The Shield

The Shield Season 7 debuts on 4 Disc DVD on the 8th of June, 2009 packed with all-New Bonus Content.

the shield
spanish practices (10/10)

The sixth series of the hard-hitting police drama reaches its dramatic finale tonight with a special extended episode. As Shane attempts to head off the Armenian mob’s deadly plan to avenge the money train heist, Vic looks to save his job by enlisting Aceveda’s help to expose Cruz Pezuela’s plans for Farmington.

With just days to go until he is kicked out of the Barn, a desperate Vic has been handed a lifeline by Aceveda’s crony and big-time developer Cruz Pezuela: a photograph of Aceveda’s sexual assault. Shocked at being confronted with something he thought had been buried for good, Aceveda brushes the picture aside by lying that it is a fake and sneering: “If you’re going to blackmail someone, do it right.” Aceveda’s lawyer threatens Vic with “seven years of legal hell”, but Vic is undeterred when he realises that Pezuela’s motivation for giving him the incriminating photograph has much more to it than he thought. “Cruz is into some dark s***”, he informs Aceveda. “And I’m gonna need my badge and more than three days to prove it.”

Realising that Vic is on to something, Aceveda reluctantly agrees to join forces with him against Pezuela. He begins by ordering Claudette to let Mexican bureaucrat and San Marcos survivor Eduardo Romero have his confiscated $230,000 back so that the detectives can find out where the money ends up. Later, Vic watches Romero deliver the cash to an office occupied by shady ex-military officer Luis Aramboles, who has a stockpile of guns hidden in a side room. Where does Pezuela fit in to this?

Meanwhile, Shane has managed to get himself in well over his head with the Armenian mob. Having told Diro that Vic and Ronnie were the ones responsible for ripping off the Armenian money train, he now has to deal with the fact that Diro wants revenge for the loss of revenue that her family’s operation suffered. “You need to accept the fate of your associates,” she tells Shane, matter-of-factly. “They get punished for their betrayal; you get punished for yours.”

In desperation, Shane visits Rezian, Diro’s rival, and asks him who Diro will send to carry out Vic and Ronnie’s executions. Rezian has bad news: “Betrayal like this, your friends won’t be first. First she’ll kill their children. The wives. And when the pain of that suffering begins to fade, she’ll kill the men involved.” Can Shane get to Corrine and the kids before Diro’s men do?

Oblivious to the danger his family are facing, Vic continues to try and get to the bottom of what Pezuela is doing. But when Danny tells him that there have been reports of shots fired at Corrine’s house, he drops everything to get there. His family is nowhere to be found, but there is a large pool of blood on the floor – and an Armenian cigarette butt. Vic immediately puts two and two together and realises that Shane’s dabbling with the Armenian mob has spilled over into his family life. “Watch him,” he tells Ronnie. “Find out what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with – then we’re gonna crush him.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s finale, Dutch is upset after the body of homeless ‘Miracle’ Joe, a popular local character, is found dumped in front of a convenience store, and finds comfort in an unlikely person. Claudette decides that Hiatt may not be the man to take over from Vic after the new guy makes a dangerous error of judgement in a gang case. Rezian offers Shane a deal which puts him between a rock and a hard place. And Vic’s investigation into Pezuela finally unearths a conspiracy that snakes all the way down to Mexico –but will he be kicked out before he can do anything about it? “Help me,” he begs Aceveda. “So I can stay and finish this…”

the shield
recoil (9/10)

The sixth series of the hard-hitting police drama reaches its penultimate episode. With his future at the Barn at stake, Vic looks for leverage that he can use to save his job. Shane has problems of his own as he attempts to partner up with the Armenian mob. And Billings gets his revenge on Dutch by engineering a romantic encounter between Tina and Hiatt.

Using a tip provided by Aceveda and his wealthy benefactor, local developer Cruz Pezuela, Vic and Hiatt bring in Salvadoran Javier Rincon for questioning about the San Marcos massacre. Hiatt irritates Vic when his interrogation comes up short, but Vic manages to obtain Rincon’s cooperation in return for protection from the Mexican Byz Lats gang.

