The Secret Millionaire

9:00pm Monday, June 11 on C4

In 2011, Britain was struck by rioting and looting that left the nation in shock. Some of the shops targeted were part of global chain ‘Computer Exchange’ owned by millionaire Bobby Dudani. Now Bobby is heading to Croydon – one of the areas most affected by the riots – to look for people to help, posing as a shopkeeper. After a foul-mouthed run-in with a local lad, Bobby begins to build an unlikely relationship with this serial offender. As the days progress Bobby is increasingly drawn to this angry and frustrated young man. But should he help him?

9:00pm Tuesday, April 26 on C4

More millionaire benefactors say goodbye to their luxury lifestyles and go undercover in deprived areas to find people who need their help. In this first episode, IT recruitment entrepreneur Sean Gallagher travels to Middlesbrough, where the organisations he encounters include a charity that helps people with a medical condition very close to his heart.

9:05pm Sunday, January 2 on M4

Gadget-mad entrepreneur Chris Brown accepts that some people might consider him a geek. but his love of technology has also made him a fortune. Five years ago, he set up a travel website in his bedroom. Today his business has a �35million turnover. Now he is embarking on a journey that may force him to confront his past and his feelings about his father. Chris heads to an area in north Manchester blighted by high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.

9:00pm Thursday, November 25 on C4

The son of a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, 24-year-old Tom Mairs has had the ultimate start in life. Choosing to invest wisely rather than spend his cash on expensive holidays and fast cars, Tom has now become a millionaire in his own right. Just across the river from Tom’s comfortable home in the Wirral lies the city of Liverpool. Tom goes undercover in Bootle, one of the most deprived areas of Britain and an area of Merseyside he’s never been to. But having suffered a vicious break-in at home in the past, Tom finds himself beset by nerves ahead of his move.

9:00pm Thursday, November 18 on C4

In a new Thursday slot for The Secret Millionaire , Glaswegian businessman Gordon McAlpine is returning to his Scottish roots. Having made his fortune in London with a highly successful software company, Gordon now goes undercover in Govan, one of the poorest areas of Glasgow, where unemployment is twice the national average. Gordon immerses himself in the local community before, on his final day, he gives away tens of thousands of pounds and reveals his secret identity.

9:00pm Sunday, November 14 on C4

After years of caring for elderly people, 46-year-old Bradley Reback founded his own prestigious care home. He has since sold the home and became a retired multi-millionaire overnight. Leaving behind his luxurious London home, Bradley heads for Brighton in a beaten up campervan, telling people that he’s become homeless as a result of lengthy unemployment. Among the places he visits are a drop-in and advice centre for unemployed people, a Forest Garden Project, the Alzheimer’s Society, and a youth project. After a week Bradley feels uncomfortable as he prepares to reveal his true identity to the people who have taken him in over the week.

9:00pm Sunday, October 31 on C4

Sixty-year-old dotcom millionaire Marcelle Speller made her millions relatively late in life. Despite being worth over �10 million, Marcelle’s only extravagance is her art collection. She spends much of her time helping local charities raise funds: so far she’s dedicated two years of her life and a million pounds to setting up the Local Giving website. Now Marcelle wants to find out what it feels like to make a change at ground level. For eight days, she goes undercover in Plymouth. The city was once the greatest naval port in the world, with a thriving Royal Navy dockyard at its heart, but the docks have cut their workforce by 75% and now a quarter of the population live in deprivation.

9:00pm Sunday, October 24 on C4

Karate expert and father of four Richard North’s multi-million-pound company invents gifts and toys that sell all around the world, to some of the biggest toy retailers. Richards’s toy company is now worth �35 million. For eight days Richard goes undercover in Cardiff. He spends his time undercover living on the Ely council estate, one of the biggest in Europe. At first Richard is doubtful of finding anyone who might find a positive use for his money but he soon gets to know this community and meets the people who are trying to hold it together. And he meets a young man who helps him come to terms with tragedy from earlier in his own life.

9:00pm Sunday, October 17 on C4

The Secret Millionaire returns for a brand new series with a new batch of wealthy benefactors seeking to change the lives of others for the better. Five years ago, gadget-mad entrepreneur Chris Brown set up a travel website in his bedroom. Today his travel business has a �35million turnover. Despite his wealth, Chris and his family lead a modest lifestyle. Chris heads to an area in north Manchester blighted by high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. There follows a “life-changing experience” before Chris gives away thousands of pounds of his own money.

Sunday, January 17 on 4

In this special episode of the award-winning The Secret Millionaire , part of Channel 4’s Indian Winter season, British Indian entrepreneur Seema Sharma leaves behind her affluent lifestyle in the UK to go undercover in Mumbai, India’s largest city. Mumbai has a shocking disparity between wealth and poverty: over half of its 13 million residents live in slums or on the streets. Seema is staying in Dharavi, one of the largest slums in India, where over a million people live crammed into less than one square mile. During her stay Seema volunteers with a number of organisations in the hope of finding worthy causes and individuals to support.

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