The Royal Today

Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) and Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) visit Dee Wilson (Paula Williamson), an attractive female patient in her thirties. Woods reveals that Dee’s results are inconclusive, but the fact that she has given up smoking may have exacerbated her ulcerative colitis. Woods informs Dee that she will need to have an operation to remove a section of the colon. However, Dee is adamant that she won’t be having any surgery. Mr Woods believes Dee is against surgery due to vanity reasons, but she assures him it’s purely business. Continuing the argument, Dee stresses the point that any surgery would impact on her career as a lap dancer. Not used to being challenged, Woods hands the matter over to Ormerod who admits to Dee that there is a non-surgical way, which might work. Determined not to have surgery, Dee is keen to hear Ormerod’s ideas.

As the doctors leave Dee, her younger partner, Tony Ellis (Jamiu Adebiyi), arrives. As Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) sees him, she’s not happy and tells Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) that he terrorised the ward when he was a patient, all to feed his habit. However, Ormerod tells the pair that Tony is a reformed character, but they don’t believe him. Will Tony prove that he is a new man?

Elsewhere, Heather (Caroline Carver) watches a gloomy Norman (Steve Huison) stir his tea and guesses his ex-girlfriend Maisy is on his mind. Heather reassures Norman that you can’t always plan how your love life will turn out. As Adam (Ben Hull) walks into the room, Heather loudly tells Norman it’s best not to have high expectations, that way you won’t be let down. Are Norman and Heather destined to be unlucky in love?

Meanwhile, in A&E, Kieran (Mark Wells) and Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) examine Richie (Paul Hine) who is escorted by his heavily pregnant wife, Emma (Catherine Grose). Emma informs Sarah that Richie has been suffering from severe headaches, which she thinks may be linked to playing rugby. When Emma leaves for the toilet, Richie takes the opportunity to inform Sarah that his uncle and grandfather both died from brain tumours. He’s worried that the headaches may be a sign of a tumour, but doesn’t want his wife to know due to the pregnancy. Will Richie’s worries be founded and can he protect his wife from stress that may harm the baby?

Later, back in the consulting room, Ormerod and Pearl assess Dee’s condition and take her blood pressure. When Ormerod leaves, Dee tries to persuade Pearl that Tony isn’t the same person he used to be. As Dee continues with the non surgical treatment, she begins to suffer from chest pains. Will Dee be able to leave hospital without having to undergo surgery?

That afternoon, Kieran and Adam talk about Heather. Kieran is sure that Adam still wants to be with Heather, but Adam isn’t so sure after the way she’s been acting towards him. Will Adam realise he still has feelings for Heather and try to win her back?

Monday 10 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

Kieran (Mark Wells) and Kristaps (Jon Lolis) escort Frankie (Holly Scourfield) into casualty. Frankie is painfully thin and, on examination, Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) believes she is severely dehydrated and orders fluids to be administered. Ormerod notices that her father, Alan (Tom Lloyd Roberts), also looks unwell.

Frankie is confused and delusional as Ormerod fixes a saline drip. Alan confesses that he is aware Frankie is anorexic and that they have been getting counselling for the past seven years. As Alan strokes Frankie’s hair, it’s obvious to Ormerod that Alan is exhausted after years of guilt and sadness over Frankie’s condition. Alan later collapses outside the hospital but can Ormerod help father and daughter regain their health and happiness?

At the nurse’s station, Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) is greeted by Norman (Steve Huison), full of the joys of spring. However, as Adam (Ben Hull) passes, Pearl notices that Heather (Caroline Carver) is not so positive and is still ignoring her ex-fiancé.

Adam joins Kieran in Casualty and confesses that he wants Heather back. He has a plan – he’ll play her at her own game. Will his master plan, to win back Heather, work?

Over in theatre, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) finds the staff in scrubs but with no patient to operate on. As Woods (Paul Nicholas) tries to make an attempt at humour, not amused, Jenny informs the staff that they will be having a productivity analysis being carried out the following day. Making a cutting remark towards ‘the management’, Woods makes his way out, leaving Jenny frustrated by his behaviour. As Jenny makes a comment to his retreating figure, Woods stops in his tracks and an argument between the pair ensues. Is the tension behind their words hiding intentions of a more romantic nature?

