The US X Factor

The Daily Star Sunday reports today that Cheryl Cole’s dream of being on the judging panel for the US X Factor is in “tatters” after being told that her accent is too strong to be understood by American audiences.

The paper adds that she simply isn’t “well known enough” in the States to take on such a high profile role on the new show.

It goes on to state that Cheryl has been offered a “Sinitta role” in as much as she would help Simon choose which acts to put through to the live rounds after the auditions stage is complete.

A source told the paper, “Simon really wanted Cheryl on the panel with him but it’s been an unwinnable battle.

“People just don’t know who she is over there and people struggle to understand what she’s saying.

“Simon is consoling her with the offer of helping him win the first series, which would give her profile a massive boost.

“The fact is she’s got a decision to make.”

Cheryl has reportedly been attending meetings with executives from Fox – who will host The X Factor in America – while spending her free time with Derek Hough at a villa the pair have rented.

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The Sunday Mirror today reports that X Factor judges Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh have signed deals worth £1.25m each to return to the judging panel of this year’s X Factor.

The paper states that Simon Cowell believes the two are “lynchpins” in terms of the UK version of the show, and he was keen to retain them this year as he concentrates on the launch of the US version.

A show insider told the paper that although Simon and Cheryl Cole will be mainly involved in the US version, they will play some part in the UK version.

The source added, “There’s no way they’ll go off and forget about the UK show.

“Simon and Cheryl will be involved in some way during the UK series.”

However, the paper also reports that Cheryl Cole is already feeling the pressure of her new contract with the US version of the show, saying she feels “smothered” by the conditions of the deal.

Cheryl will reportedly receive £10m for signing up to the US X Factor, but it seems that she won’t be allowed any input into the terms of her contract, and must even agree to keep her image the same.

A source told the paper, “Receiving a contract to work on The X Factor in the US should be one of the highlights of Cheryl’s career.

“But she won’t be able to change her appearance or hair without the say-so of a producer and they have told her she must do her best to lose her accent.

“Cheryl likes to be in control of her own destiny and feels she will have hardly any say in her own life.

“She says she will be living like a Stepford Wife. She’s unhappy about giving so much of herself over to them.

“It’s a case of they say, ‘Jump’ and Cheryl must say, ‘How high?’ It’s really worrying her.”

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The Sun today reports that TV presenter Steve Jones may be “a frontrunner” to land the job of hosting the US version of The X Factor.

Dermot O’Leary was previously considered the favourite contender for the role, and he’s said often that he’d love the job, but if the paper’s correct, he may lose out to Welshman Steve.

Steve, who currently presents T4, told the paper, “I’m hearing good things [but] I don’t want to jinx anything by thinking I’ve got it.

“One day I hear it’s going my way, one day I’m less sure. “I’d love to do it, I really would.”

In other news, Dannii Minogue has told mydaily that she’s not “worried” that her nemesis Sharon Osbourne may return to the judging panel of The X Factor.

She and Sharon have had a feud going for several years, and Sharon claims she originally left the show because she “couldn’t stand” Dannii and said she was “f***ing useless”.

In her book, Dannii claimed Sharon was a bully, and even Sharon’s daughter Kelly got involved in the row between them when she lashed out at Dannii on Twitter.

However, rumour has it that Sharon could return to the show this year, and when asked how she’d feel if that were true, Dannii said, “I’m not worried about Sharon going back – it’s up to them to recruit whoever they want.

“The X Factor is a great show and I thought I had a great year last year.

“Simon mentored me into The X Factor judging role. He advised me to make sure I had an opinion and to be able explain to anybody, at any time, why that was my opinion.

“He told me to take all of my experience, all of the ups and all of the down and put it into my mentoring.”

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