The Royal

Sunday, 21 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

As the hospital staff come to terms with the loss of Stella and Frankie, everyone’s surprised when an attractive surfer, who crashes into Dr Burnett’s (Damian O’Hare) car, turns out to be the new ambulance driver, Bobby (Christopher Coghill).

Alun (Andy Wear) is getting ready for a gig in town with his new band and deafens everyone while he practices in the porter’s office. Marian (Kari Corbett) reasons that they should all go and watch the gig as Stella loved a good night out and wouldn’t want to see her friends sitting in every night. However, when Dr Burnett explains he can’t go as he’s on call, Marian is soon charmed by Bobby, who agrees to be her date to the gig. Will Marian turn to Bobby for a good time?

Elsewhere, an eccentric elderly lady, Hester (Rosemary Leach), who has a smallholding up on the moors is being taunted by a group of young lads who have been throwing stones through her window. As the terrorising becomes persistent and more aggressive Hester comes outside with a shotgun to scare the boys away, but as she fires the gun into the air she trips and falls. Will the boys leave Hester lying injured and helpless on the ground?

Meanwhile, Matron (Wendy Craig) is proud that Susie (Sarah Eck Mather) has passed her nursing exam, while Alun’s worried when Carnegie (Robert Cavanah) informs him he has yet another new boss. Carnegie tells, an underwhelmed Alun that Jack Bell (Gareth Hale) is a military man who’ll soon whip Alun and The Royal into shape. It soon comes to light that Jack, a former merchant navy man, is a cousin of Lizzie’s and has known Alun for years. Jack appears to be a great addition to the team with only one small flaw – he faints at the sight of blood.

Back on the moors, One of the boys, David (Craig Shepherd), has a flash of conscience and calls an ambulance for Hester. As Ormerod (Robert Daws) and Bobby arrive at the deserted and decaying farmhouse, Hester starts firing her gun at them, demanding she be left in peace. Ormerod and Bobby narrowly miss her bullets and as they try and convince a limping Hester to let them tend to her, she falls again as her hip gives way. As Ormerod examines Hester’s hip, David apologises on behalf of his friends and overcome with guilt, David promises to come to the farm everyday to tend to the animals while she’s in hospital. However, it proves too difficult to carry Hester to the ambulance on a stretcher and they’re forced to call the mountain rescue team who are busy on another call.

Later, Moira (Lisa Hogg) joins the nurses for a rare night out but when someone refuses to dance with her after noticing her bump, she’s humiliated and heads for the toilets. Alun’s performance is going well, but in the overcrowded club a discarded cigar causes a raging fire and Susie orders everyone to leave the building. However, the fire exits have been locked and there’s pandemonium as people get crushed in the crowd. Once the fire has been put out a furious Dr Burnett confronts Dennis (Sean Wilson), the club owner, about him locking the fire exits and ends up punching him in the heat of the moment. Everyone’s grateful to new nurse Susie for taking the initiative to get everybody out, but Sister Brigid’s worried that no one has been able to find Moira in the chaos. Has she made it out safely?

After a traumatic evening, Dr Burnett walks Marian home and as he reveals how much he cares for her, they kiss.

Sunday, 14 December 2008, 8:00PM – 9:00PM on ITV1

Mother of two Janet (Eve Steele) is getting ready to spend a day at the seaside with her children when her little boy Simon wanders into a run down amusement arcade, which is undergoing building work. Realising Simon’s gone missing the worried mum leaves her baby daughter downstairs in the buggy and sets about searching for her son. Meanwhile, a group of rogue builders are hammering away at a wall inside the arcade when an ominous crack develops in the ceiling. As the building starts to shake, the upper floor and roof suddenly come crashing down in a thick cloud of dust, leaving a mass of tangled debris where the arcade once stood.

Meanwhile, at The Royal, the staff are struggling to manage with only one porter and when the news of the collapsed amusement arcade reaches them, Ormerod (Robert Daws), Frankie (Scott Taylor), Stella (Natalie Anderson) and Marian (Kari Corbett) immediately make their way to the scene.

As the medical team set about helping the casualties out of the wreckage, Iris (Maragaret Jackson) a jackpot winner is devastated that she has to leave her winnings to go to hospital, and clearly doesn’t realise the magnitude of the situation. Ormerod finds Janet’s baby unharmed in her push chair and immediately spots six year old Simon amongst the bricks and beams. His legs are trapped under a sheet of roofing and he’s bleeding heavily. Simon and his baby sister are rushed to hospital as Ormerod starts the search for their Mum. How many other casualties are still inside the rubble, and is Janet one of them?

