The Prisoner

Saturday, 15 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Episode Five: Schizoid:

Having been warned by Six that his alter ego, 2×6, is out to kill him, Two takes it all in his stride.

In New York, Michael (Jim Caviezel) storms his bombed-out building, but is turned away. “They’re selling tickets for your execution, Michael, but they’re calling it a promotion,” Lucy (Hayley Atwell) says in her recorded message. “Whatever you do, stay away from Summakor.” Michael arrives at the Summakor building.

A distraught Six (Jim Caviezel) yells at the gates of Palais Two, vowing revenge for 4-15’s death. Across the street, another man ��” who looks just like Six ��” looks on.

Two (Ian McKellen) confronts 11-12 (Jamie Campbell Bower) at the Go Inside Bar. 11-12 accuses Two of being a liar, and demands to know where The Village is. Two tells him The Village is inside of the mind of 11-12’s mother, and that she did it all for him. Two hands 11-12 the key to the pill cabinet, offering his son a day with M2.

313 (Ruth Wilson) dreams of a Gothic church and a girl with a box over her head. She wakes from the nightmare to find Six sitting in her bed. He asks why she kissed him at the church; she says she couldn’t help herself. Six kisses 313; she’s struck with more visions, and asks Six to stop. “Not like this,” she says.

The next day at the Clinic, a melancholy Six bemoans the loss of 4-15 to 313. 313 wonders why Six wasn’t worried about 4-15 last night. Confused, Six claims he never went to 313’s house.

Six runs into 147 (Lennie James), who tells Six he doesn’t want another fight. A bewildered Six returns home. His apartment is in shambles, and a receipt from The Village Shop lies on the floor. On the mirror, someone has written “Be Seeing You.”

Michael’s Summakor pass has been deactivated, but he convinces a security guard to let him go to the basement to get a new one.

Six goes to The Village Shop and asks the shopkeeper what the receipt is for. The shopkeeper admits it was for a knife.

Six tries to convince 147 that his earlier fight was with an impostor. The other Six appears, and Six chases him into a building. Holding a knife to Six’s throat, Six’s alter ego ��” who calls himself 2×6 — says he’s going to kill Two. 2×6 punches Six in face, and then disappears.

Two prepares to leave the Palais and finds Six forcing his way through his bodyguards. Six warns Two that 2×6 is out to kill him. “Isn’t that how you feel?” Two asks, deciding to take a stroll.

Walking through The Village, Two sheds his gentlemanly attire.

In Palais Two, 11-12 watches a message of Two warning Villagers of a Two impersonator. 11-12 gets a black pill and wakes M2.

In shirtsleeves, Two goes into The Village shop and asks for cigarettes. The shopkeeper reluctantly hands him one, then smokes with him. As Two leaves, the shopkeeper phones the Clinic.

11-12 and M2 bond over lunch. 11-12 wants to understand the other place. M2 hopes that 11-12 will see The Village has all he needs.

A disheveled Two sits outside. Six approaches to try and warn him about 2×6, but Two denies he is Two. “I am Untwo,” he says, and he knows nothing about killers.

147 meets Untwo and takes him to his house to protect him from being caught as a “numberless wanderer.”

Michael goes to get a new card and recognizes the “Access Guy” as The Village shopkeeper. The Access Guy is skeptical until Michael proves they have a shared memory. “I need to get up to the Purpose Floor,” Michael says.

147 and his wife eat cake with Untwo, until Dogs looking for the impersonator arrive and chase Untwo away.

Untwo asks 313 if she would like to see the Other Place. 313 doesn’t want to go anywhere, but Untwo says he will grant her wish — “whether you wish it or not.”

313 seeks comfort in Six, but realizes it’s 2×6. She runs away, haunted by more visions, and finds herself in the middle of the desert.

As M2 spends time with 11-12, more holes appear throughout The Village. 11-12 asks M2 if he can go to the Other Place; she reveals it isn’t possible: People born in The Village cannot leave. Distraught, 11-12 runs out to the desert and hurls the key to the pill cabinet.

