The Jury

Monday, 7 November 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


The Jury, a brand new five part drama series written by BAFTA award winner Peter Morgan for ITV1, has been produced by ITV Studios for ITV1 this autumn. 

The Jury is a compelling, character based series which focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time. It is gripping, dark and emotionally charged and the jurors are forced to face the complexities of their own lives as they are caught up in the experiences of being a key player in such a high profile Old Bailey trial. 

Julie Walters plays Emma Watts, a defence barrister who is determined to free Alan Lane (John Lynch – Sliding Doors, Merlin), a man convicted for the violent murder of three women he met on the internet. New evidence has come to light which calls his conviction into question and there is a fierce battle between Watts and John Mallory (Olivier award winning Roger Allam – The Thick of It, The Queen) who is the prosecution barrister for Lane. 

Among the jurors are Paul Brierley (Steven Mackintosh – Mo, Land Girls) a young man who cares for his elderly mother (Anne Reid – Dinnerladies, Coronation Street), Katherine Bulmore (Jodhi May – Tipping the Velvet, Sleep with Me) a teacher who has fallen in love with her 17 year old pupil, 18 year old Rashid Jarwar (Aqib Khan – West is West), Lucy Cartwright (Natalie Press – My Summer of Love, Five Daughters) who unwittingly finds herself standing in for her busy boss Theresa (Sarah Alexander – Armstrong and Miller, Coupling), Krystina Bamford (Branka Katic – Public Enemies, Entourage) a lonely housewife, and senior citizen Jeffery Livingstone (Ronald Pickup – Lark Rise to Candleford, Fortunes of War) who strikes up a friendship with Sudanese refugee Tahir Takana (Ivanno Jeremiah – Injustice, The Veteran). 

The drama has been commissioned by ITV’s drama commissioning team Laura Mackie and Sally Haynes. 


“Peter Morgan’s original series in 2002 was a hugely popular state of the nation drama so we were delighted when he came up with a brand new, equally compelling, case. Peter is one of the best writer’s in the country so we are delighted to have his work back on ITV1”, said Mackie. 

ITVS Creative Director of Drama, Kate Bartlett added, “We are thrilled that Julie Walters is playing defence barrister Emma Watts opposite Roger Allam’s prosecution barrister John Mallory in Peter Morgan’s drama that sees his return to television. We also have an exciting ensemble of actors playing our jurors – Steven Mackintosh, Jodhi May, Natalie Press and Ronald Pickup – to name a few and John Lynch as the convicted Alan Lane.” Bartlett continues “Peter Morgan’s original Jury was a stunning drama and Peter has written another original, complex, character based serial for ITV1 that we hope will make compelling viewing.” 

The Jury will transmit on ITV1 this autumn and will be stripped over a week, Monday to Friday. 

The Jury is an ITV Studios production and is executive produced by Kate Bartlett and co-executive produced by Peter Morgan. The producer is Lee Morris and the director is Michael Offer (Moses Jones, The Passion). 


Nearly five years after being found guilty of murdering three women, Alan Lane is back in the headlines as the court of appeal has dramatically overturned his conviction for the killings of Holly Jackson, Anna Knight and Rebecca Cheung. 

The case goes back to the Old Bailey with all three murders being re-tried. Controversial barrister Emma Watts QC represents Lane and she’s determined to clear his name. Meanwhile, John Mallory QC on the prosecution sees this as a grave setback for British justice and, of course, the families of the victims. 

The jury members each receive their summons, unaware that their lives are about to change forever. 

Among those randomly selected are Paul Brierley, a man in his 40s who cares for his elderly mother; Rashid Jawar who receives his summons letter on his 18th birthday, much to his parents horror; Krystyna Bamford, a Serbian woman in her 40s who has found herself in an unhappy marriage; and Theresa Vestey a busy businesswoman who’s in the middle of trying to sell her PR company. 

It’s never a convenient time to put the usual routine of life aside and step into court, but Theresa, more than most, is adamant she can’t spare the time for jury service. Her solution is to send her personal assistant, Lucy Cartwight, in her place, disguised as her. When Lucy’s request for a deferral is rejected, she finds herself in court – as her boss! 

For one juror, the timing of the summons has been impeccable, Katherine Bulmore, a teacher, has been having an illicit affair with one of her pupils, something she knows is wrong but has been unable to end. It seems the trail could create the perfect opportunity to put some distance between her and the young boy. 

The day of the trial arrives and the jurors nervously swear on oath as proceedings begin and the evidence slowly begins to unravel. Both Mallory, the prosecution, and Watts, the defence, deliver a strong and believable case, giving the jury members a lot to consider. 

During a break the jurors each head off to do their own thing and it seems a mystery woman is following certain members. 

When the court is adjourned for the day, one of the jurors, Ann Skalles, makes eye contact with Lane before he’s guided out. Meanwhile, Katherine rushes to the toilet to vomit – is the case getting to her, or it something else? 

Paul Brierley goes home to his sick mother, unaware that he is being followed by the mystery woman. Who could she be and why is she taking such an interest in the jury members? 

Over in Lane’s prison cell, he sits alone and subdued, but he’s bolstered when he receives a letter from Ann telling him to have faith.