At the same time, Shane is continuing to get himself embroiled in the affairs of the Armenian mob. He has convinced the overlord’s daughter, Diro (guest star Franka Potente, ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘Run Lola Run’), to work with him in order to protect her father’s business and fight his rival, Rezian. When he asks Claudette and Hiatt for permission to pursue the Armenians, both agree – but Vic is convinced that Shane is up to something and tells Ronnie to keep an eye on their former friend. “He wouldn’t mess with the Armenians,” says Ronnie. “Not with our history.” But Ronnie is wrong – and when Vic finds out what Shane is up to, he convinces Diro that her new friend is seriously bad news…

While Rincon’s tip leaves a frustrated Hiatt without any suspects, Vic uses his initiative to help end the gang war by telling the Byz Lats that Rincon is innocent and giving them a pair of Salvadorans that he and Ronnie have been keeping ‘on ice’. Byz Lats leader Santi Galas realises that Vic lied about Rincon, and vows to get his revenge once the informant is back on the streets –much to Rincon’s horror…

With the San Marcos massacre finally solved, Vic is convinced that his future at the Barn is now secure – despite his failed efforts to get the city controller to work something out for him. He knows that there is something rotten behind the events at San Marcos, and that Aceveda and Pezuela are somehow involved. “I can get to the truth of this thing,” he promises Claudette. “Maybe,” replies the captain, still adamant that Vic will be kicked out of the Barn before the week is through. “But we’ll never know. Because it’s somebody else’s job now.”

Meanwhile, Dutch and Billings are busy investigating the murder of a man who had rejected a lover he met on the internet, but they find it impossible to keep their hatred of one another out of the interrogation room. Eventually, Billings hits on a crafty plan to get Hiatt together with Tina, who Dutch has been lusting after for weeks, and sets it up so that Dutch will find the pair together. Will Dutch fall into his scheming partner’s trap?

Elsewhere this week, Vic attempts to head off his forced retirement by finding a way to connect Pezuela to San Marcos – but is offered a helping hand by Pezuela himself, who has some information about Aceveda that the councilman might do anything to keep secret…

the shield
the math of the wrath (8/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season. In tonight’s instalment, Shane exposes a power struggle inside the Armenian mob, while the Strike Team works to protect Hernan from danger. Meanwhile Dutch and Billings investigate a designer-handbag counterfeiting operation after a Beverly Hills socialite is stabbed while trying to get herself some fake goods, and Ronnie confronts Shane over his part in Lem’s death.

Shane may be feeling in control of the situation with Vic, but he is soon out of his depth as he attempts to get in with the Armenian mob. After his efforts to help them unexpectedly end with the murder of an Arab petrol station owner, Shane worries that he will be implicated in the homicide. He tracks down the mob’s elder statesman, but finds his daughter, Diro (guest star Franka Potente, ‘Run Lola Run’, ‘The Bourne Identity’), working on his behalf.

When Diro tells Shane that her father is away, Shane asks her to pass on a message: “You tell your old man to take care of my problem – or I will create a world of problems for him.” But when he finds out that the boss is actually gravely ill in hospital, Shane agrees to help Diro keep her father’s empire out of the hands of his enemies.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Strike Team is concerned about the disappearance of undercover agent Hernan, who has been working inside the Salvadoran gang. When a Salvadoran gangster’s mutilated body is found dumped in an alley, Hernan’s girlfriend tells Vic that he was forced to dispose of the corpse –apparently that of a snitch –and now has to prove his loyalty by taking part in a gun-store robbery.

Vic comes up with a plan to intercept the heist after the event, thus keeping the guns off the streets while maintaining Hernan’s cover, but Claudette has reservations about it. Despite concerns about undermining the captain, Hiatt decides to go along with Vic’s plan. The operation is a success, but Claudette is not impressed by Vic’s influence on Hiatt. “You wanna follow Vic out the door?” she hisses. “Keep it up.”