Simon doesn’t look good as Mr Rose (Debbis Lil) prepares him for theatre. He’s bleeding heavily and it appears as though he has a clotting disorder. However, the doctors have no medical notes for him and are completely in the dark about whether or not he has a condition. They have no choice but to keep giving him fresh blood until the results from his blood tests come back from the lab. It’s a matter of life and death. Will someone be able to shed some light on Simon’s case before it’s too late?

Back at the scene, two teenage girls have been dragged out, covered in dust and cuts, sobbing hysterically as they can’t find their friend, Louise (Chloe Proctor). A young woman, Kay Bradley (Stephanie Dooley) has also been carried out of the debris and is calling out for someone called Paul. One of the other victims is convinced that Kay is Simon’s Mum, but Kay is in no fit state to tell them anything and she’s taken straight to hospital with a broken arm. The doctors are hopeful she’ll be able to tell them what’s wrong with Simon.

Louise’s dad has arrived at the arcade and, terrified that he might lose his daughter, he tries to find her himself. The doctors manage to stop him from going into the wreckage but, realising something needs to be done, Stella offers to go in and look for Louise herself. The fireman agrees it’s worth trying as she’s the only one who’s small enough. As she crawls in on her stomach making her way through the debris, she spots Louise’s hand sticking out from under some roof beams.

In Casualty, it’s busy as the staff take in the victims from the accident. Iris is still worried about her “ten bob” and when Paul (Guy Parry) rushes in to see Kay lying on a trolley he’s relieved. However, when Kay’s husband arrives and finds Paul embracing his wife, he’s furious and attacks him. Anxious to know what’s wrong with Simon, Dr Weatherill (Amy Robbins) asks Kay’s husband about his condition and is stunned to discover he doesn’t have a son. When Simon’s heart monitor begins to flat line they’re in danger of losing the child. Can they save him? Will they find his mother and get to the bottom of his condition?

Back at the scene, Stella manages to get closer to Louise – she’s alive but is having trouble breathing, her mouth is full of dust and her chest is crushed under a slot machine. As the firemen begin to carefully lift roof sections and beams from above them, Stella puts her own fear aside and tries to comfort Louise. However, suddenly one of the beams falls and blocks the entrance, leaving them both trapped. As soon as Frankie hears Stella is trapped inside, he makes his way through a small gap to try and rescue her and ignores everyone’s protests. Will Frankie be able save Stella and Louise?

As news reaches the rescue team that Simon’s mum is still missing, the search begins for Janet. Meanwhile, Frankie has found Stella covered in dust and with her arms and legs trapped. She insists he leave her and urges him to look for Louise, but when he finds Louise she’s dead. Wanting to keep Stella strong, he lies that she’s okay. As the wreckage becomes even more unstable, Stella pleads with Frankie to get out while he can, but he refuses to leave her.

Meanwhile, Mr Bradley (David Brown) is still furious with his wife and tells her it’s over, but is shocked when Rose informs him she may lose her arm and her husband in the same day. Both her husband and her lover are devastated to hear that Kay has lost the use of her right arm.

As time passes, things are looking more hopeful for Stella and Frankie at the wreckage, but as the firemen prepare to lift the final beam a gas pipe is split in half and it becomes a race against time to get them out. Inside the wreckage, Stella’s getting weaker and Frankie tries to keep her going by confessing that he really loves her and is going to take her away for a romantic weekend after this whole ordeal.

Meanwhile, Iris has arrived back on the scene with a fag in her mouth eager to collect her jackpot. The smell of gas is quite pungent now and when the firemen notice her lit cigarette, they scream at her to get back. Startled she drops her cigarette and causes a huge explosion. Will Stella and Frankie survive?

The Royal
Sunday 4 November 2007 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Frankie (Scott Taylor) help Lucy Hibbert (Nadine Rose Mulkerrin) into the waiting ambulance as her anxious father, David (Daniel Casey) and heavily pregnant stepmother, Alice (Emma Rydal), look on. Lucy is distraught as she’s informed she will need an operation to fix her broken ankle. However, despite her agony, Lucy doesn’t hide her dislike for her stepmother.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ormerod (Robert Daws) and Sister Brigid (Linda Armstrong) deliver Heather Seddon’s (Clare Kerrigan) baby boy. The baby, Adam, is a joy to his parents, particularly as Heather has suffered numerous miscarriages in the past. They’re overjoyed with their new baby but worried about his health as he’s placed in an incubator and taken to the nursery. Can the staff help baby Adam pull through?