ITV today announced three major new drama commissions for 2011, written and created by three of the UK’s leading screenwriters Peter Morgan, Anthony Horowitz and Sally Wainwright.

Injustice stars James Purefoy as William Travers, a criminal barrister who is recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system.  Injustice is Anthony Horowitz’s next project for ITV1 following the huge success of stripped drama Collision which screened to excellent reviews and ratings. 

Scott and Bailey will star Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp in the title roles of two homicide detectives from Greater Manchester Police’s prestigious Major Incident Team.  The series is scripted by Sally Wainwright whose drama Unforgiven won the coveted RTS Award for Best Drama earlier this year. 

The Jury is a compelling series which focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time. Written by BAFTA winner and Oscar nominated Peter Morgan, the drama goes into production early next year.

The Jury, Injustice and Scott and Bailey have been commissioned for ITV1 by Director of Drama Commissioning Laura Mackie and Controller of Drama Commissioning Sally Haynes.  All three dramas will be produced in high definition.

ITV Director of Television, Peter Fincham, said: “ITV is increasingly building a reputation for working with the very best writing and acting talent.  These three new commissions, written by three of the UK’s most acclaimed screenwriters, join an impressive and varied range of drama for 2011, alongside the likes of The Oaks, Monroe, Kidnap and Ransom, and the return of Primeval.

“We are continuing to reinvigorate the ITV1 schedule, and continued investment in high quality original drama is at the very heart of that transformation.”

ITV Director of Drama Commissioning, Laura Mackie said: “Peter, Sally and Anthony are three of the finest British screenwriters and the quality of their scripts are attracting top flight acting talent.  We’re totally committed to original, authored drama and these commissions are brilliant additions to our slate for 2011”  


“I’m delighted to be working with ITV again after the success of Collision. Laura Mackie asked me to come up with a psychological thriller that would keep audiences guessing to the end and I hope that with Injustice I’ve done just that,” said Anthony Horowitz.

“We’re going to be shooting in Suffolk, my favourite part of Britain, and after working closely with the director, Colm McCarthy – and with James Purefoy already cast in the lead – I think we’re on course to provide a very striking, very cinematic five-part drama.”

The central character, William Travers, is the opposite of what he seems – a successful criminal barrister still recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system. Reluctantly, he is drawn into a case that involves conspiracy and murder while at the same time being investigated by a vicious and vengeful detective.

The five part series is a story of friendship, conspiracy, betrayal and murder as well as a critical look at the way the legal system operates. Injustice will be produced by Anthony’s own production company, Injustice Films Limited.


Scott and Bailey is Sally Wainwright’s next project for ITV. The series will be produced by the Red Production Company in Manchester headed up by Executive Producer, Nicola Shindler – and filming will begin in November 2010. 

The series explores the personal and professional lives of DC Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and DC Cathy Bailey (Suranne Jones), both members of Greater Manchester Police’s prestigious Major Incident Team. Cathy is 30, down-to-earth, noisy, argumentative and single whilst Janet is 40, a diplomat and a thinker, as well as being a wife and mother. Despite the obvious differences between them, the fact that they are often thrown together in difficult situations means they have developed a robust friendship.

Sally is currently writing the series which will feature 6 x 60 minute episodes.  She has co-created Scott and Bailey with ex-Detective Inspector Diane Taylor formerly of the Major Incident Team, Greater Manchester Police. 

“Primarily Scott and Bailey is about ordinary women who do an extraordinary job. Cathy and Janet are detectives who investigate homicide. They find themselves in extreme and challenging situations every day of their lives,” said Sally.

“I’ve worked closely with Diane and she’s been an absolute inspiration to me.  Consequently, we’ve written some of the most amazing material.  Everything I’ve written I’ve sent to Diane and she’s come up with some great ideas and suggestions.  With her background in homicide detection, it’ll be an incredibly accurate series.  I’m also thrilled to be working with Nicola Shindler and Suranne once again,” added Sally.


ITV can also confirm that BAFTA winner and writer of acclaimed feature films Frost/Nixon and The Queen, Peter Morgan, is writing a five part series, The Jury for ITV1.  Peter, who created the original The Jury produced by ITV Studios in 2002 to great critical acclaim, is writing a compelling, character based series which focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time.

It is gripping, dark and emotionally charged and will deal with the story of a prisoner who has served five years of a sentence for a violent triple murder. New evidence has come to light which calls his conviction into question and the jurors are forced to face their prejudices as they come to grips with the complexities and unwanted attention of being a key player in such a high profile Old Bailey trial.   The Jury will be produced once again by ITV Studios and executive produced by the company’s Drama Creative Director Kate Bartlett and co-executive produced by Peter Morgan.

“I am delighted to be writing a new series of The Jury for ITV having so enjoyed creating the first series ten years ago,” said Peter Morgan. “The format always appealed to me as a way to tell both a contemporary crime story and yet interweave it with something more – a snapshot of modern Britain, an assessment of where we are, how we live, who we’ve become. A jury is selected at random, twelve people of all ages, from all walks of life with a view to representing us. By telling their stories it allows us to turn the gaze back on them and to sit in judgement on them, and by implication on ourselves, too,” added Peter.

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