Elsewhere, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) is concerned for Carrie (Lucie Trickett) when she realises that Vijay (Pal Aron) has been ignoring her. Though Carrie assures Gemma Vijay’s behaviour isn’t getting to her, Gemma knows her friend too well to believe her. However, one good thing is that Carrie seems to have a new outlook on life.

In casualty, Kieran deals with a young woman, Kelly (Sakinah May), who has injured herself when she fell against a cliff following a base jump with her friend, Paul (Chris Clarkson). When Kelly collapses, Pamela (Fiona Dolman) believes that Kelly’s spleen has ruptured and she needs emergency surgery. Paul confesses to Kieran that this isn’t Kelly’s first accident and he’s deeply concerned. Later, as Paul talks to Norman about the reasons behind jumping, he admits it’s not just because of a love for the sport but a love for Kelly. Will Kelly pull though and give up her love of the extreme sport so that the friends have a future together?

Tuesday 11 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

Pamela (Fiona Dolman) makes her way to visit her patient, local hero and darts champion Eddie Trotter (Bill Rodgers), only to draw back the curtains and find his bed empty. Looking around, she notices the rest of the ward extremely quiet. When Carrie (Lucie Trickett) appears on the ward and a loud cheer goes out from elsewhere in the hospital, Pamela is sure that she knows where her patient is.

Heading out of the ward, Pamela finds the staff and patients gathered round in the kitchen as Eddie gives Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) a darts lesson. Pamela is far from impressed to find Sarah with her patient, who should be resting after his haemorrhoidectomy. As Pamela ushers Eddie back to his bed, Norman (Steve Huison) looks on wistfully as he knows Eddie has a far worse condition than haemorrhoids, he’s suffering from Dartitis – a condition which will affect his performance as a darts player.

Kristaps (Jon Lolis) comments that not many players come back from Dartitis, much to the surprise of everyone else that he’s aware of the condition. As the group break up, Norman ponders on how they can help Eddie. Oblivious to the seriousness of his problems, Eddie’s wife Brenda (Janys Chambers) arrives on the ward to show him her new outfit for the Darts Tournament. It’s clear to the staff that Brenda is Eddie’s biggest fan and supports him all the way, whether he wants her to or not. Can the staff find the cause of the Dartitis and bring Eddie out from the psychological impediment that’s holding him back?

Later, Lisa Faulkes (Jody Elen Machin) strides down the corridor and asks Norman and Kristaps to point her in the direction of Matron’s office. After getting the directions she heads off, unseen by the porters. She grimaces and clutches at her stomach as she goes in search of Jenny.

Having found Matron’s office, Lisa, who is looking into potential cost cutting at the hospital, is being shown around by Jenny. It’s clear the two aren’t getting along, and Jenny’s efforts at a distraction are thwarted when Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) hurries past, refusing to stand and talk. However, seeing the opportunity to talk to an attractive woman, Vijay (Pal Aron) is on hand to help until he sees Carrie and makes a quick exit. How long will Vijay continue to avoid Carrie for?

As Jenny continues the tour, Lisa spots the ladies toilets and with a grimace excuses herself and rushes in, leaving Jenny waiting. As Ormerod approaches, Jenny stands in his way, clearly annoyed about his lack of support. Jenny admits to Ormerod she doesn’t like Lisa’s manner, but he is amused when Jenny basically describes her own traits, and with a last comment he leaves an affronted Jenny, impatiently waiting for Lisa. Have his words hit a raw nerve?

Bored of waiting, Jenny decides to find out what’s keeping Lisa. Investigating, she hears her being sick and in obvious pain. Pushing the cubicle door open, Jenny finds Lisa slumped on the floor. As Lisa is rushed to theatre with a suspected ruptured appendix, Jenny tells Sarah she feels sorry for Lisa, who only that morning had to have root canal surgery. Sarah has a niggling feeling that the two events could be linked, but will her intuition be correct?

