Time Team

4:40pm Sunday, November 11 on C4

Belton House near Grantham may be one of Britain’s finest stately homes but during World War I, the grounds were home to thousands of men training for frontline duties. It was where the Machine Gun Corps was created and its troops were trained. Today almost nothing is visible above ground. Tony Robinson and the Team have quite a task to locate the hundreds of barrack blocks, kitchen blocks, roads, social centres and shooting ranges. To the Team’s relief, the dig is rich in finds, and they uncover stories of young men who went so bravely to their deaths.

7:55pm Sunday, April 22 on C4

In July 2009, amateur metal detectorist Terry Herbert found an Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard worth over $3 million in a Staffordshire field. The hoard was saved for the nation by Stoke on Trent and Birmingham Museums, who, with the aid of a lottery grant and public donations, purchased it jointly. Two years ago Channel 4 told the story of the discovery of these golden, richly jewelled objects. Now, with the initial phase of the post-excavation process nearing completion, archaeologists are beginning to unlock the secrets of the hoard.

9:00pm Wednesday, May 11 on M4

Tony Robinson and the Team are at the historic St Kyneburgha’s church in Castor, Cambridgeshire at the request of its vicar, the Reverend William Burke. The Team are given the opportunity to dig through the church graveyard in search of what could be one of the largest Roman structures ever built in Britain.

9:00pm Wednesday, May 4 on C4

Boudica is revered as one of the greatest female warriors in history. In this Time Team Special, Tony Robinson traces her story and follows a major excavation in Norfolk that may hold the key to uncovering what happened to Boudica’s tribe, the Iceni, after they were defeated by the Roman army.

10:00pm Wednesday, April 27 on M4

The Battle of Bosworth was the decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses. It was the beginning of the end of three decades of treason, rebellion and dynastic warfare, and a turning point in English history: the end of the Middle Ages and the savage beginnings of the country we recognise today. Tony Robinson discovers that archaeologists’ finds are changing the entire understanding, not just of this iconic battle, but the very nature of warfare at this time. Dir: Jeremy Cross; Prod: Jobim Sampson; Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

10:00pm Wednesday, April 20 on

Tony Robinson, Phil Harding and Guy de la Bedoyere visit Colchester in Essex to tell the story of the discovery of the only Roman circus ever found in Britain. They investigate the history of the circus and explore the rough, tough world of chariot racing. Series Editor: Michael Douglas; Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod: Laurence Vulliamy; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

9:00pm Thursday, April 14 on

Tony Robinson joins a dig in France to investigate the Livens Flame Projector: a terrifying British weapon that may have been used to fire burning oil at the Germans in the Battle of the Somme.

10:00pm Wednesday, April 13 on

The Sevso treasure comprises 14 fabulous Roman silver vessels, considered to be one of the most important and beautiful collections of ancient silver ever discovered. Tony Robinson untangles the complex tale of how the treasure came to be languishing out of public view in the basement of a London auction-house instead of being the star attraction at a major museum. He hears tales of looting, alleged murder and high-level corruption as he gets a glimpse of the scale of the billion-pound worldwide trade in artefacts. Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

10:00pm Wednesday, April 6 on

Tony Robinson, with Francis Pryor and Phil Harding, presents a radical picture of a key time in our history: Britain’s Iron Age, the period of about 800 years before the Romans arrived. For centuries, this era was believed to have been barbaric and primitive. But in the last 25 years, archaeologists have turned this rather apocalyptic vision on its head. Prod/ Dir: Laurence Vulliamy; Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

10:00pm Wednesday, March 30 on M4

Tony Robinson and the Team delve into Liverpool’s past and uncover how the city catapulted itself onto the international trading stage. Beneath the 42-acre, billion-pound Paradise project they uncover evidence of a similar state of redevelopment 300 years ago, when Liverpool was just a seven-street town sitting on a muddy pool. Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod Co: Videotext Communications Ltd

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