Elsewhere, Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) hand delivers some test results to Banner (Sam Callis), however, they are actually meant for Dr Weatherill – she’s pregnant. Not wanting to talk to her husband Gordon (Robert Daws) about the pregnancy, Jill confides in Mike her concerns about having another baby. Can Jill put her family before her career once again?

That evening, Lizzie, Stella (Natalie Anderson), Marian (Kari Corbett) and Susie (Sarah Beck Mather) talk about Dr Banner’s possible attraction to Marian. Stella is trying to arrange a double date with Marian, Banner and Frankie for the following evening. Stella gives Marian a warning about her night shift as apparently there are ghosts on the ward. As Marian reluctantly leaves for work the others head to the pub. Over a drink, Susie makes it clear to Frankie that she is interested in him, despite him being secretive about his past marriage and two children. An inebriated Susie tries to persuade Frankie to buy some more beer, however, Stella and Lizzie insist it’s time they all go home.

When Weatherill arrives back at the hospital, she finds out a baby is missing from the ward and sympathises with the mother, Heather. But her suspicions are raised as to the baby’s whereabouts when David Hibbert announces that his wife, Alice, has given birth prematurely. After some investigation, Weatherill rushes to where Alice is staying, and as predicted, she has stolen the baby. Will Weatherill get to them in time? After all the commotion Mike is concerned for Weatherill’s health as she seems unwell, a serious situation due to her condition.

Elsewhere, the nurses and Susie hold a séance at Matron’s flat. As the girls intently try to contact the spirits, Alun (Andy Wear) and Frankie spy on them, clumsily falling from the wardrobe and revealing themselves in the process. In all the excitement, a glass of brandy is spilt and a candle knocked over igniting the alcohol. In a panic the girls struggle to dose the flames.

As the girls struggle with the fire, the hospital staff are otherwise distracted by Weatherill’s deteriorating condition. Shocked by the revelation that Jill is pregnant, Ormerod now has to come to terms with the possibility of losing her or the baby. He watches helplessly as Mr Rose tries desperately to save Jill. Will the much loved doctor pull through?

The Royal
Sunday 21 October 2007 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

It’s a busy day at The Royal when a train crashes into a car at a level crossing. Marian (Kari Corbett) and Dr Banner (Sam Callis) rush to the scene to find Janice and Mark Hayward, who were in the car, alive but unconscious, and discover that Janice is pregnant. After an emergency caesarean, the baby is delivered, but tragically dies at Ashfordly General, having been taken there due to the absence of premature baby facilities at The Royal. Weatherill (Amy Robbins) is now even more determined to help Carnegie make his new plans a reality.

As Mark Hayward comes round he asks after someone named Laura. Marian is horrified when he informs her that she is the couple’s three year old daughter who was flung from the car during the crash. Banner races back to the scene, whilst Weatherill breaks the news to Janice that she’s lost her baby.

Back at the scene of the accident, everyone is panicking that Laura has not survived the crash.Will Dr Banner find the missing girl in time?

Everyone has noticed that Susie is making Matron even more uptight than usual. Sister Brigid proposes that Susie help out in the laundry and move into the nurses’ house which gives Matron a welcome break. However, it’s not long before the nurses are at their wits end with her as well.

Meanwhile, Weatherill sees to a woman who has been trampled by cows on a public footpath after a dispute with her farming neighbour, Sam. The farmer later sprays slurry all over her husband when he attempts to confront him, leaving Weatherill worried about Sam’s mental state. Later, her concerns about Sam’s condition are confirmed when he follows her to the hospital and attacks her for interfering. When Alun intervenes will he be able to save Jill from any serious harm?

Elsewhere, Stella’s rapist, Stan, has attacked another girl and her father beats him up after discovering his whereabouts from Frankie. When he is brought into casualty he has a ruptured spleen and the medical team have to operate to save his life. Dr Banner notices how distressed Stella becomes when having to assist the operation. How will Stella cope coming face-to-face with her attacker?

Meanwhile, Dr Banner hears that Marian is struggling financially and takes her out for a meal to thank her for helping him with the train accident. Could romance be blossoming?

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