The National Gallery’s Grand Tour

Tim Marlow on… The National Gallery’s Grand Tour

Tx: Tuesday 17th July, 7.15pm

The latest offering from Five’s award-winning arts series TIM MARLOW ON… see’s Marlow walking the streets of central London on the National Gallery’s Grand Tour – an outdoor exhibition made up of 44 high -quality reproductions of the gallery’ s finest works.

For 12 weeks , the streets of London are being turned into a gallery, with full size recreations of the National Gallery paintings being hung in the most unexpected and unusual of places, from office blocks and alley ways , to the walls of sex shops .

Masterpieces from Caravaggio to Constable will be vying for position amongst the bustling streets from Soho to Seven Dials. Celebrating the richness, diversity and stories of the National Gallery’s permanent collection, the Grand Tour aims to encourage people to make the short journey to visit the genuine works, and many more, for free.

In the programme, Marlow takes a fresh look at some of the greatest paintings ever produced in their temporary new hanging spaces. It’s interesting to see them in a completely new context and the curator and art historian is an engaging and highly informed companion.

List of paintings filmed:

Virgin of the Rocks – da Vinci – Marlborough Court

Bathers at Asnieres – Seurat – Kingley St

Samson & Delilah – Rubens – Ganton Street

Christina of Denmark – Holbein – Broadwick St.

Fighting Temeraire – Turner – Golden Square

Mr & Mrs Andrews – Gainsborough – Lexington St.

The Supper of Emmaus – Caravaggio – Broadwick Street

The Ambassadors – Holbein – Berwick St.

Bacchus & Ariadne – Titian – Wardour St.

Salome receives the Head of Saint John the Baptist – Caravaggio – Walker’s C ourt, Brewer Street

An Experiment on a bird in an air pump – Joseph Wright – Meard St.

Philip IV of Spain – Velazquez – Monmouth St.

Triumph of Pan – Poussin – Shelton St.(and City of Westminster)

Whistlejacket – Stubbs – Mercer St.

The Water-Lily Pond – Monet – Neal Street

Hay Wain – Constable – Neal St.

Self-portrait at age of 34 – Rembrandt -Garrick St

You can find more specific info on each painting on the grand tour web site or

Tim Marlow biography

Tim Marlow is a curator, broadcaster, writer and art historian. He is currently Director of Exhibitions at the White Cube gallery in London. From 1991 to 1998 he presented Radio Four’s arts programme ‘Kaleidoscope’, for which he won a Sony Award, and in 1993, founded ‘Tate: The Art Magazine’. Tim is the author of various books including monographs of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin and the Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele as well as a survey of great artists published by Faber. He is visiting lecturer at Winchester School of Art and an examiner on the Sculpture MA and former Creative Director of Sculpture at Goodwood.

For close to a decade Tim Marlow has been the face of Channel Five arts. His relaxed and knowledg eable approach to his subject means that an entire world of art and artists is opened up to the widest possible audience. Seventh Art Productions has worked with Tim from his very first appearance on Five, beginning with his first series, the Impressionis ts. Since then they have collaborated in producing over seventy programmes, from two series of Great Artists, Easter in Art and the Nude as well as the ever successful and ongoing Tim Marlow On… strand.

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