The Good Wife

9:00pm Thursday, May 12 on M4

Brand new series: Louis Canning returns to fight against Alicia once again when the firm represents families of employees who committed suicide due to miserable working conditions. Meanwhile, Cary finds out some shocking information about Kalinda.

9:00pm Thursday, May 5 on M4

Brand New Series: The firm sues a convicted murderer who is profiting from a song he had written years ago while in prison, describing his crime. Meanwhile, Eli anonymously uses the firm to help Natalie Flores (America Ferrera) and her family with their legal trouble.

9:00pm Thursday, April 28 on M4

Brand New Series: The firm represents client and drug kingpin LeMond Bishop in divorce proceedings, even though Bishop wants reconciliation. Meanwhile, Kalinda is asked some awkward questions about her past.

9:00pm Thursday, April 21 on

Brand New Series: Law firm Lockhart, Gardner and Bond sue a social networking site on behalf of a Chinese dissident, whose anonymous blog about democracy in China landed him in trouble with the government when his identity was uncovered. Meanwhile, Will and Diane hope to get rid of Derrick Bond for once and all.

9:00pm Thursday, April 14 on

Brand New Series: Diane represents her on-off love interest Kurt McVeigh when he is sued for testimony he gave in a murder trial. Eli, meanwhile, has a personal interest in Wendy Scott-Carr’s illegal nanny Natalie Flores, played by Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera.

9:00pm Thursday, April 7 on

Brand New Series: Will and Diane take on a defamation case from a young billionaire who is suing a film studio for showing him in a negative light. Meanwhile, Alicia confronts Will about the message he left on her voice mail.

9:00pm Thursday, March 31 on M4

Brand New Series: As Alicia races Louis Canning to round up the highest number of clients for an Erin Brockovich-style class action lawsuit, a mole is detected in the law firm who appears to be working for Canning.

9:00pm Thursday, March 24 on M4

Brand New Series: Alicia’s client confesses to murdering a fellow prisoner, leading the rest of the team to unfurl the relationship between the two inmates. Meanwhile, Wendy Scott-Carr threatens to expose a Florrick family issue, hoping to force Peter to drop out of the race.

9:00pm Thursday, March 3 on M4

Brand New Series: Alicia and the team race against the clock in the appeal case of a client on death row. Meanwhile, Peter prepares for his first debate with Glenn.

9:00pm Thursday, February 24 on M4

Brand New Series: When the government accuses a member of the council of taking a campaign bribe, the team reviews hours of evidence to mount his defence.

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