The Royal

Sunday, 10 July 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

A girls’ trip out on board a pirate radio ship ends badly when they are embroiled in a siege. And Drs Ormerod ( Robert Daws ) and Weatherill ( Amy Robbins ) are mystified when a girl guide leader recovers miraculously from a stroke.

A girls’ trip out on board a pirate radio ship ends badly when they are embroiled in a siege. And Drs Ormerod ( Robert Daws ) and Weatherill ( Amy Robbins ) are mystified when a girl guide leader recovers miraculously from a stroke.

Sunday, 3 July 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Dr Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Sister Brigid (Linda Armstrong) take the Ormerod children on a family fun trip to Peasholm Park to see the naval re-enactment show, but while they are there an accident occurs. 

Dr Weatherill, with the help of Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) – who are there delivering a consignment of very sticky toffee apples – takes the injured back to the Royal where she and Rose (Frances Tomelty) deal with the casualties. At the hospital we discover a long standing family feud has led to this incident. 

Meanwhile Sister Brigid takes the children home and the kids run her ragged – Aisling is upset, Jonathan accidentally gives her a nosebleed while she’s changing his nappy, Katie sulks because Sister Brigid won’t let her go round to a friend’s without permission from her parents. And Tom’s acting up, complaining of stomach ache. Sister Brigid dismisses this as bellyache due to the amount of sweets and ice cream he put away at the park. But when Dr Weatherill gets home it’s clear he has appendicitis. They must operate at once. Dr Weatherill carries out the surgery and Tom recovers well. 

Ralph (Neil McDermott) gives a reference in court for a widowed mother of four suffering from depression. She escapes prison on a shoplifting charge, but is fined a hefty sum. When Ralph offers to pay, his colleagues think he is getting too involved. 

Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) discovers that Jean (Glynis Barber) was once a lowly hospital receptionist. This spurs Lizzie on to improve her career prospects – for this episode at least. She decides that “It Pays to Improve Your Word Power” and bamboozles everyone with new words and a frantic attempt to be smart, demure and businesslike.

Sunday, 26 June 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

A secret from Jean’s (Glynis Barber) past resurfaces when the wife of a former lover arrives at the Royal and accuses Jean of being up to her old tricks. When things take a shocking turn Jean is forced to reconsider her future as well as her past. 

Dr Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Sister Brigid (Linda Armstrong) deal with a young married couple who barely know one another, even though they are having a baby! A long complicated labour turns out to be the ideal time to discover they are well suited after all. 

Alun (Andy Wear) gets a girlfriend at long, long, last; but when Jack (Gareth Hale) destroys her ice cream van by mistake she decides to dump him.

Sunday, 19 June 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

A patient with cancer dies unexpectedly after a visit from Dr Ormerod (Robert Daws), and the grieving family point the finger at him. Dr Omerod is arrested on suspicion of murder – how will he prove his innocence? 

Dr Ralph Ellis (Neil McDermott) holds a clinic at the local prison and is concerned about the mental health of one of his patients. When a full scale riot breaks out, Ralph’s trapped. Will he escape unscathed? 

Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) play a series of practical jokes on Faye. Faye’s upset but gets her own back when Jack needs a tetanus shot – this is her chance to overcome her fear of needles.

Sunday, 12 June 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now: A new student nurse arrives at the Royal. Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) falls for a motorcycle stunt rider who is convinced he’s destined to live fast, die young. But Dr Ormerod ( Robert Daws ) comes up with a different diagnosis. 

Faye Clarke (Lauren Drummond), the new student nurse arrives. An extremely timid, jumpy young girl, it’s her first time away from home. She’s faced with a trying first day when a beautiful young model collapses after taking magic mushrooms and dies. But Matron (Wendy Craig) can see she has potential. 

Motorcycle stunt rider, Jimmy (James Daffern) charms Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) when he falls off his bike and injures his wrist. Jimmy tells Dr Ormerod (Robert Daws) he has a hereditary medical condition – polycystic kidneys. He knows he hasn’t got long on this earth so he wants to live fast, die young. But tests reveal an altogether different diagnosis. But before Dr Ormerod can give him the good news, Jimmy takes Lizzie for a ride on the Wall of Death. He crashes the bike – has he used up all his nine lives? 

Sunday, 5 June 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Set against the colourful tapestry of the swinging sixties, The Royal returns with nine brand new episodes. 