Wednesday 12 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

Middle-class southerner Kevin Gough (Andrew Cullimore) is escorted into casualty with a large group of lads, all the worst for wear after thirty-six hours of drinking on a stag weekend. Annoyed, Kieran (Mark Wells) asks the guys to be quite and calm down. Getting away from the lads, Kieran moves onto the next cubicle to see to nineteen-year-old Hayley Fellows (Gabriella Peters). Hayley is in obvious pain and anxious that Kieran won’t leave her again. He reassures that the doctor will be there soon.

At the nurse’s station, Vijay (Pal Aron) sidles up to Heather and ask her out for a drink. Shocked by his advances, Heather (Caroline Carver) asks him what he’s doing. Not able to take any more of his chat up lines, she sends him on his way, dismayed. Heather approaches Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) who tells her that she can’t blame Vijay for trying now she’s free and single. Is Vijay just trying his luck or is there something more to his suggestion?

Meanwhile, the boisterous stags are still creating a racket in casualty with Kevin’s friend Gavin (Mark Jackson) hitting on Sarah as she arrives to examine Hayley. Kieran informs Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) that Hayley has a high blood pressure and is quite anxious. It transpires that Hayley is worried she may be having a heart attack – her uncle died the previous year and she believes it to be a genetic case. The examination is disturbed by an uproar of noise from the stags. Leaving Hayley, Sarah moves round to Kevin’s cubicle.

As Kevin steps forward, Sarah recoils from the smell of alcohol on his breath, but sees Kevin clutch his stomach in pain. Annoyed with the stags, she sends them out of the hospital as she begins to examine Kevin. Full of bravado, Kevin informs Sarah that it was his friends who persuaded him to visit casualty and he agreed mainly to see the pretty nurses. However, when he clutches his stomach again in agony, it is clear something is seriously wrong. Is his illness linked to a chaotic weekend of drinking?

Elsewhere, Adam (Ben Hull) talks to Kristaps (Jon Lolis) asking if Kieran has spoken to him. A bashful Kristaps asks Adam if he is okay with what is happening. Admitting that he’s happy with everything, Adam tells Kristaps he’ll do what ever it takes to get Heather back. Later, visiting the ward, Kristaps heads straight to Heather and hands her a rose. Is this part of Kieran’s elaborate plan for Adam to win back the woman he loves?

Later that day, Sarah confronts Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) about their relationship and makes it clears she stands by what she says. However, an awkward Ormerod seems reluctant to talk about what is clearly going on between them.

After being admitted onto the ward, Hayley complains to Carrie (Lucie Trickett) about the temperature and demands something to drink in order to cool herself down. As Sarah examines her notes in the consulting room, she confesses to Ormerod that she can’t work out what’s wrong with Hayley. Offering helpful suggestions, Sarah is quick to make a dig at Ormerod’s approach to work and the difference with his relationships. Can the pair get to the bottom of the illness without letting their personal feelings interfere?

Meanwhile, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) visits Lisa Faulkes (Jody Elen Machin), who is recovering from the previous day’s operation. The two bond as they talk more and the animosity between them slowing fades away. After a brief visit from Woods (Paul Nicholas), Lisa makes it clear to Jenny that the hospital will be getting a favourable report, particularly Woods. How will Jenny react to the obvious flirtation between Woods and Lisa?

As Adam steps up the campaign to win Heather back, it’s clear his plan is getting to Heather when she seems riled by Dr Ormerod’s compliments. It seems that now Heather is single every male in the hospital has taken the opportunity to ask her out, apart from Adam. When Adam finally makes his move he presents Heather with an engagement ring, she’s completely taken aback. It’s clear by her reaction the couple will make it this time.

Thursday 13 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

Norman (Steve Huison) and Kristaps (Jon Lolis) look on as Heather (Caroline Carver) and Adam (Ben Hull) arrive together, more the loving couple than ever before. As the couple draw closer, Kristaps tells them they should have an engagement party. When Heather announces that the party isn’t important and all that matters is them, Isla (Libby Davison), ever the sceptic, overhears the speech by Heather.

Walking past the happy scene, Isla grumpily tells Alana (Victoria Pritchard) that love and marriage starts all rosy in the garden but never stays that way. Alana makes the comment that Isla’s slowly turning into a grumpy old woman. Unperturbed by Alana’s comments, Isla continues to bemoan the happy couple.

