provides John with an idea as to how to remove the Bulgarians who are protecting Westbrook. However, he can’t move against Westbrook until the new distribution system for paedophiles has been discovered. A large shipment of children is coming to the UK and the team need to know where and when they will be delivered before Westbrook is killed.

Rose uses the unfortunate Mr. Hyde to find out details of the man replacing Clinton and the shipment of children. The call comes through to Mercer in prison that the team have all that they need. Mercer then does a trade with Antonov saying that the British state want him dead but if Antonov allows Mercer five minutes alone with Westbrook he will be spared. Using a syringe of heroin sourced by Calum and simultaneously choking Westbrook on an apple, Westbrook is swiftly and effectively dispatched by Mercer.

The shipment of children is rescued and Calum introduces Jamie to his wife Manuela (Elisa Terren). Bowland on his death bed warns Lenny against the attentions of Symmonds. As his earlier warning of false admirers comes back to haunt Lenny, Bowland (Phil Davis) tells his old friend “he wants your team.”

Britain is a touchy feely place. We’d never let on, but in a country where Community Support Police Droogs thrive, we can’t be that hard. In fact, the police are a bunch of soft arses really. Once upon a time, they went around beating up ‘the coloureds’ and miners and now… well… you only ever see ’em hurtling past with flashing lights or queing up at Greggs.

TV normally reflects real life and extends it to the point of parody. However, TV doesn’t much fancy showing the gentle side of modern policing as it would effectively be a show about human resources and coppers filling out loads of forms.

Enter The Fixer.

The Fixer is indicative of what TV likes to think the police force is like. Tough, secretive and always shooting guns at baddies. Taggart, weirdly, has been stuck in its old fashioned ways for so long that everything has come full circle and, should you watch it now, you’ll have a great time. Ashes To Ashes/Life On Mars brought us more chest beating, crim-kicking action… and The Fixer is looking to outdo them all.

And it bloody well pulls it off too.

The new series kicked off this week and Andrew Buchan’s John Mercer found himself grimacing at authority and getting angry about bad people. The bad people in this case are a uniformly handsome bunch of black men who deal in drugs and… kids.

Of course, if the brilliant first series of the show told us anything, nothing will be as simple as it initially seems. As such, the opening gambit, which included a preposterously fun shoot out scene amongst a bunch of cars and nasty gang types seething ‘snitch’ from under their masks, had this reviewer gripping the sofa arm so hard that I grafted stuffing into my bone marrow.

Lenny returned once more to generally be colder than an Eskimo’s sock drawer and do his darnedest to steal the show. Mercifully, with such a strong and unified cast, there’s not really much danger as they effectively take it in turns in being your favourite from the series.

With flexing muscles and dimly lit side-streets, The Fixer once again, looks like the only show on ITV that is truly worth tuning in for. Make no mistake: If this was on the BBC, people would be hurling themselves from tower blocks just to heap on the praise more than the last person.

Sensational television!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

In this opening two-parter the underground crime fighters take on the Barber Boys, a gang who are terrorising the streets of South London, under their leader Clinton McSmith (Johan Myres). A young teenage girl, Savannah Ford (Nicola Burley), witness to the gangs’ violent activities, is on the run and it is down to the deniable unit to protect her so she can testify against McSmith.

John (Andrew Buchan), Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite), Lenny (Peter Mullan) and Calum (Jody Latham) discover that Clinton is not only trafficking drugs from his barber shop headquarters but is also trafficking kids from care homes and keeping them in a holding building called “The Sexy Disco”. Tracking Clinton’s connection to prison inmate and known former care home employee Leo Westbrook (Mark Benton) the team learn that Clinton himself grew up in the care system and that it was Westbrook who took him under his wing from an early age. From prison, Westbrook is controlling not only Clinton but also the child trafficking operation that is about to go global. In a shoot out, our team intercept the handover of catalogues of children between the Barber Boys and their new Bulgarian partners.