Regular cast members Robert Daws, Amy Robbins, Linda Armstrong, Michelle Hardwick, Glynis Barber, Gareth Hale and Wendy Craig return to their roles, alongside some new and exciting characters that will no doubt bring their fair share of conflict and jeopardy to St Aidan’s Royal Free Hospital. 

Episode 4: 

The series opens with Mr Middleditch (Ian Carmichael) who has come in to St Aidan’s hospital, accompanied by his wife, for a routine operation. Noticing that Mrs Middleditch (Susan Hampshire) looks unwell, the hospital decides to give her a blood transfusion. Distracted by the attentions of a rich divorced playboy, who has promised to marry her, Susie Dixon (Sarah Beck Mather) administers the wrong blood, which later results in serious consequences for both her and the patient. Dr Weatherill (Amy Robbins) manages to save Mrs Middleditch’s life, although it’s touch and go for a time.

Dr Ormerod (Robert Daws) is called out by the coastguard to rescue a grieving widow who has got into difficulty on her yacht. Dr Ormerod uncovers some family secrets and persuades his patient that she does have a future to look forward to. 

A rag and bone man is collecting some scrap from Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) but is trampled by his horse and admitted to the Royal for surgery. Jack and Alun are left to look after the horse, with comic consequences…

Sunday, 26 July 2009, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Ormerod (Robert Daws) have returned from Ireland and are back at The Royal, much to everyone’s relief. However, Sister Brigid (Linda Armstrong) is put out that Weatherill has come to work so soon and has left baby Aisling with a nanny who they’ve only just met. Is she regretting her decision to let them adopt her niece? Will she let them get on with raising Aisling and stop interfering?

Elsewhere, Jack (Gareth Hale) is convinced there’s smuggler’s gold hidden in the cliffs underneath the hospital and has acquired an old map of The Royal to find it. Meanwhile, Carol (Diana May) is smitten with her new boyfriend, Paul (Matthew Steer) but is surprised when 16 year old school girl, Julie (Amy Mogan), storms in to the hospital and tells her to keep her hands off him – he’s her boyfriend. Is Carol’s boyfriend hiding something?

Meanwhile, a family picnic on the beach turns dangerous when a young boy, Gary (Reece Abbott) climbs up the cliff face and loses his footing. Ormerod and Ralph (Neil McDermott) respond to the call and find Gary unconscious on a ledge. As Ormerod is winched down by the coastguard with a stretcher, the cliff face starts to crumble onto Gary. Ralph calls up to Ormerod to tell him he’s not helping, but before Ormerod has chance to think Gary starts climbing up the cliff to shield Gary. Ormerod reaches them and they quickly get a collar on unconscious Gary, but when Ralph loses his footing and falls, Ormerod grabs him and they swing 30 feet above the beach, held only by the harness. Gary is rushed to The Royal, will he survive? And will Ormerod forgive Ralph for taking such a risk?

Carol confronts Paul about Julie and believes him when he claims it’s nothing to worry about – she’s one of his pupils who probably did it as a dare. However, when Weatherill returns from an emergency call at the school with Julie on a stretcher after taking an overdose, she’s worried about how much Paul is to blame…

Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) are busy digging for gold in the hospital basement, but Jean (Glynis Barber) is on to them. As she and Matron (Wendy Craig) enter the basement demanding to know what’s going on, Alun hits a pipe which explodes covering them all in sewage!

Meanwhile, Matron’s worried about Margo Price (Gabrielle Drake), she’s a highly respected fundraiser for the hospital, who heads up the League of Friends committee, but Matron’s noticed she seems unwell. Ormerod runs some tests on her and suspects she may have a heart condition which is caused by syphilis. Her husband seems so loyal to her, but has he been unfaithful?

Sunday, 21 June 2009, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Susie (Sarah Beck Mather) and Carnegie’s (Robert Cavanah) relationship is the talk of the hospital. Marian (Kari Corbett) is stunned when she discovers Susie didn’t sleep in her bed last night and wastes no time in filling in Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick). Meanwhile, Jack (Gareth Hale) is shocked when he spots Susie and Carnegie kissing in the back of Carnegie’s steamed up Jaguar!

Elsewhere, Rose (Denis Lill) is enjoying a round of golf with his old friend Bill Parmitter (Roger Butcher) when Bill collapses. Rose examines him on the green and discovers he has a hernia and suggests he come into The Royal for a quick operation later that day.

