The Valleys

Meet the cast of new MTV reality series The Valleys.

Nicole Morris

Age: 19
Occupation: Hair dresser
Hometown: Swansea

Meet Nicole. Flirty and fun, this party girl lives by the motto, “Don’t hate me because you ain’t me.” Her colourful outfits and big hair match her bubbly personality and you can’t help but smile with this ditzy diva around.


Liam Powell

Age: 26
Occupation: Works for his dad’s furniture import company
Hometown: Ystrad Mynach

Meet Valley’s nice guy Liam or Lip as he’s known to his rugby mates. The self-proclaimed “only gay in the village” loves the idea of moving to Cardiff to gain the experience and contacts to make it in the music business.
Jenna Jonathan

Age: 21
Occupation: Law student
Hometown: Tonyrefail

Forget Legally Blonde, Jenna is The Valleys very own Legally Brunette having just completed a law degree. Just like her heroine Elle Woods, pretty, glam and slightly ditzy, Jenna even carries an adorable pet Chihuahua called Princess around in her handbag.
Leeroy Reed

Age: 21
Occupation: Labourer
Hometown: Bridgend

Get ready to meet Wales’ next (or should that be first?) urban music sensation. Leeroy is all about his music and wants to use The Valleys to get himself heard.
Carley Belmonte

Age: 21
Occupation: Call centre senior manager
Hometown: Caerphilly

Rosé wine-guzzling party girl Carley wants to swap life working in a boring call centre for the chance to do something that she thinks she’d excel in, and that’s promotions.
Darren Chidgey

Age: 25
Occupation: Bricklayer
Hometown: Bridgend

Ladies’ man Darren – or Chidgey as everyone calls him – has an ego as big as his muscles. He rates himself as a ten out of ten and says that girls are always fighting over him.
Natalee Harris

Age: 23
Occupation: Call centre supervisor
Hometown: Pontypool

Chatty, bubbly and vivacious, you’ll struggle to get a word in edgeways with this Valley girl around.


Aron Williams

Age: 19
Occupation: Leisure centre assistant and student
Hometown: Tredegar

Don’t be fooled by Aron’s cute baby face – this boy kicks butt, literally. He’s a three-time world champion kick boxer whose ambition in life is to make a career for himself in the sport.


Lateysha Grace

Age: 19
Occupation: Accounts administrator
Hometown: Port Talbot

Move over Katie Price. Lateysha is coming to steal your glamour model-turned-business woman crown. All while looking as gorgeous as Beyonce, who people mistake her for all the time!


Anna Kelle

Age: 31
Occupation: Glamour model, photographer and Valleys boss
Hometown: Cardiff

AK is The Valleys resident empowered female! She’s here to put an end to the bimbo glamour model stereotype and make the housemates realise that it takes hard work to make it as model.


Jordan Reed

Age: 28
Occupation: Promotions manager
Hometown: Cardiff

Business comes before pleasure with night club promoter Jordan. He’s here to show the housemates that organising parties for a living isn’t all fun and games.

“There’s a myth that promotions is easy and you just open the doors and people turn up. It’s my job to show how much graft goes in to pulling off a good event,” Jordan insists.

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