Rose takes charge of Savannah and encourages her to use her feminine wiles to turn gang member B (Ashley Chin). B is also a victim of the care system and has been charged to look after a recent acquisition, a vulnerable young boy Jamie (Jamie Glover). B is uncomfortable with what Clinton is asking him to do with Jamie and with Savannah’s encouragement leaves the gang. Meanwhile Mercer tries to free Jamie from the Sexy Disco and is distressed when the child is too frightened to escape with him. However Calum manages to leave Jamie with a mobile with which they can keep in touch with and trace the boy.

Meanwhile, Lenny has problems of his own. His friend and boss Roger Bowland (Phil Davis) is dying of cancer and Bowland is worried for the unit’s future. He warns Lenny to beware of false admirers. It’s clear that he has someone specific in mind.

Clinton is furious at B’s betrayal sends his gang members to execute him and although Mercer races to the rescue, he arrives too late. Meanwhile young Jamie has been moved from the Sexy Disco and handed over to a buyer named Richard Hyde (Rob Jarvis). Can the team get to Jamie’s location in time before harm comes to yet another child?

Monday 7 April 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Rose tells Lenny that a former member of Lenny’s unit – John Mercer’s predecessor, Patrick Finch – has gone on a vigilante-style rampage, meting out his particular brand of justice against drug-dealers. Meanwhile, Hugh Berry, the man who sorts out the paperwork to cover the unit’s illicit activities, asks Lenny to take out a hit on his behalf. A hit-and-run driver Trevor Bowyer rendered Hugh’s grandson, Owen, mentally disabled, but only served two years for the crime. Whilst emphatic that they are not a bunch of vigilantes, Lenny is left in no doubt that if he doesn’t send his hit man to kill Trevor Bowyer, then Hugh will find one of his own.

Lenny also pays a visit to his former employee in an attempt to bring him into line, but finds a bitter, alienated and menacing man. Finch is everything Lenny feared he might become. Leaving Finch’s towerblock, Lenny is furious to find Hugh Berry waiting outside – clearly tempted to hire Finch in order to take out Bowyer. Lenny unhesitatingly sends Mercer to execute Finch. However Finch is prepared for Lenny’s new hit-man. Tied down, Mercer comes face to face with what could be his own future. Finch explains how Lenny made him a scapegoat after a botched operation, expelling him from the unit and sentencing him to a kind of living death. Finch spares Mercer’s life, leaving the young man haunted but fascinated by the older assassin.

Meanwhile Rose has been sent to deal with the Hugh Berry problem. His daughter Caitlin has no inclination to talk her father out of his vengeful impulses – she detests Bowyer just as much. So Rose goes with Mercer to the remorseless Bowyer’s house and together they force him to write a letter of apology to Caitlin. Mercer, having knocked back Rose’s advances, tries hard to thaw out their relationship.

As a desperate Hugh tries to commission Finch to kill Bowyer, Finch refuses, instead demanding to know where Lenny can be found. As Finch walks into Lenny’s Thai Restaurant with a shot-gun, Mercer is waiting and gets the better of him, but, to Lenny’s consternation, allows him to leave unharmed, as Finch did Mercer.

Lenny finally lets Mercer in on Finch’s true history. He became isolated and thought he could decide his own targets and now his bloodlust is endangering the general public. Meanwhile, Rose is deployed to bring the broken Hugh to his daughter and grandson, where he is confronted with his guilt for his feelings about his grandson’s condition. His grandson Owen throws a ball towards Hugh – and they have the contact he has yearned for.

Mercer heads to a final showdown with Finch, which Finch is relishing. Mercer finds Finch on the roof of his tower block. During an epic struggle Finch gets the better of Mercer, but reveals he is not interested in killing his replacement. Instead he asks John to do the compassionate thing and help him end his life. As Finch dangles from the roof top, Mercer lets Finch’s hand go as the killer tumbles to his death.

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