The Joy Of Teen Sex

10:00pm Wednesday, February 2 on C4

Tonight 16-year-old Pixie takes the brave step of speaking to Dr Rachael about wanting an HIV test. Pixie has slept with over 20 people and thinks that a boy she slept with recently may have HIV. Ruth meets 17-year-old Charlie and his dad Barrie. Charlie would love to have more success with the ladies, but doesn’t know how to ask his dad for advice. Ruth helps them talk openly about sex. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Ronnie thinks his penis is too small, and 19-year-old Sarah’s concerns about how her vagina looks are ruining her sex life.

10:00pm Wednesday, January 26 on C4

In the Sex Advice Shop Ruth meets a couple where the male partner has a phobia of vaginas. Another couple face an altogether different kind of obstacle: his parents can’t come to terms with the fact they are sexually active, meaning she has to sleep on the sofa. Ruth is on hand to offer some practical advice on how to have a frank discussion with them. The programme also features tips on overcoming premature ejaculation, and how painful it can be when a girl loses her virginity.

10:00pm Wednesday, January 19 on C4

This new series offers a frank exploration of the love and sex lives of today’s teenagers – presenting solutions to the emotional and physical problems many of them experience. Fronted by Dr Rachael Jones, social worker Ruth Corden, and resident sex coach Joanna Wierzbicka, the series revolves around visitors to the Sex Advice Shop walk-in clinic, where the team are on hand to offer young people, and sometimes their parents, support and professional advice. No subject is off limits, from teen pregnancy to sexual performance and genital health, as the series shines a spotlight on issues that young people care about.

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