The Great British Bake Off

Natasha was quick to take control in the kitchen at the young age of 12.

Age 36

She admits that she has a vast baking portfolio because she gets bored of making the same things over again.

Peter attempts to recreate the recipes from pictures he’s torn out of magazines.

Age 43

His love of baking is well known at his children’s school and, with a reputation for excellence, the requests flood in for everything from school fetes to wedding cakes.

The youngest of four, Stuart has baked since he was little.

Age 26

Last year he made his own three-tiered wedding cake, much to the surprise of his mother-in-law. He’s a fan of creating new flavour combinations. His wife admits he reads recipe books in bed at night.

Victoria describes herself as loyal, passionate and solitary, with a good sense of humour.

Age 50

Aside from baking, she loves needlecraft, knitting and things you can share with others. She’s a fan of different shaped bakes like square or rectangular tarts and loves a good excuse to buy a nice piece of baking equipment.

Sarah-Jane has baked her whole life.

Age 28

She mainly makes cakes, biscuits and desserts and so admits her family’s waistlines suffer for her hobby. Her husband is a vicar, so his congregation also benefit from Sarah-Jane’s talents.

Dad of two, Ryan makes the same bake again and again until he gets it just right.

Age 38

He loves fusing Western baking with lesser known Asian flavours and new techniques he’s garnered from his travels.

Manisha lived in India for five years, from the age of eight years old.

Age 27

She came back to live in in Leicester when she was 13. Her passion for baking passion began when her mum showed her how to make a Victoria sponge. Her strengths are classic English biscuits, cakes and pastry, but she also makes some Indian biscuits and cakes too.

John jokes that he left his place at Oxford University because they didn’t have an oven.

Age 23

His love of baking re-started with a vengeance three years ago, when he left home to study. His love of French patisserie is his main inspiration.

James is the youngest baker in this year’s Bake Off.

Age 21

He started baking with his granny and is currently studying medicine in Scotland. To James, medicine is similar to baking as it involves marrying science and nurture. Aside from his studies, he’s reached grade eight in classical double bass.

Self-confessed cookbook obsessive, Danny admits that she bakes because she’s still a greedy child that wants to eat.

Age 45

She exercises several times a week to work the baking excesses off. She says that she’s taking part in the Bake Off because she really wants to test herself.

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