Elsewhere, Dutch and Billings are called to the scene when a Beverly Hills socialite is stabbed in an undesirable neighbourhood. It turns out that the woman had been visiting a store which secretly specialises in ‘quality replicas’ of designer handbags –news which piques the interest of bag-fans Danny, Tina and Corrine…

Also this week, Hiatt tells Vic the truth about Claudette’s plans for him at the Barn. Aceveda puts even more pressure on Claudette to solve the San Marcos massacre when he discovers how useful it will be to his political future. Shane agrees to help Diro keep her father’s empire out of enemy hands. And Ronnie’s world is rocked when he confronts Shane about Lem’s death, only to learn that Vic shot former Strike Team member Terry Crowley (see pilot episode). Will Ronnie’s anger over Lem’s murder colour the way he now thinks about Vic?

the shield
exiled (7/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season. In tonight’s instalment, Vic gets involved more deeply in the San Marcos massacre after unearthing evidence of a larger conspiracy; Shane works on protecting himself and his family; and Dutch and Billings make a surprising discovery.

With Shane off the scene since revealing his role in Lem’s death, Vic has his hands full with the ongoing investigation into the San Marcos massacre. Hernan, the undercover agent working inside the Salvadoran mob, says that the crime was perpetrated by Mexicans, and that both US and Mexican governments are turning a blind eye to it –despite the fact that the severed arm of Mexican official Eduardo Romero was found at the scene. However, when a Salvadoran street fair comes to a bloody end in a revenge attack by the Mexican Byz Lats gang, it becomes clear that it was actually the Salvadorans who carried out the San Marcos massacre.

With four dead at the street fair, pressure to end the bloodshed leads Claudette to order a politically risky gang sweep, which also has the advantage of getting Hernan to the Barn without raising suspicions on the street. But he has some bad news for them: the Mexicans have got “something big brewing” and the Salvadorans want a piece of it. However, he denies knowing the identities of the San Marcos shooters. “It would be the death of my cover if I started asking questions,” he adds.

Vic and Hiatt attempt to ease the tension between gangs by persuading a Byz Lat to give up three of the street-fair shooters in exchange for letting his gang settle the score with the Salvadorans. Unfortunately, it is not long before the tentantive truce is jeopardised –Hernan has gone missing. Have the Strike Team’s actions inadvertently put him in danger?

Meanwhile, Shane has been planning his next move. Unconvinced that Vic will leave him alone if he leaves town, Shane decides to work on a back-up plan to protect himself and his family. Having collected notes, files, autopsy reports and photographs that detail every illegal Strike Team activity –from the death of former colleague Terry Crowley to their involvement in the Armenian money train heist –Shane assures his worried wife, Mara, that everything is taken care of: “He’s not going to say anything to anybody… because I know everything that he’s done.”

Elsewhere this week, Shane drags up the past when he pays an old face an unwelcome visit, and turns to the Armenian mob for protection. Dutch and Billings make a surprising discovery when they track down Eduardo Romero and learn that not only is he alive, but he has plenty of secrets of his own. Claudette senses that all is not well between Vic and Shane. And while Mara uses her initiative and threatens Corrine, Shane lays down the law to a stunned Vic.

the shield
chasing ghosts (6/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season tonight, with an episode helmed by ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ director Frank Darabont. In tonight’s instalment, Vic begins to harbour suspicions about who really killed Lem, while the murder of a city official’s daughter puts the Strike Team in a difficult position.

After finding out that Salvadoran gangster Guardo had nothing to do with Lem’s murder, Vic initially turns his attentions to his old nemesis, One-Niner kingpin Antwon Mitchell. But when he visits Antwon in jail to confront him, he is shocked to find that Antwon had nothing to do with it. “I didn’t off your boy,” says Antwon. “Wish I did. And so do you – because if you’re coming after me for this, that means you lost your last clue.”

Vic is back at square one, and is surprised when Shane attempts to dissuade him from continuing the search for Lem’s killer. “We finished this,” he insists. “There’s nothing more to find out.” When Vic disputes this theory, Shane reiterates: “Stop asking questions that there are no answers to.” Vic slowly begins to wonder if there may be something more to Shane’s insistence on dropping the case, and starts running his suspicions past Ronnie. “I don’t wanna think like that,” replies Ronnie, but Vic wants answers. Are they about to find them?

While Vic wrestles with the awful possibility that Shane had something to do with Lem’s death, Guardo’s ghost comes back to haunt him in the form of Nydia, the gangster’s girlfriend who the Strike Team used to lure Guardo to Los Angeles. She raises Dutch and Claudette’s suspicions when she complains about the ‘witness protection’ in which Vic placed her, claiming that the Strike Team knows what happened to the suddenly missing Guardo. Vic’s attempts to cover his tracks, however, are put on hold when the team is put on a high-profile murder case.

