This Is England ’86

Renowned filmmaker Shane Meadows follows up the explosive, Bafta award-winning This Is England ’86 with three hour-long films.

They say Christmas is a time for forgiving and for forgetting, a time of love and laughter and joy ever after… With echoes of A Christmas Carol, Meadows is set to take viewers to places they never thought they’d go to.

Haunted by the devastating events that took place 18 months ago, Lol and Woody both find themselves struggling to cope with the emotional fallout.

And they’re not the only ones lacking in festive spirit, as Shaun learns the hard way, just how much love hurts.

This is Christmas, This Is England style.

11:05pm Thursday, November 25 on E4

A chance to see acclaimed filmmaker Shane Meadows’ televisual debut, based upon his BAFTA award-winning film, This Is England , which was set in 1983. Now it’s 1986 and Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is leaving school to an uncertain future. Meanwhile, his former skinhead friends have problems of their own.

10:00pm Tuesday, September 21 on C4

Lol’s world is falling apart and she’s doing everything she can to fall apart with it. She doesn’t want Milky or Woody, and she certainly doesn’t want anything to do with her father. A game of football down at the park descends into chaos along with the lives of the players. Meggy almost discovers the son he never knew about, and Milky chooses friendship over the love of his life. Elsewhere, England thrash Poland with a Lineker hat trick, as Lol’s dad Mick shows his true colours by doing something unspeakable to Kelly’s best friend Trev. Meanwhile, Combo (Stephen Graham) returns.

10:00pm Tuesday, September 14 on C4

The dawn chorus has nothing on a bunch of pissed-up mates on stolen golf buggies serenading old pal Shaun. He’s now back in the fold, but the gang has some issues… Gadget loves Kelly, but she doesn’t love him. Woody and Milky love Lol, but she isn’t sure who she loves. Things come to a head when Lol goes back home to find her dad Mick has returned to the bosom of his family. Shaun, on the other hand, is having a great time; the World Cup is hotting up, he has friends and a new job in the VHS industry. His Mum is shagging his new boss Sandhu, but he’s not too happy about that!

10:00pm Tuesday, September 7 on C4

Acclaimed filmmaker Shane Meadows makes his televisual debut with the much-anticipated follow-up to his BAFTA award-winning film, This Is England . It’s 1986, the year Shaun leaves school. On his own again after the gang’s disintegration, following Combo’s terrifying acts of violence, Shaun celebrates his last day of school. Elsewhere, it’s the day of Woody and Lol’s wedding, but all is not well on that front, and things aren’t helped when Meggy has a sudden medical crisis. Lava lamps will fly, wreaths will be stolen, weddings will be missed and old desires will be rekindled…

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