The People’s Supermarket

8:00pm Sunday, February 13 on C4

It’s been six weeks since the people’s supermarket was conceived, and now that it’s open Arthur and the other members have their work cut out if they want to make this independent business succeed. So far the members are mostly middle-class but Arthur’s dream is to serve the entire community. He attempts to get the residents of one of Camden’s biggest council estates to sign up too. But how can he persuade them to part with a �25 membership fee and work in the shop for nothing?

8:00pm Sunday, February 6 on C4

The big supermarkets throw away tonnes of food every day, monopolise our high streets, squeeze the profit out of producers and make huge profits. Arthur Potts Dawson wants to start a radically different supermarket which is owned by its customers. To keep prices low he wants them to work in it for free and decide what’s on the shelves. Can The People’s Supermarket start a revolution that could breathe life back into the high street and change how Britain shops for food?

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