Dr Burnett (Damien O’Hare) gets called out to see Judith (Sian Breckin) who’s eight months pregnant. She’s been renovating her house before the new arrival but she and her cat have fallen ill. Burnett suggests she come to hospital for rest and observation, he’s concerned she’s over-exerting herself. However, when they arrive at The Royal, Burnett receives a call informing him that Judith’s cat has died of lead poisoning caused by the old paint in the house. Have Judith and her baby also been poisoned?

In theatre, Rose and Ormerod (Robert Daws) are doing a routine operation on Bill Parmitter’s hernia but they’re stunned when he suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. The team fail to resuscitate Parmitter, despite Rose’s desperate attempts to bring his friend back to life. A distraught Rose is forced to break the news to Bill’s wife, who’s furious that Rose pushed him into an operation he wasn’t fit to have. Will Rose lose his job and his friend in one day?

Back on the ward the next day, Judith’s blood test results come back and confirm that she has lead poisoning. However, just as Burnett is about to tell her what long-term damage this could do to her baby she goes into premature labour. Will the baby survive? And if it does, will the lead poisoning affect its health?

Meanwhile, Ormerod and Bobby (Christopher Coghill) respond to an emergency call, a farmer is trapped under a combine harvester and his torso and legs are crushed. Bobby and Ormerod try and hold the machine off him until the fire brigade arrive, but they’re failing and the situation is desperate. With nothing to lose, Bobby tries lifting the combine with the hydraulic bale-lifter he spots on the field and eventually manages to free the critically injured farmer. He’s rushed to the hospital and Rose and Ormerod immediately begin surgery on his ruptured liver and spleen. After yesterday’s disaster, Rose has been doubting whether he’s still fit to do his job and is terrified about losing yet another patient.

Meanwhile, Marian’s hurt when Burnett dashes her hopes of a marriage proposal and merely asks her to move in with him. Does he see her as marriage material or just a casual fling?

Lizzie’s thrilled when Nev (Oliver Farnworth), the hippy builder, returns with a broken ankle. She devotes herself to taking care of him, and tries her hand at vegan cookery! Eventually Neville comes clean – his body’s a temple, but he’d do anything for fish and chips.

When Susie shows up for her shift late yet again and gives all the patients the wrong false teeth, Matron (Wendy Craig) decides to suspend her, claiming she‘s throwing away her career for a ridiculous affair. Susie’s stunned and protests that she can do what she wants in her private life. However, Matron refuses to listen and orders her niece out of the hospital. Will Susie leave The Royal for good?

Sunday, 4 January 2009, 8:00PM on ITV1

Alun (Andy Wear) and Jack (Gareth Hale) are delighted when Casualty is overrun by a gaggle of screaming teenage bikini-clad girls. Dr Burnett (Damian O’ Hare) discovers the girls have been stung by jellyfish on the beach when one of the girls, Lucy, collapses with a swollen bite on her leg.

Meanwhile, Jack gets a fright when a corpse that he’s wheeling to the mortuary springs to life and turns out to be his old Navy buddy – Duncan (Tom Georgeson). After a night of drinking in the pub, they emerge slightly worse for wear, so Jack decides to let Duncan sleep in the private suite. However, it proves to be more difficult to get him out of the hospital in the morning.

Elsewhere, Susie (Sarah Beck Mather) makes a bet with Lizzie that she’ll be able to get Carnegie (Robert Cavanah) to take her out on a date. Their relationship is soon the talk of the hospital and Bobby (Chris Coghill) is jealous, but how can he compete with the suit and the flashy Jaguar?

Its Middleditch’s (Ian Carmichael) birthday and he and his wife have invited Matron (Wendy Craig), Brigid (Linda Armstrong), Ormerod (Robert Daws), Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) to a party at their home in the countryside. Middleditch notices Matron is looking slightly under the weather, and she admits she’s having difficulties running the hospital and keeping an eye on Susie particularly as she’s now started a relationship with Carnegie. Middleditch reassures her that she still has plenty of fight in her, but Matron’s not so sure. Is she failing to cope with her role at The Royal?

Meanwhile, everyone’s surprised when Middleditch announces at the party that he has a bequest to make to The Royal, he’d like to donate a substantial amount of money, to ensure it remains open for good and has funding to cover new endeavours. While everyone is extremely grateful to him, Ormerod and Weatherill can’t agree how it should be spent. Weatherill is keen on creating a premature baby unit, while Ormerod wants to put the money into the general upkeep and modernising of the hospital.