The investigation is an extremely sensitive one, involving the daughter of city controller Robert Martin. Emily Martin has been found dead in a known drug haven, but Aceveda tells Vic that protecting the Martin family name is of paramount importance. As the detectives delve deeper into the sordid case, they realise that their job is going to be very difficult –Emily was a heroin addict who had been offering dealers sexual favours in return for drugs. But Vic soon realises that keeping the truth under wraps may benefit his own situation as well as the Martins’…

Elsewhere this week, Vic has yet more trouble to contend with when his daughter, Cassidy, (played by Michael Chiklis’s real-life daughter, Autumn Chiklis) confronts him about his shady past – especially the fact that he fathered Danny’s baby. Tina returns to the Barn, much to the smitten Dutch’s delight, but is irritated when the recently promoted Danny assigns her to a tedious clerical job. And Vic decides to lay his suspicions about Shane to rest by confronting his old friend face-to-face. He is about to get the answers he wanted –but is he really prepared for them?

the shield
haunts (5/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season with an episode directed by Michael Chiklis, who plays Vic Mackey. Tonight, Claudette puts the Strike Team on the case of the San Marco massacre after being pressurised by Aceveda. Meanwhile, Dutch and Billings make progress in the serial rapist case; and Shane makes a shocking confession to Mara.

Tonight’s episode begins with a shock for everyone – and a nasty sense of déjà vu for Vic and Ronnie – when a cop found beaten to a pulp is rushed into the ER and identified as Shane. When his worried colleagues come in to see him, Shane claims not to remember what happened to him. As Vic vows to find out who targeted yet another member of his Strike Team, Claudette arranges for Danny to act as protective detail outside Shane’s room.

Back at the Barn, Claudette fills in Vic and Hiatt on the recent San Marco house murders, having had the pressure put on her by Aceveda. Aceveda knows that if the detectives at the Barn can find out who killed the 12 Mexican nationals, putting the murderers away will make him look good. Aware of this fact, Claudette tells Vic to make this case the Strike Team’s number one priority, and goes on to explain that solving it could mean “the difference between keeping the Barn open and closing it forever.”

Meanwhile, Dutch and Billings continue to work the disturbing case of the sexual predator who has been targeting young runaways. When Carlos Morganza (Brian Howe, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’), a man who works for the child protection service, comes forward with a surprising amount of help, Billings gets the sense that he may actually be their suspect. “A lot of these freaks like to insert themselves into the investigation,” he reminds Dutch, pointing out that Morganza fits their profile to a tee. When they find out that Morganza’s own daughter went missing three years ago, the detectives begin to realise that he may be exacting a kind of twisted revenge on other runaways. But can they find out what he has been up to without alerting him to their suspicions?

Elsewhere, Vic is angry when he finds out that Shane’s attacker is the stepfather of Tilli, the 18-year-old girlfriend of One-Niner leader Moses. After picking Shane up from the hospital, Vic berates him for his dangerous choice of mistress. Shane is in no mood to be lectured, pointing out that Vic has not exactly been the model of fidelity himself. “Ever think about just coming clean?” asks Shane, baldly. When Vic replies in the negative, Shane responds: “I guess we just have to live with it.” But Vic has no way of knowing exactly what Shane wants to get off his chest – nor that he plans to reveal the truth soon…

Also this week, Claudette is furious when Aceveda ‘ambushes’ her about the San Marco massacre and undermines her authority. Vic reluctantly helps out his former partner Joe Clark (Carl Weathers) and is alarmed to witness some methods rivalling his own. Shane, anxious to save his marriage after his pregnant wife Mara finds out that he has been unfaithful, resorts to desperate measures to keep her on his side. And Vic is horrified when he finds out that he may have killed the wrong man in revenge for Lem’s murder.

the shield
the new guy (4/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season.Tonight, Claudette introduces Vic to his replacement, Detective Kevin Hiatt (Alex O’Loughlin), while Dutch and Billings investigate a horrifying rape and abduction case.

Still emotionally wounded by Lem’s death, Vic and the remaining members of the Strike Team are unimpressed when new guy Kevin Hiatt joins them at the scene of a multiple homicide. There is little time for pleasantries as Hiatt helps them corner the last man standing – a young gang member who explains that he and a group of others had fallen foul of the One-Niner gang.

