The Only Way Is Essex

Age: 23

Status: Single

Previous relationships: Mark Wright

Likes: White wine, champagne, vodka, spending money, holidays, being photographed.

Hates: (Depending on when you talk to her) Mark Wright, people who bad-mouth others, people who are flash.

Quote: “I had to put up with him being photographed with pretty girls and going out all the time. It constantly challenged our relationship, but I always stood by him.”

What we love about Lauren: Mark was her first boyfriend. Awww!

Age: 22

Status: Single

Previous relationships: Amy Childs

Likes: Women, booze, cars and tattoos.

Hates: Champagne, hangovers, people acting rich and making others feel small, girls who lead you on.

Quote: “When I’m with someone, I’m with them 100% – until then, I’ll enjoy myself.”

What we love about Kirk: He plays the bongos!

Age: 25

Family: Mark Wright’s sister

Likes: Shopping (particularly designer because it cheers her up!)

Hates: Backstabbers

Quote: “I keep telling Mark he needs someone like me – someone who’ll stand up to him and tell him no, but Lauren just won’t do that.”

What we love about Jessica : She seems to be the only person that stands up to her brother, Mark. “He needs to grow up!” says the feisty Jess.

Age: 27

Likes: Socialising with her best friend Michael, gossiping, being close to her family, and performing on stage.

Hates: Arrogance and talentless people taking all the jobs in showbiz.

Quote: “I only wear my hair extensions on special occasions. I’d get them caught in the equipment if I wore them to the gym.”

What we love about Candy: She used to be in the chart topping dance act Red Blooded Women.

Age: 20

Status: Single

Previous relationships: Kirk Norcross

Likes: Men who know how to treat her right, white wine and plastic surgery (but not all at the same time, we presume!)

Hates: Men who think they can buy her affection

Quote: “Jordan is definitely my idol, her looks, her career, her businesses, she’s fantastic”

What we love about Amy: She used to be a former Essex county table tennis player.

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