Time Team

10:00pm Wednesday, March 23 on M4

Under the Queen’s private lawn at Windsor Castle lie the foundations of one of the most enigmatic – and significant – buildings in English history: Edward III’s Round Table. The building was lost until Time Team excavated its remains and proved its existence. But finding the structure was just the beginning of the story. Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod/ Dir: Brendan Hughes; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

8:00pm Wednesday, March 16 on C4

The Battle of Bosworth was the decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses. It was a turning point in English history, the end of the Middle Ages and the savage beginnings of the country we recognise today. For the last five years, a team of archaeologists have been combing this blood-stained ground. Tony Robinson discovers that what these archaeologists found is changing the entire understanding, not just of this iconic battle, but the very nature of warfare at this time.

10:00pm Wednesday, March 2 on M4

Until 8,000 years ago, Britain was just another part of mainland continental Europe. But, in a timely reminder from prehistory, our ancestors were driven off their land after major climate change. Tony Robinson pieces together the story of Britain’s drowned world: the land, far bigger than England is today, lost when the North Sea and the English Channel were formed in a huge, 10,000-year flood. Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod/ Dir: Lucy McDowell; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

10:00pm Wednesday, February 23 on M4

A chance discovery by archaeologists in Southend reveals an Anglo-Saxon tomb crammed with such impressive gold artefacts that the tabloids dubbed the occupant “the King of Bling”. It’s a burial fit for a king, but who could it be? Time Team follows the investigation into the important discovery as archaeologists from the Museum of London and specialists from across the world search for clues in the spectacular grave goods.

10:00pm Wednesday, February 16 on M4

With the banks of the River Witham, just outside Lincoln, due to be strengthened to provide better flood defences, archaeologists have just six weeks to excavate the area. This remarkable dig provides a unique picture of a corner of Bronze Age Britain, where people learnt to live with the fear of rising water levels and disappearing land. And as the archaeologists begin to piece together the evidence a truly surprising story emerges of the life of this site 3,000 years ago. Series Editor: Michael Douglas; Exec Prod: Philip Clarke; Prod: Graham Dixon; Prod Co: Videotext Communication

10:00pm Wednesday, February 9 on M4

On the morning of 6 June 1944 Allied troops landed in France to attack Hitler’s “Fortress Europe” and begin the liberation of the continent. Tony Robinson and Time Team travel to Normandy to uncover the experiences of one group of soldiers on that extraordinary day.

5:25pm Sunday, February 6 on C4

The first stone henge to be discovered in Britain for a century would be cause enough for major celebration, but there’s double bubbles as Tony Robinson and his hardy team of archaeologists celebrate their 200th dig, in the first episode of the new series. The site is the bed of a Devon reservoir with a strange assortment of prehistoric remains. It’s the perfect way to mark a milestone in the programme’s history.

10:00pm Wednesday, February 2 on M4

As piles of perfectly preserved 17th-century finds are pulled up from a disused well in Jamestown, Virginia, the whoops and yells of Time Team’s archaeologists are entirely justified. Each recovered artefact brings them closer to the men, women and children who founded the first permanent English settlement in America.

10:00pm Wednesday, January 19 on M4

Time Team visits Westminster Abbey. In this special programme, the Cosmati pavement is revealed: a mystical and huge mosaic floor in front of the altar, at the centre of which the Coronation Chair is placed, and which is usually permanently covered by carpet. Cameras are allowed unprecedented access behind the scenes at the Abbey to explore the story of this extraordinary piece of living history. The Team also have access to a night-time search under the floors for lost tombs and graves, a shrine that still attracts pilgrims after 800 years, and the 1,000-year-old faked documents that gave the Abbey the right to host the Coronation in the first place.

10:00pm Wednesday, January 12 on M4

Tony Robinson, Mick Aston and Phil Harding follow digs around the UK that uncover a vast array of archaeology and provide fascinating insights into our Viking past.

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