The Flowerpot Gang

8:00pm Wednesday 5 September on BBC ONE

In the final episode The Flowerpot Gang travel to a housing estate in east London to transform a plot of land into an extraordinary, life-changing space.

Many children living on the estate are unable to use the open spaces because of anti-social behaviour in the past. As a result there are hundreds of families with children who only have tiny balconies to play on. The Flowerpot Gang is re-opening one of the gardens in the hope that families will start to use it again and bring the community back together.

Driving the development is Jackie, who runs an after-school club on the estate. As Phil gets to know some of the residents, including mum Peppa and her three sons, the task ahead seems more important than ever.

But with Joe and Phil in the garden nothing stays serious for very long – and Joe is soon helping one of Peppa’s sons Jeidan plant vegetables in the garden. Meanwhile, as Anneka galvanises support for the project, the whole estate comes together to try to change things for the better.

Ep 4/4

8:00pm Wednesday 29 August on BBC ONE

This week the Flowerpot Gang help two schools in Bristol who have formed an unlikely partnership. The Student Support Centre helps students who have been excluded from mainstream schools, while neighboring New Fosseway School has students with severe learning difficulties. Separating them is an unused garden, which the two schools want to share to bring their pupils closer together.

Twelve-year-old Callum has been bullied, excluded from mainstream school and has a history of behavioral problems – but once he is be-friended by Phil Tufnell he soon gets to work on the garden. Despite having to battle against the elements during the wettest April on record for 100 years, Callum’s dedication and ability to stick to the task surprise and impress his mother Lisa.

A performance stage and a climbing wall are just some of the features planned to make the garden fun and durable for the kids, but as the rain pours down even galvanizer par excellence Anneka Rice finds it tough to get help. After a call to action goes out to the public, The Flowerpot Gang return to Bristol in August to finish the garden and establish something that the two schools will treasure forever.

The Flowerpot Gang continue to transform neglected plots of land across the UK into extraordinary, life changing spaces.

Ep 3/4

8:00pm Wednesday 22 August on BBC ONE

Anneka Rice, Phil Tufnell and Joe Swift meet nine-year-old Hannah, one of thousands of young children in Britain who have taken on responsibilities beyond their years. Hannah cares for her mother, who is partially disabled, and her autistic sister.

The Flowerpot Gang travel to Sunderland, where the call for help has come from the Sunderland Carers’ Centre – a charity which gives young people who are looking after family with illness or disability a chance to enjoy their childhood.

Sue, who has worked at the centre for 14 years, contacted the team because she was desperate to create an outdoor space which the kids could personalise – a space for them to escape to away from the daily rigours of being young carers.

With the help of local residents the team gets stuck in to the garden, transforming it into a funky teen den with tyre swings and hammocks and a fantasy area with giant-sized flowers for the younger kids.

A few weeks later, following a call to arms by Anneka, local people turn out to help finish it off and secure its legacy.

Ep 2/4

8:00pm Wednesday 15 August on BBC ONE

Anneka Rice, Phil Tufnell and Joe Swift travel the country transforming neglected plots of land into extraordinary and life-changing spaces, in this new four-part series.

In the first episode The Flowerpot Gang travels to Woodland View, a nursing home on the edges of Sheffield where 60 residents with various forms of dementia are cared for. The residents have a large green area for their use, but they cannot enjoy it as the paths are too dangerous – and so the doors to the garden have been locked. The gang meets Jane and her 13-year-olf daughter Genevieve, who are frequent visitors to the home where Jane’s father Keith has been living for several years.

?Whilst Joe directs the work in the garden, Anneka and Phil get to know Genevieve and hear about her family’s story; in doing so, they discover just how important it is for the dementia sufferers to be able to enjoy a garden.

As well as getting stuck in with Joe and the gardening team, Anneka helps to galvanise the local community, who offer up invaluable help. Novice gardener Phil starts to pick up some basic tips, while befriending other residents and relatives who frequent the home.

After 10 days of non-stop work, Genevieve reveals the stunning results of everyone’s hard work, firstly to her mother and the residents and relatives at Woodland View. Finally, Anneka lets viewers know how they can join up with the gang and finish off next week’s garden in Sunderland.

Ep 1/4

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