The Promise

9:00pm Sunday, February 27 on C4

In the final episode of Peter Kosminsky’s drama, Erin will not abandon her quest to find Mohammed’s family, even though it takes her on a hazardous journey into Gaza. In Haifa the mass exodus of Arabs has started and Len fears for the safety of Mohammed and his family. Len takes them to the port but in the chaos at the dock gates, something unexpected happens. In an effort to make things right, Len makes a promise to Mohammed, a promise that will ultimately determine the fate of both their lives.

9:00pm Sunday, February 20 on C4

Episode three of Peter Kosminsky’s drama finds Len lying in hospital, being treated for his injuries after his unit came under attack in Haifa. When he recovers, Len goes to see Mohammed and his son Hassan. Len also visits his Jewish lover Clara before rejoining his unit. The soldiers prepare for a highly sensitive military operation against the Irgun but their secret plans are betrayed, with appalling consequences for Len and his men. Reading these dramatic events, Erin is even more determined to resolve the mystery surrounding the fate of Len and his charwallah friend Mohammed, so she travels alone to the West Bank.

9:00pm Sunday, February 13 on C4

Episode two of Peter Kosminsky’s drama serial begins in 1940s Palestine where Len meets Abu-Hassan Mohammed, an Arab charwallah working for the British Army, and a friendship grows between the two men. In modern Israel Erin is experiencing the aftermath of the attack on a caf� by a Palestinian suicide bomber. She resolves to leave Israel at the earliest opportunity, but first she reads the end of Len’s diary and is shocked by what she discovers.

9:00pm Sunday, February 6 on C4

A new four-part drama from acclaimed writer/ director Peter Kosminsky. The parallel stories of Erin (Claire Foy) – an 18-year-old Londoner visiting present-day Israel – and her grandfather, Len (Christian Cooke) – a soldier in the British peace-keeping force in 1940s Palestine – are told against the backdrop of the world’s most complex, tragic and intractable conflict. Erin, spending a summer in Israel, unearths an old diary belonging to her seriously ill grandfather, Len. She finds herself on a heart-breaking journey in an effort to understand and fulfil a promise made by him over 60 years ago.

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