The Great British Bake Off

Known as a “last minute Larry” amongst friends, young mum Cathryn admits she finds it hard to say no to baking for people.

Age 27

She once promised a friend an 80th birthday cake, but had forgotten that she’d arranged a girl’s night out the night before. She arrived home at 1.30am, and was baking till 4am to get it done in time. She’s also a messy baker – her husband can tell when she’s been baking because of the trail of floury footprints to the kitchen.

Irish-born Brendan is working his way through a two-year project to bake all the breads of the world.

Age 63

To date, the 63-year old has made 90 of them and is still going strong. He always dreamt of pursuing a career in baking and now, semi-retired, bakes as a hobby.

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