In The Village Church, 2×6 approaches Untwo with the knife. Untwo explains why he created The Village: He wanted a fresh start from the apathy and cruelty of the real world. 2×6 goes to kill Untwo, but Six stops him. “Don’t make us become the thing we fear,” Six says. “If we are one, then we can defeat Two.” 2×6 disappears.

11-12 finds the key in the sand, and puts M2 back to sleep.

Two returns home, explaining that his impersonator has been found and detained. The shopkeeper is dragged into the Clinic.

In the middle of the desert, 313 finds a glass door with a Summakor logo on it. She goes inside.

Michael and the Access Guy go to the Purpose Floor. A room filled with monitors displays profiles of Village residents. Michael recognizes the people as subjects from his reports. On one monitor, he watches Lucy’s recorded warning.

313 follows a long corridor until she she’s confronted with her vision. She runs back to the desert.

Michael approaches a window on the Purpose Floor and sees Six in The Village. He bangs on the window to get Six’s attention.

In The Village, Six looks towards the Towers, then disappears.

Saturday, 8 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Episode 4: Darling

In New York, Michael (Jim Caviezel) calls Lucy’s (Hayley Atwell) cell phone. He hears a phone ringing outside of his door and finds Lucy passed out in the hallway. She feels out of sorts and asks to go in his apartment, but before they do, she wraps her arms around him and they kiss.

In The Village, Six (Jim Caviezel) wakes to the sound of a woman on his television, announcing it’s time for him to be romantically matched.

At the hospital, 313 (Ruth Wilson) avoids conversation about her dreams and encourages Six to try the matching service.

At Palais Two, Two (Ian McKellen) shows 11-12 (Jamie Campbell Bower) a large hole in the ground, but dismisses its presence as an “ambient anomaly” due to the weather.

Six goes to the Modern Love Bureau. Skeptical at first, he is surprised when the system matches him with 4-15 (Hayley Atwell), a blind woman who looks just like Lucy in New York.

Michael is haunted with visions of a black van. He and Lucy decide to go to Summakor, but they can’t keep their hands off of each other.

Two speaks with 313 in the Clinic. He knows she is a dreamer, and that’s why she’s going to help him betray Six. “If you betray the one person you love,” says Two, “then there must be something you want more than his love.”

Six meets 4-15 at the Solar Café. She explains her blindness is the result of a childhood trauma. Six tries to convince her they’ve met before in another life.

Lucy and Michael snuggle in bed. Lucy tries to explain she’s normally not so impulsive. “It’s like the dials are spinning and suddenly I’m letting go,” she says. “Maybe that’s how love takes us,” Michael responds.

At Palais Two, 11-12 steals samples of M2’s pills. Two, watching on video, catches him in the act. 11-12 takes the samples to 313 in the Clinic, and asks her to determine their contents.

The next day, Two warns 11-12 that once he knows the truth about the holes and his mother there will be no going back. 11-12 insists he wants to know.

Six and 313 visit with 147 (Lennie James) and his family (his wife, 21-16 and his young daughter, 832). 147 points out the hole in his backyard. At first he’s not sure if he should report it, but then he decides to call the authorities. While the adults are distracted with champagne, 832 falls in the hole and vanishes.

In The Village, loudspeakers announce that to combat ambient weather anomalies, every home should be given a pig. “Swine breath is a proven atmosphere stabilizer,” the announcer explains.

Six confronts Two about the holes, hoping to help 147 find his daughter. Two asks Six if he wouldn’t rather be preoccupying himself with 4-15. Six almost takes the bait, but demands answers. Two tells him the girl is gone.

Later that night, 313 injects a clear liquid into Six and 4-15 under Two’s supervision. “Let him go where love is terrible,” Two urges. “It’ll crack him right open, and then we can see the Six inside.”

The next day, Six continues to bond with 4-15. He presses her father to learn more about her blindness, while her father urges him to consider marriage.

313 meets with 11-12 and reveals the ingredients in his mother’s pills: one is a heavy sedative, another a hallucinogen, and the third is of an unknown origin.