Back at the Barn, Vic voices his concerns about Hiatt to Claudette but she tells him that it will be good for his image to work alongside Hiatt. “Give you a chance to show you can play well with others,” she says candidly, adding that Vic’s forced ‘resignation’ is up for review in a couple of weeks and may be overturned. Vic promises that he can “make it work” and heads off triumphantly, while Hiatt remains behind. “I’m confused,” he tells Claudette. “I lied to Mackey,” admits the Captain. “In three weeks, he’s gone. Period.”

Blissfully unaware that the clock is ticking for him, Vic gets to work training Hiatt and filling him in on the Farmington gang situation. He finds out that the massacre happened after a meeting between the One-Niners and a group of young members who wanted out went sour. One of the young men, Vantes, was the leader of a ‘revolution’ which advocated starting a new life, but it seems that the Niners were not happy about letting them go. With Vantes and three other survivors “in the wind”, Vic sets up a meeting with Niner boss Moses to ask him to back off – and introduce him to Hiatt.

Moses claims that one of his ‘lieutenants’ is responsible for the shootings, and sarcastically dismisses the ‘revolution’ as a scam. He later offers Vic a deal: if he can kill Vantes, he will let the others go – on condition that Vic arrange for the cops to turn a blind eye to the Niners for a couple of months. “I took the deal,” Vic tells Hiatt. “At least that’s what he thinks.” But when one of the runaways is found dead, Vic realises that Moses had no intention of keeping up his end of the deal either. Can he find the others before Moses gets to them?

With Vic occupied, Claudette puts Dutch and Billings on a rape-abduction case. The details of the crime remind Dutch of another case, in which a runaway teen called Princess claimed to have been kidnapped and raped. Princess’s claims were ignored by the cops that time round, due to lack of evidence, but it now seems that she was telling the truth – and that the perpetrator has not yet finished his work. Dutch realises that the rapist is escalating: “He’ll go further next time.”

Also this week, Aceveda meets an influential businessman who offers him a way to further his political career, while Tina’s career takes an unexpected turn for the better. Corrine tells the Strike Team that she believes Lem spoke to her in a dream. Claudette presents Julien with a lifechanging job offer. And Vic reacts to a tragedy with shocking force.

the shield
back to one (3/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season. Focusing on maverick detective Vic Mackey and his Strike Team, the series follows the day-to-day action of tough, morally ambiguous cops who have no qualms about breaking the law to put criminals behind bars. Tonight, Vic’s relentless search for Lem’s killer finally provides him with what he thinks is a chance to avenge his friend’s death, and Ronnie joins Dutch and Billings as they investigate a robbery-homicide linked to a crystal meth ring.

Despite Kavanaugh’s shocking confession that he set Vic up for Lem’s murder, the grieving Strike Team leader remains intent on seeking out Guardo Lima, the Salvadoran drug boss he believes is responsible for the killing. Shane begs his friend to let the dust settle, but Vic points out that nobody higher up is about to look for the killer. “They hung Lem out to the press as a dirty cop,” he reminds him. “That makes us the only ones who care enough to make it right.”

To lure Guardo out of his hiding place in Mexico, Vic continues to make him believe that his girlfriend Nydia has been kidnapped. When Guardo arrives in Los Angeles with the $50,000 ransom, Vic ignores the cash and follows Guardo back to his house. While Shane keeps an eye on Nydia, Vic takes Guardo to an abandoned shack in the mountains where he tries to torture the truth out of his hostage. Guardo insists that he knows nothing about Lem’s murder, pointing out that he was not even in the country when it happened. However, when he realises that Vic is not going to accept no for an answer, he gives him the name of gang member Lino Prieto. With his rage temporarily calmed, Vic heads off to find Lino – only to discover that Guardo was lying.

With renewed anger, Vic resumes his assault on Guardo while Shane looks on in horror. “Don’t you think he deserves to die for what he did?” asks Vic when Shane suggests that killing Guardo might not be the answer. Is Guardo about to pay for Shane’s crime?

