Time Team

10:00pm Wednesday, January 5 on M4

In the 18th century the Royal Navy was the most successful fighting force in the world. To maintain this status it desperately needed better ways of looking after its sick and wounded, so in 1746 it decided to build the best hospital the country had ever seen, near the Portsmouth dockyard at Haslar. Between 1757 and 1826, thousands of seamen and marines of the Royal Navy are believed to have been buried in a Navy-designed cemetery in a field beside the hospital. Exactly how and where they were buried is not known and, as part of the closure programme, the cemetery has to be excavated, to find out where the burials are and how many there might be.

10:00pm Wednesday, December 1 on M4

A chance discovery by archaeologists in Southend reveals an Anglo-Saxon tomb crammed with such impressive gold artefacts that the tabloids dubbed the occupant “the King of Bling”.

10:00pm Wednesday, November 24 on M4

Three thousand years ago the banks of the River Witham, just outside Lincoln, were bustling with activity. Archaeologists knew that buried just below the surface of this fenland would be some of the best preserved, yet fragile, evidence of a major Bronze Age settlement. The site was soon to be buried under tons of clay when the river’s flood defences were strengthened; the archaeologists had just six weeks in which to complete their work.

10:00pm Wednesday, November 17 on M4

On the morning of 6 June 1944 Allied troops landed in France to attack Hitler’s “Fortress Europe” and begin the liberation of the continent. Tony Robinson and Time Team travel to Normandy to uncover the experiences of one group of soldiers on that extraordinary day.

9:00pm Wednesday, November 3 on M4

Tony Robinson, Mick Aston and Phil Harding follow digs around the UK that uncover a vast array of archaeology and provide fascinating insights into our Viking past.

10:00pm Wednesday, October 20 on M4

Tony Robinson and the team set out to discover Henry the architect, designer, sportsman, devout Churchman and European statesman, far from his bad-tempered, murderous and overweight image.

8:00pm Monday, October 11 on C4

Tony Robinson, Mick Aston and Phil Harding follow digs around the UK that uncover a vast array of archaeology and provide fascinating insights into our Viking past. The Team report from excavations across the country, from Orkney to the south coast, but it is in Hungate, York that the biggest discoveries are made. This huge dig uncovers the thousand-year-old Viking remains of streets, houses and a trading centre. Using all this research, Tony and the Team paint a new and much more complex picture of these skillful and enterprising people.

5:25pm Sunday, October 3 on C4

Tony Robinson and the Team return for a new run of Britain’s most successful archaeological series with seven brand new programmes. The Team visit Norman Cross in Cambridgeshire, a site that is over 200 years old and housed the world’s first ever purpose-built prisoner of war camp. It has never before been excavated and the team are keen to unearth the final resting place of almost 2,000 prisoners who died at the camp, but what they discover takes them all by surprise…

10:00pm Wednesday, September 22 on M4

Until 8,000 years ago, Britain wasn’t an island but just another part of continental Europe. The North Sea and the English Channel didn’t exist and the Thames, Rhine and Seine combined to form a huge river system. But, in a timely reminder from prehistory, our ancestors were driven off their land after major climate change. Tony Robinson pieces together the story of Britain’s drowned world: the land, far bigger than England is today, lost when the North Sea and the English Channel were formed in a huge, 10,000-year flood.

10:00pm Wednesday, September 15 on M4

This Time Team Special explores one of the best-kept secrets of the last year of World War I: the story of a war waged underground. Tony Robinson joins an unprecedented archaeological expedition in search of a perfectly preserved, massive bunker, or dugout, called the Vampir.

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