The dinner party is interrupted by a traffic accident nearby. A double-decker bus carrying a group of families home from a day at the seaside has crashed down a steep bank. The doctors spring into action to rescue the injured and ferry them all back to Middleditch House while Carnegie and Matron return to The Royal and muster the troops ready for the bus crash victims.

Back at the scene of the crash, Ormerod’s furious when he spots Reg (Ken Bradshaw), one of the day-trippers dragging one of the injured, Devon, out of the shattered windscreen. Devon is rushed to casualty but Ormerod’s worried that Reg’s moving him could cost him his life and his worst fears come true when Devon dies as he arrives at the hospital. Devon’s brother, George (Wesley Theobald), is devastated and explodes with anger when he sees Reg in casualty and demands to know why he made Devon drive the bus. Reg denies the allegation but when Ormerod examines Reg’s injuries it becomes clear that he wasn’t driving at the time of the crash. George explains that Reg had tried to make life hell for him and his brother, he’d been bullying Devon for some time and this time his taunting had tragic consequences, as the police arrive to question Reg, the doctors are hopeful that he’ll get his comeuppance.

Sunday, 28 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

Dr Burnett (Damian O’Hare) is called out to a run down farm house where 15-year-old Simon (James Baxter), who has speech and learning difficulties, is running a high fever. The farm is in a bad state and the family seem to be struggling to cope. They’re horrified when Burnett reveals he needs to get Simon to hospital ASAP in order to rule out meningitis. Will they get to the bottom of Simon’s illness?

Elsewhere, everyone’s worried that the hospital is at risk of closure when the boiler breaks, especially Alun (Andy Wear) who’s convinced that it will give the authorities an excuse to close The Royal permanently. New Head Porter Jack (Jack Bell) risks his position when he sets about a plan to get a new boiler installed and ensure the hospital stays open. Enlisting the help of Alun and Bobby (Chris Coghill), he goes behind Carnegie’s (Robert Cavanah) back, in true Hopkirk style, and by the skin of his teeth manages to get away with using an old ship’s boiler as a replacement.

Meanwhile, Ormerod (Robert Daws) and Rose (Dennis Lill) attend to Sir Edward Fawcett (Brian Blessed), an eccentric old explorer with a houseful of rare artefacts and a bad leg. His wife intervenes to inform the doctors that the pain strikes when he exercises and he’s trying to get fit for another expedition despite the fact that he’s meant to be resting. Rose explains to Sir Edward that he has a condition which starves his leg muscles of oxygen and will only get worse with time. Any treatment would only be temporary and his exploring days are over. However, Sir Edward is defiant and demands a second opinion. Will he listen to the doctors and hang up his travelling boots?

Back at the Royal, Simon’s temperature is still very high and when he starts fitting the doctors are concerned his condition is rapidly deteriorating. Meanwhile, as Ormerod and Rose make their way back to The Royal, they hit a sheep in the road. Ormerod gets out to examine it when a farmer arrives and warns them not to touch it as there’s been an outbreak of louping amongst the animals in the area and it’s contagious. When Ormerod arrives back at the hospital, Burnett’s relieved that he’s able to shed some light on Simon’s case and reveals he has all the symptoms of louping-ill contracted from the sheep. Simon’s dad is horrified as it dawns on him that his heavily pregnant wife, Mary (Angela Simpson), has been having the same symptoms. He feels terrible as he couldn’t afford for the vet to vaccinate the flock against the disease. The doctors rush back to the farm to save Mary, will it be too late to save the expectant mother?

Elsewhere, despite x-rays confirming the bad news about Sir Edward’s leg, he’s still determined to go on his hike around Mexico. Lady Fawcett (Phyllis Logan) is furious and berates him for being selfish. She asserts that if he does go, she won’t be waiting for him when he gets back. Will Sir Edward settle for the simple life for the sake of his health and his wife?

Mary is rushed to hospital with the same deadly fever as her son and when she starts haemorrhaging the team are worried they could lose both mother and baby. In theatre, Weatherill (Amy Robbins) delivers the baby but when it arrives and shows no sign of life, she continues to try and resuscitate it. Burnett’s relieved that Mary is still alive, but Weatherill is torn between saving the baby and the patient as they both need urgent help. Will they manage to save the whole family?

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