The disappearance of 832 wears heavily on 147 and 21-16’s relationship: 21-16 blames 147 for not watching their daughter more closely.

Two invites 313 to Palais Two, where he shows her a sedated M2. Two asks if there is any way to reverse love. 313 says it must be possible.

That night, 313 confesses her feelings for Six as he falls asleep. Men from the Clinic arrive and take him away. At the clinic, 313 injects Six with a different syringe, just as Two approaches.

Six wakes and Two reveals that his feelings for 4-15 have been artificially created using Gene Symmetry Therapy. Two asks if Six would still like to marry 4-15. “Yes,” smiles Six.

Lucy and Michael wake up together the next morning. Lucy knows she’s behaving out of character and tries to leave, but Michael wants to get breakfast for her. Lucy wants oranges.

Six asks 4-15 to marry him. On their wedding day, 313 shows up at the church to tell Six his feelings for 4-15 won’t last. As 4-15 approaches, 313 kisses Six. 4-15 runs into the desert. Six catches up to her, moments before Rover attacks.

“I have to go,” Lucy tells Michael in a recorded message. “I’m not safe. Whatever you do, stay away from…” but she’s interrupted before she can finish.

Six runs to an unconscious 4-15. “You’re called Lucy,” he tells her. “We met in a place called New York.” She tries to deny it, but eventually relents. “I’m Lucy,” she says. Two brought her to The Village to love Six, and to break his heart.

Later, Six approaches a distraught 147, who wants to jump in another hole to find his daughter. Six convinces him to do so would be suicide. As he holds 147 back, 4-15 jumps into the hole.

Michael walks down the street with a bag of oranges. As he approaches his building, his apartment explodes.

In New York, M2 opens her eyes.

Saturday, 1 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Episode Three – Two deeply involves Six in the machinations of The Village through his Undercover work.

Two (Ian McKellen) arranges for Six (Jim Caviezel) to work with a Village spy (called an “undercover”) named 909 (Vincent Regan). An undercover’s job is to find and report people who dream of another place. Six is wary it’s a trap. “Of course it’s a trap,” says Two, who wonders if Six can use the opportunity to his advantage.

In New York, Lucy (Hayley Atwell) tries to leave Michael’s (Jim Caviezel) apartment, but he grabs her and demands she tell him the truth.

Six and 909 are assigned to watch 1955, a history teacher who has been turned in by one of his students. Six goes undercover as a surveillance teacher.

Observing 1955’s lesson on the history of Twos, Six asks, “Who is Number One?” A student, 1,100, responds, “There is no Number One.” The concept of Number Two is humility, she explains, reminding residents that they are all public servants.

313 (Ruth Wilson) fears for her own well-being when she starts to sketch dreams of another place. She decides to distance herself from Six: “People who get close to you, they don’t tend to live very long,” she says.

At night, 909 and Six observe 1955: He enjoys swimming, and he dines alone. 909 finds his hobbies suspicious ��” “We’re looking at a man who doesn’t want to go home,” he says. A group of joggers run by; 909 explains that they’re good candidates for dreamers. Six notices 313 running ahead of the group.

In surveillance class, Six gives his students an assignment: “Find out who we’re working for.”

Two hesitates before giving the sleeping woman a black pill. She wakes, and the two embrace. “Why this time?” she asks. “Can a man not converse with his wife from time to time?” Two says.

909 and Six perch themselves on the roof of 1955’s house and watch him using The Village’s special “Roach Cam.” 909 receives a mysterious call, and asks Six to fetch coffee from his truck. Six snoops through 909’s surveillance log and discovers he is 909’s real mission ��” and that 313 is suspect.

Two and his wife, M2 (Rachel Blake), speak of their life “before” ��” M2 wants to know how 11-12 (Jamie Campbell Bower) is doing. Two gives her a sip of wine, and she goes catatonic again. At the sound of drilling, Two notices a roach cam being placed in his garden.