Elsewhere in the locker room, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) and Carrie (Lucie Trickett) are bickering over the fact that Gemma borrowed a pair of Carrie’s shoes. Carrie assures Gemma that this wouldn’t normally cause a problem, but the fact that Gemma threw up in them makes this case different. When the pair see Vijay (Pal Aron) down the corridor, Gemma believes he’s the reason behind Carrie’s temper. When Gemma confronts Vijay about his behaviour, will the radiologist see the error of his ways?

Over in casualty, Kieran (Mark Wells) takes the details of pensioner Wilf Richards (Steve Evets). When asked for his address, Wilf informs Kieran that he is in the process of moving and doesn’t know the exact address but indicates a prison officer in the corner who would know. As Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) examines him, Wilf informs him that the symptoms came on when he was been moved to a different prison. When Ormerod examines Wilf’s abdomen, he admits he can feel something unusual and is thoroughly surprised when he feels a vibration. What could be behind the unusual symptoms and vibrations?

Gathered around the nurse’s station, Heather happily shows off her ring to everyone. Happy for the couple, Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillips) threatens Heather that they better go through with the wedding this time. Will the couple finally have their happy ending?

Elsewhere, Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) confronts Ormerod about where she stands in his life. In a heated argument he embraces her to calm her down. Sarah tells Jonathan she won’t wait for him anymore and says she’s going to resign. Will Ormerod let Sarah go instead of admitting his true feelings for her?

Meanwhile, on Middleditch Ward, Kevin Gough (Andrew Cullimore) is recovering from the previous day’s surgery. As Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) attends to Kevin’s post surgery assessment, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) arrives and severely berates Kevin for disturbing the night staff. As Jenny prepares to leave, Kevin makes a snide comment, much to Woods’ amusement and Jenny’s annoyance. Once Jenny is out of earshot, Kevin sarcastically tells Woods that Jenny likes him. Everyone else is aware of the chemistry between Woods and Jenny apart from them – that is until an argument results in a passionate kiss. Will Woods and Jenny accept their feelings for each other?

That afternoon, Kevin’s raucous friends return to the hospital to visit. Discussing the previous night’s shenanigans, the boys start wrestling and accidentally knock Gemma. Finding the whole incident amusing, the boys laugh when Gemma tells them off, but Kevin is quick to come to Gemma’s defence.

When Gavin (Mark Jackson) then starts on Heather, Norman sees red and comes to her aid, but before he can do anything, Gavin punches him in the face. Norman staggers, but doesn’t seem to be seriously injured. However, later when looking for Norman, Kristaps finds him collapsed in the car park. Norman is rushed into theatre for emergency surgery after being diagnosed with an extradural haematoma. The theatre staff do all they can to help Norman, but will it be enough?

Friday 14 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

It’s the start of a new week at The Royal and Ormerod’s (Andrew Scarborough) first patient is the elderly Sandy Heddon (Jean Stevens). Ormerod is concerned when he realises that Sandy is very confused, especially when she begins to undress as instructed by her ‘other’ doctor. Ormerod admits Sandy onto the ward for more tests as he believes she is suffering from a condition called pernicious anaemia. Asking if Sandy understands, she tells Ormerod and Kieran (Mark Wells) that she’ll ask her ‘real’ doctor. To confuse matters further, a young girl shows up claiming to be Sandy’s granddaughter. Sandy doesn’t seem to know the girl, who claims to be called Carrie (Jodie Comer). Student nurse Carrie (Lucie Trickett) suspects the girl may not be telling the truth. Can the team at The Royal get to the bottom of Sandy’s illness, and the lies that are being told?

Elsewhere, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) and Carrie are getting ready to start their shift when Carrie accidentally drops a birthday card on the floor. Seeing the card, Gemma confronts Carrie, who has to admit it’s her birthday on Wednesday. Carrie tells Gemma that she isn’t going to do anything to celebrate as it either goes wrong or ends in embarrassment. Not letting that stop her, Gemma begins her plan of organising a surprise party. However, with Carrie’s prediction, will the party planning go without a hitch?

