The Secret Millionaire Changed My Life

8:00pm Tuesday, January 11 on C4

In October 2009 Dawn Gibbins spent a week living in inner-city Bristol as a Secret Millionaire. During her stay, she discovered a world she never knew existed and faced up to some of her biggest fears. The people she met inspired her so much, she gave away a quarter of a million pounds and completely changed her outlook. The experience has changed Dawn in ways she never could have predicted and sent her life into completely new directions. Now, she’s going back to Bristol to see how her gifts have made a difference and to plan what happens next, and she wants her experiences to make an impact on her own family as well.

9:00pm Sunday, December 19 on C4

Less than a year ago, business tycoon Paul Ragan left behind his family and his millions to live a life on the breadline in Derby, as he secretly looked for people to help. In an experience that changed his outlook on life forever, Paul confronted his past and revealed much more than his identity as a secret millionaire. Now, Paul is keeping his promise and heading back to Derby to see how the money he gave has been spent, and to look for new ways of making a difference.

9:00pm Thursday, December 2 on C4

Before his Secret Millionaire mission, ex-Para and Falklands veteran Tony Banks kept things under control, including his emotions. But the realities of life on some of Liverpool’s toughest streets hit home. Tony gave away over �100,000 to the inspirational individuals he met while undercover. Now, determined to honour the commitments he made during his stay, he returns to Anfield to see how those people are getting on.

Friday 30 January 2009 5:05pm on M4

This special programme updates the stories of some of the millionaires and the people they helped.

Tuesday 30 December at 7:55pm on M4

A special one-off programme returns to find out the difference made by donations from six of the secret millionaires.

Thursday 25 December at 9:30pm on C4

This year eight millionaires lived undercover in some of the most deprived areas of the country. Between them they gave away over £800,000 of their own money to people and organisations who are making a difference in local communities. This special Christmas programme returns to update the stories of some of this year’s millionaires and the people they helped.

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Over three award-winning series, 19 of Britain’s richest people have taken on an extraordinary challenge: leaving behind their luxurious lives to live and work undercover in some of the most deprived parts of the country; each on a personal mission to give something back. Now a special one-off programme sees six of the millionaires return to find out the difference made by their donations. The programme is preceded by the last in the current series of The Secret Millionaire .

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