Back on the roof, 909’s ringing phone alerts 1955 to their presence. Staring at the roach cam, 1955 cuts his own throat. 909 and Six drop 1955 off on the steps of The Village hospital.

The next day, 147 (Lennie James) plays with his daughter, 832, in his backyard. Nearby, a massive hole in the ground looms.

Fearing the ‘undercovers’ are watching her, Six searches 313’s roof and finds a roach cam. A nearby camera catches him in the act.

Two meets with 909. He notes 11-12 has been acting oddly and wonders if Six has had any contact with him. 909 denies it, but Two doesn’t trust him.

Six begins to trail 909, following him to the Go Inside Bar, where he discovers 909 is romantically involved with 11-12.

Lucy reveals she read Michael’s reports. He asked interesting questions, she says, and must know more than he realizes because Summakor wants him stopped.

Six visits 1955 in the hospital and asks for help locating other dreamers. 1955 says he doesn’t know anything. The conversation is interrupted when Six senses someone lurking outside. He runs after the stranger, but loses them. 1,100, his surveillance student, hides in a nearby tree.

The next day, Six is summoned by Two and given a new assignment: to spy on 909.

Six goes to 313 and tells her to be careful. She shows Six photos of him on her roof. “You’re an undercover,” she accuses, walking away.

At his house, 909 suggests that he and 11-12 take a break — Two is suspicious. Six walks in and finds them embracing. Six tells 11-12 to take all surveillance off of 313, or he’ll go public with knowledge of their affair.

Two tells 11-12 he doesn’t trust 909, and suggests that he be sent to therapy to “dig those secrets out of him.”

11-12 goes to 909 with a knife. “It’s OK,” says 909, turning his back to allow 11-12 to stab him.

Six arrives at 313’s house just as she’s being taken away by a black van. He runs to 909 for help, only to find him bleeding to death. “Tell me the dreams are true,” 909 gasps. “They’re all true,” says Six.

Lucy asks Michael why he resigned from Summakor, but he can’t focus on the question. “You wanted to know; you stopped. Why?” she asks. “Because you’re already there.”

Six finds 11-12 drinking at the Go Inside Bar. He wants help finding 313, or he’ll tell Two about 909. 11-12 sends Six to the tunnels, a dark cavernous place inhabited by exposed Dreamers. In the tunnels, Six finds 1,100, who in turn helps him find 313. As the three of them search for a way out, Rover appears.

Six springs awake in his apartment, then drifts back to sleep. Men in white coats scurry out his front door.

Two tells 11-12 to forget 909 and find someone his own age.

Lucy says that she hears the name Curtis whispered on the Solutions floor, and insists they go to Summakor immediately. Michael kicks her out. She writes her number down and tells him to call her if he changes his mind.

In the Palais Two garden, Two gives 1,100 an ice cream cone and congratulates her for spying on Six. 1,100 admits she was also spying on Two. She’ll have to go in for treatment, Two says ��” after she finishes her ice cream

Saturday, 24 April 2010, 9:30PM – 10:30PM on ITV1

Episode two of The Prisoner is strictly embargoed from all press use, non commercial publication, or syndication in the UK until 14th April 2010 at 14.30

Six (Jim Caviezel) lies unconscious in the desert. The sight of a seagull flashes him back to a childhood memory of a trip he took to the beach with his brother. A man named 16 (Jerrery R Smith) wakes him.

In The Village Clinic, Two (Ian McKellen) asserts that 16 is Six’s brother. When Six denies it, 16 produces a picture of the two of them as boys. Two suggests Six go to therapy.

At 16’s house, 16’s children are overjoyed to see their Uncle Six. 16’s wife prepares Six his favorite meal, and the family enjoys an episode of The Village soap Wonkers. 16 begs Six to attend therapy. “I just want my brother back,” he says.

In Palais Two, 11-12 (Jamie Campbell Bower) spies on Two while he feeds the sleeping woman more pills.

In New York, Michael tells Lucy, the woman from the diner, that he watched her use his phone. He knows she didn’t make a call.