Meanwhile, Maisy (Vickie Gates), an eccentric young woman, is found by Norman (Steve Huison) looking lost. When he approaches her and guesses she’s there to see Doctor Ormerod, Maisy believes Norman is psychic. He shows her the way to the consulting room and Maisy explains to Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) that she has had a buzzing noise in her ear since she helped her friend with her gardening the other day. Sarah discovers a live insect stuck in Maisy’s ear. Maisy, who is a Buddhist and respects all forms of life, refuses to let the spider be killed. Can they get it out alive? Meanwhile, Norman takes a shine to Maisy, but will the pair meet again?

Over on Middleditch Ward, discussing Heather’s (Caroline Carver) wedding, Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) lets Heather know she has the number of her cousin’s limo service. Heather admits they have decided to go ‘vintage’ and won’t need a limo. Overhearing the conversation, Adam (Ben Hull) takes Heather to one side, annoyed he tells her he thought they had agreed no wedding talk at work. Pearl whispers to Carrie that it is a pure sign of PMT – Pre-Marital Tension – but will it get worse for the couple as Pearl predicts?

Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) and Pamela (Fiona Dolman) consult with Barry Hardcastle (Rowe David McClelland), a large patient who is awaiting the removal of his gall stones. When Barry tells Mr Woods he’s starving and would kill for a pizza, Mr Woods takes the opportunity to let Barry know it’s the fatty foods that have landed him in hospital. Annoyed with Barry, Woods tells Pamela that she can do the operation. Later, in theatre, Mr Woods inspects the work of Pamela having left her to carry out the operation. However, as soon as Woods leaves the theatre, Isla (Libby Davison) admits that having checked all the equipment they are a needle short. Accompanied by Alana (Victoria Pritchard), the three women get down on their hands and knees to search the theatre floor. Will they find the needle before they close up Barry, and before Mr Woods returns?

Monday 3 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

Maurice Baxter (John Flanagan), wearing a magician’s outfit complete with top hat, waits in A&E for a consultation. As Kieran (Mark Wells) begins the initial consultation, Maurice produces a bunch of flowers from his cane before having a coughing fit. After her examination of Maurice, Dr Chatwin (Kirsty Mitchell) identifies that Maurice could have pneumonia. Maurice tells Sarah that all he needs is a doctor’s note to let the theatre know he is able to perform that evening. As Sarah orders more tests, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) escorts Maurice’s concerned glamorous assistant and girlfriend, Jacqui (Vicky Mills), onto the ward. As Maurice entertains the patients on the ward he has a coughing fit. Can the magician return to the stage that evening?

On the Middleditch Ward, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) has a word with Gemma about using the internal email system for organising private parties. Suitably chastised, Gemma asks Jenny to attend Carrie’s (Lucie Trickett) party. Surprised by the invite, Jenny admits she’ll see what she can do. As Jenny leaves, Norman (Steve Huison) approaches Gemma and tries to persuade her that all the party needs is karaoke. Will Gemma take up Norman’s offer of providing the party’s entertainment?

Meanwhile, Heather (Caroline Carver) tells Adam (Ben Hull) that she needs to pop out for a wedding dress fitting. Annoyed, Adam tells her that she can’t go out. Before an argument breaks out between the couple, Adam is called away to deal with a patient. It’s seems all is not well.

Back in casualty, Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) attends to Miles Mason (Leyland O’Brien), who is with his partner Polly (Rachel Jane Allen). Miles is out of breath and tells Ormerod he feels like he has been beaten up. He also confesses that he has blood in his urine. Miles admits it is the first time he’s seen a doctor since he was a child. Ormerod is confused by the symptoms Miles is showing and admits him onto the ward. Away from Miles, Ormerod talks to Polly and tries to get to the bottom of Miles’ symptoms, believing it may be linked to his kidneys. Can Polly shed some light on Mile’s condition?

Elsewhere, Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas), Jenny, Alana (Victoria Pritchard), Kristaps (Jon Lolis), Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) and Carrie are together for a training course with Gary Grant (Timothy Richey). Gary informs the group that he will be leading the course in moving, handling and back care. Its obvious Mr Woods is reluctant to be there. As the group begin to cajole Gary, Jenny gets increasing annoyed with Woods for leading the pack. When they practise the correct methods for moving a patient, Woods accidentally drops Jenny to answer his phone. Eagerly, he leaves the group and heads to theatre only to instruct Pamela (Fiona Dolman) that if anyone asks for him – he’s on a course. Will Wood’s be found out that the course is actually the golf course?

