The Kate Moss Years

the kate moss years

Kate Moss, undoubtedly the most iconic and controversial British model of her generation, is profiled in a new two-part documentary coming soon to Five.

This probing film charts the story of British popular culture since the late 80s, using Moss as a prism to reflect wider events and phenomena within the era. As a cultural style icon, mother, entrepreneur and national obsession, Kate’s many incarnations make her the public face of modern Britain’s rollercoaster journey. She has been a seemingly ubiquitous figure for the last two decades, lending her face to countless magazine covers and advertising campaigns, whilst associating with an elite crowd of artists and musicians.

At significant moments within Kate’s biographical timeline, the documentary will examine the bigger historical picture –whether it be her latest escapades with friends and lovers, the pop phenomena into which she taps, or those she has helped epitomise by mere association. These moments include the waif look, heroin chic, the Primrose Hill set, cool Britannia, the Priory and drug scandals.

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