The Truth About Beauty

Thursday, 9 April 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Fearne Cotton examines the ongoing trend for super-slim women and immerses herself in the worrying world of ‘pro-ana’ websites who encourage anorexia and starvation as a life choice.

As Fearne explores the diet and exercise regime of a ‘pro-ana’, she’ll try some of the extreme regimes that they endorse and meet other girls who’ve embraced the same lifestyle. She will explore the seductive nature of these ‘support’ groups, examine the world of competitive dieting, and look at relationships that ordinary women have with each other when it comes to diet and body image.

Fearne Cotton says: “It’s been a surreal journey making this show and I have learnt a lot. I hope it shows girls and women out there that they can get help if they need it.

“Hopefully the show demonstrates how serious eating disorders can be and how more help is needed out there. I also really want people to see how damaging and terrifying pro anorexic websites are. I was so shocked and I’m sure most will be too.”


Thursday, 2 April 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Coleen Nolan explores the obsession with staying young and staving off the ageing process. In this day and age, is it possible to grow old gracefully?

In the course of her research Coleen investigates and tries some of the remedies favoured by ‘ageless women’ and ultimately has to make the decision of whether or not she will succumb to the knife herself.

Coleen Nolan says: “Presenting Eternal Beauty has been fantastic as I find the current obsession with anti-aging surgery terrifying and fascinating at the same time. As a woman in her 40s and the in the media I know all too well that the emphasis put on the way women look is immense and we get judged by our age and appearance constantly.

“When the question ‘Would I want to turn back time if I could?’ was posed to me, I realised it’s a subject I really needed to know more about before making any flip decisions. Eternal Youth, has opened my eyes, but maybe not in the way you are expecting.”


Thursday, 26 March 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

ITV1 is giving three female personalities the opportunity to explore how women strive to achieve supposed physical perfection in The Truth About Beauty season. Following last year’s The Truth About Size Zero and The Truth About Binge Drinking, each of the three programmes focuses on a different subject, drawing attention to society’s obsession with looks and appearance.

Those taking part are Louise Redknapp in a programme which follows her investigation into the pressure within today’s society on body image. Fearne Cotton investigates and experiences ‘pro-ana’ websites. Finally, Coleen Nolan who explores and experiences first hand some of the lengths that some women will go to in an attempt to stave off the aging process.

Each of these three films charts the progress of the host as they examine the true price of beauty and uncover the dangers of wanting to look better, thinner and younger.

In the first episode, Louise Redknapp investigates the pressure on women to maintain a glamorous pregnancy, and looks at why some women attempt to obliterate all signs of it immediately after their baby is born.

Louise talks to other women who are pregnant or have had babies in the public eye, and meets the ordinary mums and mums-to-be who are influenced by the stories they read in magazines. How much pressure do they feel to live up to the Yummy Mummy dream? And she’ll also meet pregorexic women – a worryingly growing band of mums-to-be who are starving themselves and their unborn babies.


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