Later, Norman has a surprise visit from Maisy (Vicki Gates), a previous patient. Maisy gives her mobile number to Norman and tells him she’ll go to his next gig. After accidentally losing her number, Norman is thrilled she paid him a visit. Is this the start of a new relationship?

Tuesday 4 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

As the day draws to a close for the staff at The Royal, Vijay (Pal Aron) and Sarah (Kirsty Micthell) discuss the upcoming party planned for Carrie (Lucie Trickett). Sarah isn’t planning on attending, much to the disappointment of Vijay. The pair are interrupted by Kieran (Mark Wells) who escorts eighty-nine-year-old Olivia Pickering (June Broughton) into A&E.

Having suffered from a fall, Olivia is finding it hard to talk and Sarah is barely able to hear Olivia ask for Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough). When Dr Chatwin brings over Jonathan, Olivia asks for Gordon, Jonathan’s father. Jonathan remembers Olivia as one of his father’s patients, from when he was a child. As the two doctors talk about Jonathan’s relationship with Olivia, Sarah sees a different side to him.

After being admitted onto the ward, Olivia asks for her girl, a surprise to Sarah as no next of kin is listed. When Ormerod finds out that Olivia is listed as do not resuscitate, and it looks unlikely that she’ll recover, he spends the evening sat by her side while Sarah tries to find out who Olivia’s girl is. Can Sarah find what she is looking for before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Adam (Ben Hull) finds Heather (Caroline Carver) having a dress fitting in the ward kitchen, annoyed he tells her to get back to work. Heather refuses to stop the fitting, much to Adam’s annoyance. Adam informs Heather that anymore wedding planning at work will result in disciplinary action.

Later, Vijay asks Carrie out for a birthday drink so that Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) can get everything ready for the surprise party. The pair gets on remarkably well and Vijay manages to get Carrie to the party without her suspecting a thing. Carrie’s opinion of Vijay changes as she sees what a gentleman he can be, but can he keep up the behaviour?

Much to everyone’s surprise Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) arrives at the party with a bouquet of flowers for Carrie. The guests get into the spirit of the party, including Woods. Alana (Victoria Pritchard), Isla (Libby Davison) and Pamela (Fiona Dolman) are surprised by Woods’ behaviour as he makes a bee-line for Jenny (Leah Bracknell). The karaoke is a success, or so it seems, until Heather uses the mic to announce that her wedding with Adam is off. Can the couple resolve their differences before the big day?

As the party continues, Norman’s (Steve Huison) new found romance with Maisy (Vicki Gates) takes a turn for the worse when she starts to choke. As Woods begins emergency procedures, Norman watches anxiously. Will Maisy pull through?

Wednesday 5 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

Following the party the previous night, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) gets ready for work and brings a cup of coffee to Jamie Clay (James Nield), the physio she took home. Unable to rouse him she goes to Carrie’s (Lucie Trickett) room for help only to be confronted with Vijay (Pal Aron) when the door is opened. Not having the time to question Carrie, they try to help Jamie.

Arriving at A&E, Vijay lets Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) know what Jamie’s symptoms are before heading off. Taking the opportunity to pull Vijay’s leg, Kieran (Mark Wells) tries to find out what happened with Carrie. Out of character for Vijay he refuses to talk about what happened and admits that Carrie is a nice girl. Why isn’t Vijay being his usual self and boasting about his latest conquest?

Meanwhile, it seems there are tensions between Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) and Sarah. At every opportunity the pair try to talk about what happened the previous night. Will the pair admit their feelings for each other?

Elsewhere, Adam (Ben Hull) thanks Kieran for letting him stay over the previous night, Adam admits he doesn’t know where he’ll be staying this evening. Before they can talk more, Kieran has to attend Sidney Rawton (Dave Dutton) who is brought in by the paramedics after shooting himself in the foot. After a consultation with Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas), Sidney is admitted for an operation. Feeling silly about his accident, Sidney is made to feel worse when Pamela (Fiona Dolman) informs him that the police will have to be informed about the gun shot wound.

