The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret

10:35pm Sunday, December 19 on M4

In the last episode of the comedy series, Todd’s world is falling apart – so he makes a final bid for Alice’s affections with a spectacularly risky lie. But the various calamities Todd has embroiled himself in are starting to close in.

10:35pm Sunday, December 12 on M4

With Wilts now maniacally demanding results, Todd finally seizes the initiative with a publicity stunt guaranteed to get Britain talking about Thunder Muscle. Meanwhile, Doug embarks on an investigation into Brent’s past.

10:35pm Sunday, November 21 on M4

American Todd Margaret (David Cross) continues to bluff his way through his challenging new job and his boss Brent Wilts (Will Arnett) turns up the heat on Todd to sell the new Korean energy drink – ThunderMuscle.

10:40pm Sunday, November 14 on M4

In this new comedy series, American Todd Margaret (David Cross) bluffs his way into an apparently great job opportunity, heading up the sales team in his employer’s London office. All he has to do is sell several thousand energy drinks before his boss (Will Arnett) arrives. Simple. Apart from the fact that he knows nothing about British culture and nothing about sales.

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