Back at the Barn, Dutch and Billings are investigating a robbery homicide. “Second multiple murder in a week,” sighs Claudette. “Wonder what the brass is going to think about my bodycount.” To wrap the case up quickly and thus protect her reputation as the new captain, she assigns Ronnie to the case – pointing out to a truculent Dutch that the Strike Team member will not only provide useful insight into the case but may also inadvertently reveal details about Vic and Shane’s extra-curricular investigation. Ronnie’s help leads the bickering Dutch and Billings to a meth ring, but will Dutch manage to find out anything about Vic’s activities along the way?

Also in this week’s episode, Danny returns to work to take up her new position as sergeant after Claudette’s warning that the opening may not be there if she takes too much maternity leave; and Corrine tells Shane that she is worried about Vic’s single-minded quest to hunt down Lem’s killer. “What happens if he finds him?” she asks Shane who, already consumed by guilt, is wondering the same thing. And Vic returns to work only to find that Claudette has a new job for him: training up his replacement…

the shield
baptism by fire (2/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season. Focusing on maverick detective Vic Mackey, the series follows the day-to-day action of tough, morally ambiguous cops who will happily break the law to put criminals behind bars. Tonight, Kavanaugh’s plan to implicate Vic in Lem’s murder falls into place, while Vic pursues the gangster he thinks is responsible for his friend’s death.

Vic is determined to wreak his revenge on Guardo Lima, the Salvadorian gangster he believes planted a grenade in his colleague Lem’s lap. To this end, he traces Guardo’s girlfriend, Nydia Hernandez, and breaks into her house with Shane and Ronnie in tow. There, they overhear Nydia making a phone call to Guardo in Mexico. The gangster is out of Vic’s reach –unless he can he find a way to lure him back to the States.

Vic goes to see a Mexican contact named Tonio to see if he can help bring Guardo back. In return, Vic agrees to rescue Tonio’s grandchildren from their father, a mobster named Rocha who kidnapped the kids in Mexico and fled to LA. To do this, he heads into the heart of Mexican gang territory and confronts a mob leader who knows of Rocha’s whereabouts. Vic successfully tracks down his man and retrieves the kids, only for Tonio to confess that he was unable to get Guardo: “I couldn’t get close enough to talk to him,” he says.

A furious Vic must find an alternative way to flush out his quarry. He returns to Nydia’s house with Shane and Ronnie and tricks her into thinking her life is in danger. Nydia agrees to hide out at Ronnie’s apartment, little realising that the police are kidnapping her. Vic returns to Tonio and tells him to send a message to Guardo that he has 24 hours to rescue Nydia in person. A horrified Shane can only beg Vic to reconsider his plan: “You push this too far, man – we’re going to lose you too!” he says. But Vic is resolute: “Guardo must pay.”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kavanaugh (guest star Forest Whitaker) plans to pin Lem’s murder on Vic, and leads a search of the detective’s home. When they find evidence planted by Kavanaugh linking Vic to the crime, an alert is put out for his arrest.

Vic stays away from the precinct in order to buy himself some time and sends Shane and Ronnie to report back for him. At the station, Vic’s lieutenants claim not to have seen him, and refute all the charges against him. Under questioning, Shane accuses Kavanaugh of setting Vic up. Privately, Shane urges Vic to come back and defend himself: “They’re building a case – you’ve got to get back here and fight it,” he says.

However, Shane is not the only one suspicious of Kavanaugh’s evidence. Dutch knows that Kavanaugh has already lied to him once about the case and his mistrust increases when the lieutenant refuses to let him interview his star witness, Emolia Melendez, alone. Captain Wyms also has misgivings when Corrine Mackey accuses Kavanaugh of trying to sexually assault her. Wyms is determined to rebuild the precinct and restore honesty to the squad: “I’ve got one chance to right this ship,” she says. “That means to pursue the truth.” Acting on her suspicions, Wyms interviews Emolia herself, and recognises that she is caught in the middle of Vic and Kavanaugh’s war: “I can offer you a way out if you let me,” she says. “First you have to tell me the truth.”

Seeing that Emolia is about to crumble, Kavanaugh is compelled to expose himself: “I fed her the story,” he confesses. “I framed a guilty man.” As Kavanaugh’s career collapses about him, all charges against Vic are dropped – but will this stop him from pursuing his vengeful course?

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