The Reckoning

Monday, 18 April 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


When harassed single Mum, Sally Wilson (Ashley Jensen) is called to the office of a swish city lawyer she never expects a “life or death” proposition. 

The envelope she’s given by solicitor Taylor contains a CD which, when played, reveals she’s been bequeathed £5 million! But in order to qualify for this amazing transfer of funds, Sally must first “kill a man who deserves to die.” 

Totally astonished and morally confused by this grisly proposition, ordinary Mum Sally confides in her ex-copper boyfriend Mark (Max Beesley) who now works as a security guard. 

It’s unthinkable for Sally to take another person’s life, as a former A and E nurse, whose 15 year old daughter Amanda (Sophy Stuckey) is stricken with a brain tumour. And with each day, Amanda’s condition appears to be worsening. Mark kindly takes on the role of Amanda’s father figure, Sally’s confidante and shoulder to cry on. She’s at her wits end as to how to help her daughter and knows a life saving operation in America would be the answer. However, she and Mark are normal working class people who don’t have pots of money at their disposal. Understandably, she begins to question why the mysterious benefactor has singled her out and proposed she commit murder! 

Sally is tormented by the decision she has to make. If she kills a man who deserves to die her much-loved daughter will live…What choice does she have? What price a life? Could she commit the most heinous crime and kill someone? No matter how evil or perverted they may be? Needing answers, Sally seeks out the man she’s supposed to kill, and not surprisingly life takes on an unexpected twist. 

Armed with information about the identity of her supposed victim, Sally risks her own life and that of Mark’s, and attempts to track her mystery benefactor to discover the truth. Has something in her past triggered this tainted proposition? Does Sally know the man behind the voice on the CD? Will she uncover his identity before it’s too late?

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