Six attends a therapy session with 70 and his alter-ego, Shadow 70. He tells the two therapists in attendance that the seagulls in the desert reminded him of a childhood trip to the beach with his brother. They called it “the edge of the world.”

313 (Ruth Wilson) intercepts Six as he’s leaving the Clinic. Six asks her if she took anything out of his pockets. She denies it.

Six is welcomed back to work at the Escape Sightseeing Bus Tour. He gets to work driving on The Village Tour while 16 provides commentary on the sights. Six notices one of the passengers, a woman with a winking eye, watching him.

In the Clinic, Two checks in on Six’s progress. 70 reports that, as predicted, Six is resistant to therapy. Two scoffs at the idea of “therapy babble,” but maintains, “It is not necessary for me to believe. It is necessary for Six to believe.”

When the tour bus moves out into the desert, Six spots an anchor submerged in the sand. 16 shrugs it off as a desert folly. He takes Six to an abandoned train station, reminding him they used to play there when they were children. They called it “the edge of the world.” Six admits the ruins feel familiar.

Lucy (Hayley Atwell) admits she lied — she didn’t really use Michael’s cell phone. She was trying to pick him up in the diner. Michael thinks it curious they met on the night he resigned from his job. Lucy says it’s a coincidence.

On another sunny day in The Village, the tour bus stops at Palais Two, where Two makes a surprise appearance and boards the bus. Two announces he’s there to award a lucky family a holiday trip to Escape Resort: The winner is 16.

Later, Six catches 313 looking at the sketches of Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty that she took out of his pocket. She tells Six she likes the idea of another place, and apologizes for lying. Michael tells Lucy he worked at a company called Summakor, observing security footage and collecting data on people.

That night, 11-12 asks his father about his childhood — he can’t remember it. Memory is fickle, Two tells him, but he should never doubt his family.

Six has another dream about being on the beach: A young Michael helplessly calls after his brother as he walks into the ocean.

Six takes 313 to the ruins and tells her that he feels a strange connection to the place. Following his instincts, he uncovers an old box with a note he wrote as a child. 313 holds it as proof The Village is real. Six claims it’s a trick, but now he’s not so sure.

Michael begins to tell Lucy why he resigned from Summakor: He noticed people ��” “too many people” ��” changing. When Lucy presses him for details, she admits that she too works for Summakor. “You think you resigned,” she tells him. “They still control you.”

The winking woman from the tour bus tells Six she’s heard sounds from the ocean in the desert. 147 (Lennie James) drives the two into the desert to search for it, but to no avail. They’re interrupted by the sight of a Village bus headed to Escape Resort without Six.

16 and his family wait at The Village Bus Depot. When Six finally arrives, they decide to drive themselves to the resort. On the way, Six eyes the towers and drives toward them. He’s struck with a violent vision of the ocean while Two, sitting on the bus, asks, “Do you know the way?” The vision shifts: Six is now tied to a post while Two places a grenade in his mouth.

Six snaps out of it; 16 begs him to get a grip. Confused, Six apologizes for the way he’s been acting and accepts 16 as his brother. “I’m not your brother,” 16 whispers.

At Escape Resort, 16 explains that “they” made him lie. He doesn’t know what they want from Six, but it has something to do with the “Other Place.” 16 is afraid of what they’ll do to him. “We’ll get out first,” Six promises.

16 joins Six and the winking woman on a search for the ocean. When they finally discover it, 16 gleefully runs into the water. Six calls after him to stop, but it’s too late: Rover attacks.

Six brings 313 back to the ocean, but finds only more sand dunes. He returns to break the news of 16’s death to his family, but they are distracted by Wonkers. Six starts to shout as Clinic workers restrain him.

In the Clinic, Two laments that Six has completely lost control of himself. “Poor Six,” he says.

“I am not a number,” Six protests. “I am… Six.”

Saturday, 17 April 2010, 9:30PM on ITV1

Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen star in the network’s reinvention of the 1960s classic cult thriller, The Prisoner. Caviezel takes the role of Number Six while McKellen appears throughout the series in the role of Number Two.