On Middleditch Ward, Norman (Steve Huison) visits his new girlfriend Maisy (Vicki Gates) after her emergency tracheostomy at the party. Unable to talk, Maisy indicates to Norman and Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) that Heather (Caroline Carver) has arrived, much to everyone’s surprised. Heather lets everyone know that she’s fine and it’s business as usual following the break off of the engagement. Carrie speaks to Heather and tries to return her engagement ring, not wanting it, Heather tells her to keep it. Unsure what to do, Carrie returns the ring to Adam, who reluctantly accepts it. Can the couple overcome their problems or is the wedding off for good?

As Jamie is admitted onto the ward, Ormerod begins further examination. After identifying Jamie’s symptoms, Ormerod orders a test for meningitis. Overhearing, Gemma becomes worried about what will happen. As Ormerod waits for the test results, he informs Jenny (Leah Bracknell) about the suspected case of meningitis. Will those at the hospital close to Jamie be at risk of the infection?

Meanwhile, the safety of the hospital is put in jeopardy when Kristaps (John Lolis) and Norman see a woman, Irene Nuttall (Julie Fountain), entering the ward with a gun in her bag. After a call is put into security, the pair make their way to the ward, only to find Irene confronting Sidney in his bed. A commotion ensures and a gunshot goes off. Is Irene responsible for Sidney’s injuries and can the staff prize the gun from her before she causes anymore damage?

Thursday 6 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

As Kieran (Mark Wells) and Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) make their way to A&E, Ormerod yawns and admits he had a late night. Kieran says that he hasn’t slept much either; Adam’s (Ben Hull) staying with him and they spend all night talking about what has gone wrong with Heather (Caroline Carver). Moving away from personal matters, the pair look over the notes of their patient, Joyce Foster (Kitty Scopes), who was dropped off by her daughter. Eighty-four-year-old Joyce has been feeling generally unwell. Ormerod can’t understand why Joyce’s blood pressure is so slow, and he admits her for more tests.

Elsewhere, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) arrives at theatre to observe what can be done in terms of making the department run more efficiently. When she goes to change into her scrubs, she walks in on Woods (Paul Nicholas) in a state of undress, and he swiftly informs her that when he is changing no one else is. Jenny turns to Isla (Libby Davison) who apologises for Woods’ behaviour. Jenny is quick to see that the day may not be a bed of roses and is surprised when Pamela (Fiona Dolman) and Isla inform her that Woods may actually have a soft spot for her. After what they witnessed at Carrie’s (Lucie Trickett) party, is there truth behind their words?

Meanwhile, Carrie is upset that she hasn’t heard anything from Vijay (Pal Aron). Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) is confused as she didn’t realise that Carrie had genuine feelings for Vijay. Can Gemma offer a shoulder to cry on and give Carrie the support she needs?

Over on the ward, Heather (Caroline Carver) has to ask Norman’s (Steve Huison) girlfriend Maisy (Vicki Gates) to keep the noise down. Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) informs Heather that Maisy has had her dose of methadone so will be on top of the world for some time. Much to Heather’s annoyance she has to keep quiet about what she knows about Maisy and can’t tell Norman. Pearl tells her to stay away from Maisy and deal with her own problems before getting involved with other people’s relationships.

Later, Norman catches up with Heather, showing some concern for her about the break up. However, he quickly moves onto talking about Maisy and their plans. As Norman talks about moving Maisy into his house, Heather has to bite her tongue. Can Heather keep quiet or will she speak out in order to protect Norman?

Back on the ward, Joyce’s daughter Helen (Ava Hunt) arrives with her father George (Des Cummings), who is also feeling unwell. As Ormerod shows Helen to Joyce’s bed, George takes a turn for the worse. Ormerod identifies that George has high blood pressure and asks Helen what medication he is taking. Helen admits she doesn’t know and heads home to pick up the tablets. However, suddenly it is George that is needed to be rushed to surgery rather than Joyce. Can Helen get back before it’s too late?

Friday 7 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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