The Rough Guide To…

Continuing tonight is the travel series that brings opinionated, authoritative and inspirational consumer travel advice back to terrestrial UK television. The series is presented by Julia Bradbury and Toby Amies.

In this instalment, the pair turn their attention to islands, with Julia snacking on puffin in Iceland, while Toby exploresthe unique wildlife of Madagascar. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, lava fields, fjords, hot springs, deserts and caves Iceland has it all, yet the country still remains a relatively undiscovered destination. This week’s programme sees Julia Bradbury explore the extremes of this beautiful volcanic island. Over a busy couple of days, she travels across a glacier on a snowmobile, watches the explosive geysers and relaxes in hot mineral pools formed from the natural overspill of one of Iceland’s geothermal energy plants. She also attempts to get to grips with Viking life, sampling puffin meat and vodka shots, before enjoying a thrash metal gig –all part of a typical night out in Reykjavik.

Elsewhere this week, Toby heads to the Indian Ocean to explore the unique wildlife of Madagascar –an extraordinary island off the east coast of Africa that drifted away from the mainlan many millions of years ago, but was only discovered by humans in the last 1,500 years. The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar has a unique ecosystem owing to its long isolation from the neighbouring continents.

Toby heads off to Masaola Penninsular, Madagascar’s largest National Park, where he explores the rainforest in which 75 per cent of the plant and animal life cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. He spots the legendary Madagascan red-ruffed lemur, before heading inland where he sees a tomato frog –another creature unique to this incredible island.

Thursday 28th February at 7:30pm on five

Thursday, 15th november, 2007

five brings rough guide to tv

Five has commissioned The Rough Guide To…, a new travel series, it was announced today (THUR). The fifteen-part series produced by Lion Television will be presented by Julia Bradbury, the consumer-champion from BBC1’s Watchdog, and independent film-maker, photographer, DJ and journalist Toby Amies.

With the insightful and inspirational appeal synonymous with the Rough Guide, the series will leave no stone unturned in discovering the world’s top destinations. From high-end luxury to off-the-beaten track, with destinations to suit all generations and budgets. Plus every week the programme will explore the top five destinations in a number of holiday categories – such as most responsible holiday destinations.

Plus there will be a thorough investigation into worldwide travel destinations which exposes holidays that fail to live up to the hype – essential information for every savvy traveller.

Five’s Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment and Features, Robi Dutta, said: “We are thrilled that the world renowned and respected Rough Guide is coming to Five, we look forward to giving our viewers the ultimate travel experience.”

Nick Catliff, Managing Director of Lion Television, said: “The return of Rough Guide brings independent travel back to the television in an authoritative, inspirational and engaging way for people of all ages. Like the guides themselves the series will be witty, bold and will pull no punches.”

Martin Dunford, one of the original founders of the Rough Guides, said: “Rough Guides reputation for insight, opinion and genuine local knowledge has made us the travel brand of choice for professionals and backpackers alike and I’m confident that this new show will have just the same appeal.”

Sue Ockwell, from The Association of Independent Tour Operators, added: “It’s particularly encouraging to note the green credentials of the new series. Environmental issues are one of the biggest challenges facing the travel industry and all who travel at present.”

The Rough Guide To… is a Lion Television production for Five.

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