The Whole 19 Yards

Saturday, 17 April 2010, 7:00PM on ITV1

Players compete to win a big cash prize by answering general knowledge questions on the buzzer. But on this show knowing the answer and getting to the buzzer are two different issues, because player and buzzer are separated by 19 yards of gruelling, entertaining, and sometimes downright ridiculous physical obstacles and challenges.

The four contestants are asked a series of questions. The questions get easier, but the longer they wait for the one they can answer, the less time they have to get to the buzzer. The contestants with brain-power have just as much chance of winning as the players with brawn.

Players must make their way through a range of epic obstacles – from scaling peaks to dodging booby traps whilst blindfolded, and at the end of each round a contestant is knocked out of the competition.

Finally, in a hugely original and dramatic end game, the one remaining player competes for a top prize of £100,000. In order to win the jackpot they must answer five questions correctly – but the buzzer is gradually moving further and further away from them. They must get the answers right before it reaches the end of the 19 yards.

You might be clever. You might be fit. But can you go The Whole 19 Yards?

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