The Prisoner also stars: Ruth Wilson in the role of Number 313; Hayley Atwell as Number 41-5; Lennie James as Number 147; and Jamie Campbell-Bower as Number 11-12.

Episode One – A man awakes to find himself in the middle of the desert with no recollection of how he arrived there. Entering ‘The Village’, what will his future hold?

Michael (Jim Caviezel) wakes in the desert, disoriented and unsure of where he is. At the sound of a gunshot and barking dogs, he goes to the aid of an old man who is running from armed pursuers. Michael carries the old man into a cave, where, with his dying breath, the old man asks Michael to hide his body and tell 554 he got away. After burying the body, Michael follows a light in the distance and arrives in a Village.

Michael hails a cab and asks the driver to take him to a train station. “This is The Village,” the confused driver tells him, “and I do local destinations.” Michael jumps out of the moving cab and walks into a crowded nightclub, where a woman asks him to dance. At the sound of barking dogs, he runs back out to the cab.

Unsure of where to go, he asks to be taken to 554. “Now you’re talking,” says the driver, who identifies himself as 147 (Lennie James). Michael finds 554, a young waitress at the local Solar Cafe, and tells her the old man got away. 554 identifies the old man as 93, but is hesitant to get mixed up in any trouble.

The dogs appear and chase Michael to a nearby rooftop, where he gets a fleeting glimpse of a New York street before flashing back to The Village. At the approach of a man wearing a fedora, Michael faints and falls off the roof.

Michael has a bizarre dream that he is trapped, but he wakes unharmed in the Village hospital to find a doctor named 313 (Ruth Wilson) – the woman from the nightclub – tending to him. 313 tells Michael she wants to help him accept reality. “I’m going to get you a cold drink,” she says, “and then someone will take you home. You’re a free man.” Before he is checked out, Michael is escorted to an office to meet a mysterious man named Two (Ian McKellen). Michael demands to see the American consul and to be returned to New York, but Two – who calls Michael “Six” – tells him that’s not possible: “There is no New York,” Two says. “There is only The Village.” Two wants to know what Six did with 93’s body, but Six remains obstinate.

Six is driven from the hospital to his Village apartment – labelled “6” – which is almost identical to his apartment in New York.

The next day, Six notices two towers looming in the distance. Determined to find a way out, he purchases a map from the shopkeeper, steals 147’s cab and drives out to the desert.

The scene cuts to New York where Michael sits alone at a diner. A woman, Lucy, (Hayley Atwell) approaches and asks to borrow Michael’s cell phone, claiming to have lost hers. They flirt with each other and Michael invites her back to his apartment. The action returns to The Village.

313 approaches Six, who is passed out in the desert. Driving him back to The Village, she asks Six who he was talking to while he was unconscious. “I want to help you with these delusions,” 313 says.

At home, Two gathers pills from a cabinet and carries them on a tray upstairs.

At home with his wife, 21-16, 147 receives a summons to report to the Clinic for escorting a new arrival into The Village. 21-16 is concerned. The summons also requests that they bring cake.

Six goes to 93’s apartment looking for clues. He finds a drawing of Big Ben in London, but is interrupted by Two, who again asks where 93’s body is hidden. Six goes to 554 and shows her the drawing of Big Ben. He asks her if 93 ever spoke about the picture. “There has to be a reason 93 told me to come to you.” Reluctantly, 554 reveals that 93 said the drawings were from his other life, before The Village, and asks Six to leave her alone.

147 and 21-16 report to the Clinic. Two gives them medals for “services to The Village” and asks about the new arrival. He was “loop de loop” 147 says. Two tells them not worry; the new arrival has been dealt with.

Later, The Village announcer proclaims 93’s body has been found, and that he died en route to the hospital. Six goes to the Solar Café and promises 554 that he will leave her alone if she tells him what she knows.

At Six’s apartment, 554 reveals that 93 thought he was a prisoner and that there are those who have similar dreams of another life. Six promises to keep her safe.

