The Price of Property

Saturday 27 September 2008

In the final episode of this four-part documentary series Jon Henley continues his journey around the UK to discover the real price of property. The government has said that three million new homes are needed to solve Britain’s housing crisis. But all across the country there are protests about new building. Jon asks if this country’s property-owning democracy can cope with building homes for future generations, and if Britain’s love affair with making money from property risks undermining the very things that attract us to it.

Monday 8 September 2008

Britain has become a nation obsessed with the price of property: will prices spiral upwards again or is the market about to crash? In this four-part landmark series, the first Channel 4 documentary to be shot in HD, journalist Jon Henley embarks on a journey around the UK to discover how the pursuit of property ownership has changed the country. Combining archive material with aerial footage to show the impact of property on the landscape, The Price of Property reveals the social history that has shaped the housing market and explores the profound effect this has had on the face of Britain.

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