Time Team

1:35pm Saturday, September 11 on M4

In the 1940s, Basil Brown, the man who discovered Sutton Hoo, uncovered enough Roman remains in an Ipswich suburb to make him think he had found the largest villa in East Anglia. But the plans are tantalisingly vague and the site of the villa is buried under back gardens. Tony Robinson and the Team take on the task of locating the remains of Brown’s villa.

8:00pm Monday, June 28 on C4

For the first time in 100 years, the Cosmati pavement is being revealed: a huge mosaic floor in front of the Westminster Abbey altar, at the centre of which the Coronation Chair is placed, and which is usually permanently covered by carpet. Cameras are allowed unprecedented access behind the scenes at the Abbey to explore this extraordinary piece of living history. The Team also have access to a night-time search under the floors for lost tombs and graves, a shrine that still attracts pilgrims after 800 years, and the 1,000-year-old faked documents that gave the Abbey the right to host the Coronation.

9:00pm Monday, May 17 on C4

Until its 2009 closure, Haslar naval hospital in Portsmouth treated sailors for over 250 years. From 1757 to 1826, thousands of seamen and marines are believed to have been buried in a cemetery in a field beside the hospital. As part of the closure programme, the cemetery has to be excavated. Time Team followed the archaeologists as they uncovered multiple burials and carefully analysed the remains, providing extraordinary insight into what life was like in the Georgian Navy.

12:40am Wednesday, May 12 on M4

Until 8,000 years ago, Britain wasn’t an island but just another part of continental Europe. The North Sea and the English Channel didn’t exist and the Thames, Rhine and Seine combined to form a huge river system. Tony Robinson pieces together the story of Britain’s drowned world: the land, far bigger than England is today, lost when the North Sea and the English Channel were formed in a huge, 10,000-year flood.

5:30pm Sunday, April 25 on C4

Time Team descend upon the Scottish island of Mull at the invitation of two local amateur archaeologists. Eager for the Team to investigate a mysterious set of earthworks they’ve stumbled upon in a forest near the fabled town of Tobermory, they believe – or at least hope – that they may have discovered one of the earliest chapels in Scotland. The Team quickly come to agree, suspecting that they may be investigating the remains of a chapel set up by Saint Columba. If they’re right they may have found a previously unknown outpost of the Irish priest who brought Christianity to the north of Britain: a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. And that, it turns out, is just the beginning.

5:30pm Sunday, April 18 on C4

In the first episode of the new series, Tony Robinson, Professor Mick Aston and the Team investigate one of Britain’s greatest historic landmarks: Westminster Abbey. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of Parliament Square, the archaeologists have three days to pin down the location of a lost sacristy, a stronghold that was built by Henry III almost 800 years ago and is said to have housed the biggest collection of treasure this side of the Alps.

Saturday, December 19 on 4

Dover Castle was the Millennium Dome of its day: vast, ridiculously expensive and built to show off the best we can offer. For years now, the castle has been empty, grey and dull. But in 2008 English Heritage decided to undertake an extraordinarily bold piece of restoration. They planned to recreate the castle’s main rooms as they would have been in Henry II’s time. Everything was commissioned to be authentic: furniture, decorations, books, ornaments and tapestries. Time Team’s cameras were invited behind the scenes.

Friday, November 20 on M4

Time Team visits Dorchester Street in Shoreditch to investigate the history of just one of the thousands of London streets that were bombed during World War II. The Team explore documents and artifacts dating back at least 200 years, as well as getting first-hand accounts of life during the dark days of the 1940s.

Saturday, October 17 on M4

During World War II, the Blitz destroyed countless homes, factories and civil defences. Dorchester Street in Shoreditch was one of thousands of streets in London that were bombed constantly, and was finally hit by a V2 long-range rocket bomb. Archaeologists from the Museum of London enlisted the aid of dozens of volunteers to excavate the street, now lying under grassland in Shoreditch Park. Time Team illuminates the finds with real memories as former residents are brought back to relive their experiences of the dark days of the 1940s.

Saturday, September 26 on M4

In 2001 divers discovered one of the most exciting naval artefacts ever found in British waters: part of the wreck of the 18th century warship The Colossus. This Time Team special follows Tony and the Team as they join divers fighting to recover the ship’s treasure and piece together the history of this old warship.

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