Later at Palais Two, Two feeds pills to a woman who appears to be asleep in bed. His son 11-12 (Jamie Campbell Bower) enters, and asks Two why Six believes there is another place. “For people like Six, life is not enough,” Two says. “They want to escape it.”

Six goes to The Village cemetery and finds a vacant grave, presumably for 93. 313 shows up, wondering what he’s doing there. He quizzes her about the history of The Village.

The next day, Six crashes a funeral for 93, telling the mourners that there is another place outside of The Village and that 93 found a way out. He leaves the cemetery and goes to see 554, and he’s stopped by 147, who wants to let Six know he will always be his friend. Suddenly, the Solar Café explodes. Clinging to life, 554 tells Six that 93 told her to “follow the towers.”

At the hospital, Six asks 313 if the bomb was an act of terrorism. 313 begs him to stop meddling. 554 dies. Distraught, Six goes to the gates of Palais Two. “I will find a way to escape,” he screams. “I am not a number. I’m a free man!” Six runs in the desert toward the towers, but is stopped by an enormous white hovering ball – Rover.

ITV are remaking gonzoid ’60s cult smash, The Prisoner… and with quite the cast! Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen will star in the reworking with the former taking the role of Number Six while McKellen appears throughout in the role of Number Two.

And now, you can win tickets to go to a screening of the all new Prisoner! Isn’t that exciting?

I mean, there’s no doubt that, thanks to the huge cult appeal of the show, there will be as many excited people as there will be those that want to go and hurl housebricks at the screen.

You see, for those who don’t know, The Prisoner helped permanently alter the scope of the fantasy genre with it’s eerie detachedness and spectacularly odd floating ball sequences. Through the work of Patrick McGoohan (who sadly passed away recently) The Prisoner is widely regarded as one of the most well thought-of and intriguing cult TV series ever created.

While the original series, which debuted in ’67, was a riff on Cold War politics, ITV’s remake will reflect 21st century concerns and anxieties, such as liberty, security and surveillance, yet also showcase the same key elements of paranoia, tense action and socio-political commentary seen in McGoohan’s enigmatic original.

The six one-hour episodes tell the story of a man who finds himself trapped in a mysterious and surreal place known as The Village, with no memory of how he arrived. As he frantically explores his environment, he discovers that its inhabitants are identified by number instead of by name and have no memory of a prior existence or outside civilization. Not knowing who to trust, Number Six is driven by the desperate need to discover the truth behind The Village, the reason for his being there, and most importantly, how he can survive and escape to his previous life.

The Village is controlled by one man – the sinister and charismatic Number Two. In each new episode Six and Two are locked in a battle of wits, as Six challenges the oppressive nature of The Village and battles against his captors. Six must find out what The Village is, but in doing so, he must also confront some dark truths about himself.

You might know Jim Caviezel from his role as idealist Private Witt in The Thin Red Line. He was also in Ride with the Devil and Frequency. Most famously, he was Jesus in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Of course, Ian McKellen needs little introduction. Everyone thinks he’s just great.

So what’s this about a screening? Well, click here to enter the ITV Competition. Irritatingly, it’ll be in London (it would’ve been more fun to do something in Portmeirion if you ask me), but it should be fun! I’m actually looking forward to this show quite a lot. It could be ITV’s Lost.

The original series of The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, was one of the most mental things ever aired on television. As such, it became something of a cult classic. Like most cult TV shows, it also became canonised, which means that the new remake of the show is likely to come in for some stick from fans of the original.

The remake has been muttered about for some time now and it’s been in the works for what seems like forever.

The project was first muttered about back in 2006 and now, in the middle of 2009, we’re getting our first proper glimpse at what the show will look like. Annoyingly for fans of the quirky original, the new one looks:

a) Pretty slick


b) Rather good fun

The remake will star Sir Ian McKellen who is playing the creepy Number Two and American actor Jim Caviezel will reprise the role made so popular by Patrick McGoohan. Hayley Atwell will feature as the love interest.

Watch the video below to see the all new Prisoner, as seen at Comic-Con a few weeks ago.

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